Saturday, September 25, 2010

Beauty10 Expo

Event : Beauty10 Expo
Venue : Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC)
Date : 17th - 20th September 2010 (Friday - Monday)
Time : 10am - 7pm

I went to this event on Friday around 1pm after lunch with my sister. Since I have register as a beauty expo user before, i need to go and queue to get my pass and no need to paid the entry fee of RM10. So sad that the registration counter have some problem with their computer server and make the queue stuck for around half and hour.

Finally i get the pass as a trade visitor and a goodies bag that allow me to go in to the hall. Let see what inside the goodies bag.

The goodies bag is huge and it is by Yokoso! Magiboo. The Japanese girls picture on the goodies bag is so cute. These are the things inside the goodies bag:
1 x Sisters magazine
1 x albion foundation sample
1 x pen
1 x Yokoso! Magiboo treatment
1 x LEmasque Hazelia product sample set
1 x tissue
1 x voucher to redeem alissi bronte product
1 x ORIgen Plus collagen drink

After i go in and walk around the expo, there are a lot of booth in various beauty field that include makeup, salon, massage, spa, hair, magazine, beauty, healthy food and so on. Since i go in a bit late and a lot of things need to be go through. I forget to go redeem some of the free gift. I do one of my nail with painting and try one of the product for my hair. I did shop for some of the valuable product as well.

I saw a promotion on a Korean brand which 10 pcs masks is only RM10. I bought 10 pcs of DERMAL vitamin collagen essence mask just by RM10 and get some samples of BB cream free. Another valuable things i get is an eyeliner which is just RM15 and a volumetric mascara that is just RM25. It really worth it to buy these product since the mask i can do anytime and i need an eyeliner and mascara.

There are also a lot of activities and competition going on as well. One of the competition I'm able to watched is the hair style competition with the theme of One Malaysia. I saw a lot of nice and amazing hairstyle the done by the local hair stylist. It was cool that Malaysia have a lot of talented stylist around here.

I am not able to finish watched until the result out because there are may booth I'm haven visit yet. I walked until 7pm and quite sad that i am unable to find the Jasmine magazine booth which i meant to buy one. I found sisters and apple booths. My sister buy the sisters magazine with some free gifts and a bag. The expo really beneficial and give me a lot of latest information about beauty. I enjoy the event so much and hope to attend more of this kind of event in the future.

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