Sunday, December 30, 2018

Seafood Family Dinner at Ombak Kitchen Shah Alam

I feel happy to have chance to have a seafood dinner at Ombak Kitchen Shah Alam with my family and friends during this festival session to celebrate Christmas and New Year. It was a great place to eat where the environment is nice with a pound outside of the restaurant. It was located at 5.G.01, D'Vida Business Centre, Jalan Bazar U8/100, Bukit Jelutong, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor.

I like the environment there with a lot festival's feeling and the free style where no rules to follow to eat the seafood. No need to worry on eating all hard shell seafood with spoon or fork. In this place, all "Pakai Tangan Jer" means we just use our hand to eat all the seafood that being served on table.

Ombak Kitchen is a good place for you to bring along your friends, spouse, family or love one to enjoy great seafood here anytime. They also provide special package for occasion and celebration. I was impressed with the staff's attitude where all of them are friendly and they greets us when we reached. Just on the same day, someone are celebrating his birthday there, the staff bring in the cake and sing the birthday songs for him.

All the seafood at Ombak Kitchen are using boiling or steaming cooking method in order to preserve the freshness and juiciness of the seafood. This is the healthier way of preparing seafood. They did not have wok-fried or deep-fried!

There are 2 appetizers that i ordered for my kids to eat before all my friends arrived. The appetizers are cheeses wages and fried squid. It's time to order our drinks, beside coffee-based beverages, there are variety of drinks such as the famous bubble tea and all sorts of mocktails. The best sellers drinks are Chocolate Mudslide, Matcha Latte, Signature Milk Tea and Strawberry Mojito. We order 5 drinks which include 3 fruits juices, Chocolate Mudslide and Signature Milk Tea.

My family ordered Combo 2 which contain Craw fish baby lobster, Extra-Large Prawn, mussel, hamaguri clams, squid, broccoli, potato, corn and rice.There are five sources to choose from :
  • Ombak 'Crazy' Cajun Sauce
  • Dark Chili Chocolate Sauce
  • Cheesy Zesty Lemon Sauce
  • Creamy Tom Yum Sauce
  • Buttermilk Sauce

At Ombak Kitchen, they serve 3 signature sauces using only western sauces such as Cajun seasoning, old bay seasoning and so on. We were trying their Ombak 'Crazy' Cajun Sauce, Cheesy Zesty Lemon Sauce and Butter Milk Sauce that is not spicy for the kids to eat. All our sauces are cooked using pure butter and not cooking oil, the reason is they want to serve quality food and enhance flavor & taste of the food. In addition, high quality fragrant rice type is served here instead of normal rice.

Ombak Kitchen also serve imported Alaskan King Crabs, Canadian Red Lobsters, and many more! All their crab are live to guarantee the meat is fresh and fuller on the inside. Live crab meat will be sweet and juicy compare with frozen crab where very little of its original taste left. All the clams at Ombak Kitchen are imported from Japan because they have more flesh clams compared to local clams.

We chit-charting and really enjoy our dinner moment there with our friends and family. Everyone is eating until full and enjoy the family bounding time. The food is yummy, delicious and tasty!

After finish eating, it's time for dessert and we were surprised with the creative way of creating a beautiful and colorful "Rainbow Dessert". It 's consists of marshmallows, Nuttella-filled donuts, fresh fruits, nuts and variety of colorful sweet gel. We are allow to choose and put the wording that we like on the dessert, my daughter choose to write "I love Mom Christy" for me. It's was a special dessert that really sweet until my heart.

Thanks Ombak Kitchen for me to have a wonderful night here and spend time to enjoy a great and tasty seafood dinner with my friend and family. I highly recommended all my readers to go experience and try to out the seafood, you will definitely like it!

For reservation, please email to or call 03-77344699 / 010-2205946.

