Friday, September 3, 2010

Prizes & Sample

The gifts, prizes and samples i received from various parties.
Thanks for all parties!..^_^

Sample : products
Body Buddy Serum x 1
Body Buddy Emulsion x 1
Body Buddy Shooting Gel x 2
Body Buddy RM1 cash voucher x 1
This samples are delivered to my house by post. I am happy to get a chance to try and test the samples of Body Buddy. I also can't remember where i register to get this sample. Thanks for Body Buddy.

Prize : "Going the Distance" movie merchandises
"Going the Distance" Contrast Stich and Eyellets Hat x 1
I get this while i am collecting the movie tickets for Vampire warrior at GSC 1 Utama. I didn't know that i won this and i just got it from the staff. I have watch this show regarding the maintainence of long distance relationship and I like the merchandise so much.

Prize : Biotherm product (worth RM145)
Biotherm Aquasource x 1
I received a letter that i am the winner for the October giveaway which entitle me a bottle of Biotherm Aquasource, i ask my friend help me to collect from their office. I am happy that the Biotherm that i won is a normal size one worth RM 145 and not the sample size. Thanks Biotherm. I will using this on my face because my face is dehydrate and need a lot of Aqua. ^_^

Prize : Epilat product
Epilat Body Treatment Milk. x 1
I won this Epilat Body Treatment at one of the facebook contest. I'm am happy that the price has been delivered to my house safely. I like lotion and everything can make my skin smooth. I wish to make my hand and leg smoother and now I'm apply this to my hand and leg before i sleep everyday. Thanks Epilat.^_^

Sample : May products
May White Radiance Shower Cream x 1
This samples are delivered to my house by post. I like this White Radiance Shower Cream that helps make my skin fairer and smoother. I have tried this sample and it is good for me. Thanks May.

Prize : 《Singing Market》The Musical tickets
Seat : V 09, V 10 (RM168 each)
Tickets to 《Singing Market》The Musical x 2
The show is at Istana Buday on 3rd November 2010 (Wednesday) 8.30pm. It was act and sing by local artist from astro. I have gave this 2 tickets to my mother and my sister to watch the concert since it is more suit for their age.

Prize : "Legend of the Guardians: The owls of Ga'Hoole" movie merchandises
"Legend of the Guardians: The owls of Ga'Hoole" hat x 1
"Legend of the Guardians: The owls of Ga'Hoole" novel x 1
I get this while i am collecting the movie tickets for Rise of the Mummy. I like this movie and the merchandise as well.

Prize : "You Again" movie merchandises
"You Again" long tank singlet x 1
"You Again" recycle shopping bag x 1
"You Again" greeky glasses x 1
"You Again" movie pass x 10
Just realized i won the movie merchandises when i go and collect the movie tickets. Surprisingly they give me 10 movie tickets which is whole rows. I like the movie and the merchandise as well. ^_^

Sample : Clinique products
Clinique perfect foundation sample x 1
I received an email regarding the clinique free foundation sample. I registered and get the M-coupon.I flash it at the clinique counter at Mid Valley and the sale girl said my skin color is 005. She just give me the sample and ask me to delete the sms.

Prize : Majolica Majorca products
Majolica Majorca nail polish x 3
Majolica Majorca lip gloss x 2
Majolica Majorca eye shadow x 1
I was told that i won a mystery gifts, when I go to collect it and I am really happy to know that I won this set of products. I really like to use Majolica Majorca products.^_^

Sample : Lancome products
Complimentary mini TEINT MIRACLE makeover x 1
TEINT MIRACLE sample x 1
There are roadshow by lancome at the concourse mid valley. The sales assistant have a mini TEINT MIRACLE makeover for me and give my one sample that is suitable my skin tone which is 004. The sample is so small and only half is inside the bottle.

Sample : Libresse product
Libresse sanitary pad
Libresse pantyliner
Today when I'm open my mailbox, i saw a package of libresse pad that sent to me. I am so happy and there are a lot of pad and pantyliner inside with 1 letter that stated what the extra functions for their pad that make it special to women during period.

Sample : Clean & Clear skin care set (RM148)
ACNE control cleanser x 1
ACNE control toner x 1
ACNE control moisturizer x 1
ACNE control speed gel x 1
I am so happy that the clean & clear skin care set just deliver to my doorstep by a postman. Thanks Clean & Clear.

Sample : Clinique products
Clinique repair wear laser focus wrinkle & UV damage corrector 1.5ml x 1 I redeem this sample at the Clinique counter in Mid Valley. The promoter just give me the sample without any consultation and need to wait her few minutes because she has customer at that time and she is not friendly enough.