For more information, please refer to Ombak Kitchen Website and follow Ombak Kitchen Facebook Page or Ombak Kitchen Instagram.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

The Curve & eCurve Celebrates Christmas With Underprivileged Kids

During this festival season, The Curve and eCurve spread Christmas cheer to a group of more than 25 underprivileged children, treating them to an unforgettable day out at both malls, in conjunction with The Curve’s "The Sweetest Christmas Ever!" and eCurve’s "Spectacular Christmas Circus: French Edition" campaigns.

The children from Rainbow Home jumped with joy as they arrived at The Curve’s Centre Court, which was transformed into a candy wonderland! Filled with lollipop and candy cane decorations, in keeping with the mall’s sweet theme for the year, it was truly every kid’s dream come true! They were also greeted by Santa Claus and treated to candy canes while waiting for the main event to begin.

The wait was worth it as the day kicked off to an exciting start with a candy-inspired performance. Against the backdrop of a colourful candy house, eye-catching dancers decked out in bright, candy-adorned costumes lit up the stage as they performed to fun Christmas tunes. The energetic show kept the little ones on the edge of their seats and tapping their feet to the popular Christmas jingles.

Jazmi Kamarudin, Senior General Manager of The Curve, said, “Christmas is a time for joy and merriment, but most importantly it is a time of giving and sharing. Following through with our age-old tradition, we are delighted to play host to the kids from Rainbow Home and give them a unique candy-coated Christmas this year. Sweets have always been associated with happiness and good feelings and we hope that the event today has given our guests exactly that!”

The second part of the celebration was just a stone throw’s away, taking place at eCurve. Kids from Siddharthan Care Centre arrived to a circus set in the streets of France! With iconic buildings such as the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe, and Christmas trees nestled in between. At the center of it all, was a classic circus stage, hinting at the thrilling acts in store for the evening.

The kids’ excitement reached a peak as the ringmaster made his appearance on stage, signalling the start of the evening’s main event. The Centre Atrium was filled with suspense as the performers put on a memorable show for the little ones. From the talented magician to the amazing feats of the snake lady, there was not a boring second in sight.

Gina Long Ahmad, Assistant General Manager Leasing and A&P said, “We find that there is no greater fulfillment than bringing joy and laughter to those in need. By bringing in the kids from Siddharthan Care Centre to celebrate a unique, French-themed Christmas with us this year, we hope that the kids experienced a wonderful Christmas like no other and enjoyed their outing here with us today.”

The candied celebration at The Curve’s Centre Court came to an end with a scrumptious tea-party, complete with a variety of desserts at Paddington House of Pancakes, while the young ones at eCurve were treated to a delicious seafood dinner at The Manhattan Fish Market. The kids went home smiling as they also received various goodies, courtesy of The Curve and eCurve.

To join in the Christmas festivities, be sure to visit The Curve and eCurve’s Christmas campaign which runs from November 30, 2018 till January 1, 2019. Patrons will not want to miss out on the special performances which takes place twice a day on weekends and public holidays.

As the cherry on top, both malls are rewarding patrons with special festive gifts this Christmas! Shoppers who spend minimum of RM500 in a maximum of two receipts at The Curve will be able to redeem an exclusive The Sweetest Jar Ever, a glass bottle filled with a variety of confectionery. Visitors who spend a minimum of RM150 in a maximum of two receipts at eCurve will be eligible to take home a special Frosted Christmas Bottle. All redemption are subject to terms and conditions and while stocks last.

For more information on The Curve, please visit The Curve Website and follow The Curve Facebook Page or call the careline at 03-7710 6868.

For more information on eCurve, please visit eCurve Website and follow eCurve Facebook Page or call the careline at 03-7725 0277

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Murad Vitamin-C Quenching Facial Review

Murad is the leading next generation skincare brand, renowned for innovation, backed by clinical research and recognized for performance. Dr. Murad's from America has the mission to develop high performance clinical skin solutions that effectively address cellular aging and hydration with a holistic approach that connects to overall skin health.

I have a chance to visit Murad outlet at IOI City Mall Putrajaya at Level 2-50 to try out their Vitamin-C Quenching Facial. The outlet have showcasing all the range of the Murad products include Murad Professional, Environmental Shield, Age Reform, Invisiblur Perfecting Shield, Resurgence, Blemish Control, Anti-Aging Blemish Control, Pore Reform, Redness Therapy, Murad Man, Body care and so on. All their products are colour coded so it is easily to identify the range with different colour.

When i walked in to the outlet, I being served by a friendly beautician. She asked me fill in the customer form then perform the skin analysis for my face.

She explain to me that my skin have a lot of open  pores and pigmentation where some have come out but some are inside my skin which i can see from the skin analyzer device.

The beautician mentioned that my skin look dull and dry, so it is good to do the Vitamin-C Quenching Facial to make my face look brighter and younger. The Vitamin-C Quenching Facial contain AHA which will help renew the skin cell. The facial also will put in Vitamin C serum into my face using the ultrasound machine for easy absorption.

The facial treatment room is comfortable to enable me to enjoy the 75 minutes Vitamin-C Quenching Facial worth RM369. The room have a soft music for me to relax.

During the facial, the beautician explain to me the process from first cleansing, double cleansing, steaming, put in the AHA, extraction, Vitamin C with machine and finally apply mask. There are two times of shoulder massages during the process which i enjoy so much. I was slept after applying the mask until they wake me up to remove the mask on my skin. After removing the mask, as usual they will apply back toner, moisturizer and sun block to my face.

I really satisfy with the result after the facial where my face looks brighter and younger after the facial. My skin is smoother and more hydrated. Let's see the before and after picture below.

Finally, I like to do facial at Murad because the beautician is not too pushy and she really concern about my skin condition and analyze patiently to solve my skin problem.

For more information about Murad, please visit Murad website, follow Murad Malaysia Facebook Page or Murad Malaysia Instagram.

Cozena Collagen Melted Mask Reveiw

Cozena is a Malaysia-based company whose mission is to lead the women industry with high efficiency and authentically quality skincare products while inspiring the ultimate customer experience.

I have a chance to try out one of their special product : Cozena Collagen Melted Mask. This mask is different from other mask that i have use before. As we are familiar with paper mask sheet in the market, but this is the type of gel mask that we need to mix with water then put on our face. We need to make sure our hand is dry when we take out the paper sheet as it is easily melt in water. When removing the mask, it is not as one piece paper anymore whereas it is just like we removing the gel.

Cozena Collagen Melted Mask sheet is a water-soluble mask which allow the fully absorb of essential nutrients and nourishing ingredients , instantly reveals a radiant glowing complexion. The collagen helps to reduce the visible signs of aging. The mask help to active the skin metabolism, stretch the skin and unplug the hair in the face.

The directions to use the mask:
  1. After washing your face, wet your face with water
  2. Spread the mask sheet evenly over the face , starting from the nose and eye area.
  3. Spray more hydrosol on the mask until it is fully dissolving
  4. Gently massage your face thoroughly for 3-5 minutes.
  5. Leave on for a minimum of 10 – 20 minutes.
  6. Gently peel off the mask sheet.

The ingredients of the masks consists of all the safety ingredients that no harm to our skin as below:
  • Biopolymer(Starch-protein compositions)
  • Collagen
  • Hyluronic Acid
  • Sodium Alginate
  • Squalane
  • PPG 15 Stearyl Ether
  • Hydrolyzed Silk
  • Ceramide

I really satisfy with the result that the Cozena Collagen Melted Mask make my skin smoother , brighter, plump and more youthful. My face now become more elastic and the pores become smaller.

You may need to try out yourself to view the result. Cozena Collagen Melted Mask is sell as 6 pcs/ box set at RM90. To purchase the mask please click HERE.