Prize : Speaker & sample
Sonic gear speaker x 1
g'soft pen x 1
Ginvera shower cream & scrub
Ginvera whitening marvel gel, day cream& night cream
Actually i just won the prize for the sonic gear speaker but they give me some extra samples as a gift. I am really happy to win this speaker so i can use it with my computer.

Prize : DVD
《 星空下的童话》DVD x 1
When i go and watch resident evil, the guys suddenly told me that i have won a DVD for this drama. I am really happy and i wish to watch this drama during my leisure time.

Prize : "Monga" movie merchandises
"Monga" movie pass x 4
"Monga" car sticker x 4
"Monga" booklet x 4
"Monga" notebook x 1The merchandise is nice but the movie is a bit boring.

Gift : Chocolate
chocolate x 1 with a thank you card
This is the gift from the graduating student.

Prize : Expo tickets
Tickets to world expo in Shanghai x 2
I am really happy to win the ticket to the world expo in Shanghai. The expo is until end of October.

Prize : "Despicable Me" movie merchandises
"Despicable Me" movie pass x 2
"Despicable Me" T-shirt x 1
"Despicable Me" car shade x 2
"Despicable Me" key chain x 1
I am really happy to win these movie merchandise. The show is great and I enjoy the movie so much.

Sample : Clarins products
Clarins super hydrating intensive serum x 1
Clarins super hydrating cooling cream-Gel x 1
Clarins shaping facial lift serum x 1
I redeem these samples at the clarins counter in 1 utama. The promoter is nice and let me try the product at my hand and teach me how to use it. She give me the samples after consultation.

Sample : Bio-Essence products
Bio-Essence multi-effect BB cream x 1
Bio-Essence deep exfoliating gel x 1
Bio-Essence radiant youth essence x 1
Bio-Essence face lifting cream x 1
I get the sample at 1 utama at the Bio-Essence events while I'm going to the movie after redeem my Clarins samples.

Sample : Sunsilk product
Sunsilk hair fall solution shampoo x 1
When i open my mailbox and i get a free Sunsilk shampoo that just deliver to my doorstep.

Sample : Hada Labo products
Hada Labo moisturizing cream x 1
Hada Labo moisturizing lotion x 1
These samples also deliver to my mailbox. I think i am a facebook fans of Hada Labo in order to get these samples.

Prize : Food vouchers RM50
Oriental group of restaurants food voucher x 2
I am happy to win this vouchers so i can enjoy the food at any oriental group of restaurant with the discount. there are 6 restaurants under this group: Oriental Pavillion, Oriental Banquet, Noble House, The Ming Room, Shark Fin House and Maju Palace.

Prize : CD album
Vincy 《预见?遇见》CD Album x 1
The CD is deliver to my home by the FedGx postman. I am happy to win Vincy album because i like Vincy voice and all her songs are very nice! I put this inside my car so i can listen anytime while I'm driving.

Gift : Annual dinner gift
Chocolate x 2
Kit-Kat chocolate x 1
Key chain x 1
Lucky draw card x 1
The gifts all is inside a small and nice purse package. I get a black J as my lucky draw card, but i didn't get the draw. I am still happy with these litter gift for the annual company dinner.

Sample : REN products
REN matte balancing fluid x 1
REN revitalising night cream x 1
I redeem this sample at the REN counter in KLCC.

Prize : "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" movie merchandises
"Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time"
lenticular notebook x 1
"Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time"
Wristband Compass x 1
The merchandise are great especially the notebook cover is 3D. I like it so much.

Prize : "A Nightmare on Elm Street" movie merchandises
"A Nightmare on Elm Street" T-Shirt x 2
"A Nightmare on Elm Street" key chain x 2
"A Nightmare on Elm Street" booklet x 2
"A Nightmare on Elm Street" movie pass x 2
The T-shirt i give 1 to my bf and the key chain i also give to him one and we watch the show together.

Prize :"Alice in Wonderland" movie merchandise
"Alice in wonderland" T-Shirt x 1
The T-shirt i like it because it is a mini-T and i wear it many times already.

Prize : "Date Night" movie merchandise
"Date night" T-Shirt x 1
The design of the t-shirt is so special and i wear it few time already.

Prize : "Under the Mountain" movie merchandise
"Under the Mountain" travel set
"Under the Mountain" blanket x 1
"Under the Mountain" carrying bag x 1
"Under the Mountain" eye protector x 1
"Under the Mountain" neck comfort x 1
"Under the Mountain" movie pass x 2

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