For more information, please refer to Cozena Website, follow Cozena Malaysia Facebook Page or Cozena Malaysia Instagram.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 10th Year Celebration

The nation’s favorite annual Book Sale – the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale officially launches its 10th year celebration to commemorate its anniversary in 2019. This year, the Sale continues to grow bigger and better with 4.5 million books at 75% - 95% discounts. Known for its unique feature of being open 24 hours a day, the Sale will be at Mines International Exhibition and Convention Centre (MIECC), Seri Kembangan from 7 till 17 December 2018.

Book lovers will be able to find books from all genres, in three languages – English, Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese. There will be a wide selection of books from best-sellers, young adult novels, romance, sci-fi, crime, thriller, business books, architecture books, art and design books, cookbooks and more. The Book Sale will also feature educational books from famous local publishers such as Kualiti, Sasbadi, Nusamas, Cemerlang and Pelangi. Shoppers will also find contemporary Malaysian novels by Karangkraf, PTS, Pakeer and Pustaka Azhar. Parents, be ready to find a large offering of children’s books ranging from activity books, colouring books, storybooks, picture books, and more.

Parents will also find augmented reality (AR) books available. The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is known as Asia’s biggest seller of AR books and Asia’s exclusive seller of Little Hippo AR books. There are eight interesting AR book titles available for purchase and these books could assist in a child’s learning. Children will be able to read, play and learn with Little Hippo AR books as it uses cutting-edge AR technology to revolutionize reading for the next generation. My daughter like to read and play with the AR story book.

“The past years of our journey can be defined as a kaleidoscope of happy and best memories for ‘The Wolf’ family. From what started out as a tiny remainder bookstore that sold books below retail prices, we have come a long way to having 500,000 visitors at the Sale,” said Andrew Yap, Founder of the Big Bad Wolf Books.

“Our plan is to continue to make affordable books accessible to everyone. Therefore, we hope to conquer more cities and countries in the coming years as we want to rekindle the joy of reading because reading can create opportunities for people to be inspired and empower them to dream bigger,” shared Yap.

To all AmBank customers, be ready to get rewarded at the Sale this year. Partnering with AmBank for the first time as the official bank of the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Kuala Lumpur, AmBank card holders will exclusively get a RM30 Big Bad Wolf Book Sale’s voucher with a minimum spend of RM300 during the Book Sale.

In an aim to give back to the society, the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is partnering with Astro Kasih Knowledge Zone through its Corporate Social Responsibility arm, the Red Readerhood Programme where public is encouraged to donate books to underprivileged children. This initiative is to help provide quality books to the underprivileged children. Astro Kasih Knowledge Zone Celebrities will be bringing in celebrities like Lisa Surihani, Dina Nadzir, Daniel Lawak Solo, Lin Ariffin, Calista Leah, Emily Quak, Joe Chan and JieYing Tha who will make their appearances as storytellers as well as coordinating quizzes at the Sale to show their support towards this initiative. Big Bad Wolf Books will kick-start the initiative by donating 1,000 books to the cause. Among the recipients of Astro Kasih Knowledge Zone are 3,000 underprivileged children from 29 charity homes.

Returning to the Big Bad Wolf Books once again this year, Ejen Ali, the world-class Malaysian animated television series by bringing fun-filled activities lined up for everyone to enjoy such as Ejen Ali Meet & Greet session, Hunt for the most creative ‘Ejen’ and IRIS workshop. The Hot FM Zoomerz and Kool FM Sahabat Kool will also make their appearances at the Book Sale for public to win attractive prizes.

It was a fun games to be able to pick the exact amount of RM300 books to my trolley within 15 minutes. Really happy for my winning of the books for my 3 kids. I really need to cultivate reading behavior to my kids since they are still young. Congrats to all the winners. Hope to visit the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale every year to grab the books for me and my family.

Here are all the books i grab for my kids this round.

For more information, please follow Big Bad Wolf Books Facebook Page and Big Bad Wolf Instagram.