Thursday, September 5, 2019

TENA Recommend Simple Home Improvements For The Comfort Of Elderly Parents

TENA, The Understanding Specialist and Continence Foundation of Malaysia recently launched the ‘Sentiasa Denganmu Mak Abah di Mana Jua: Idea Mudah Untuk Rumah, Ibu Bapa Kita Lebih Selesa’ Campaign to empower adult children to be more aware of the little things they can do and how they can play an active role in understanding the many challenges their parents face, including the onset of incontinence which occurs in 1 out of 2 older persons.

As incontinence can affect one’s parents’ mobility and quality of life, the campaign offers practical suggestions from experts on proper care, management and simple improvements in their homes to help elderly parents feel more comfortable while reducing the risk of falls. Incontinence affects 1.4 million Malaysians and is estimated to increase by 4.5% annually. Despite this, studies have shown that 69% do not seek help largely due to embarrassment and social stigma.

“At TENA, we firmly believe that an active life with incontinence is still possible, hence the need to raise greater awareness so that the condition can be managed effectively with the right solutions and support, especially from family members,” said Debby Ho, Marketing Manager, Vinda Malaysia. “The last thing our parents want to do is to trouble us, and it is even tougher for them to bring up a sensitive topic such as incontinence. This is why TENA recognizes the great need to empower children with simple steps and small gestures that can help our parents feel as comfortable as possible, especially at home, without making them feel small,” she explained.

In line with this, TENA works with experts to provide holistic solutions including simple home improvement ideas as well as product solutions, such as TENA Pants, an absorbent underwear which enables them retain their dignity and freedom to enjoy their golden years without fear or embarrassment.

“Incontinence is very common, affecting approximately 50% of older persons. This impacts their lives in many ways, from remaining homebound out of embarrassment or visiting the toilet frequently throughout the day. As they are staying at home for most of the day, it is of utmost importance to prevent our elderly parents from a fall as it could lead to many other complications such as difficulty recovering, as well as other complications if they are hospitalized,” explained Dr Peter Ng, consultant urologist and president of Continence Foundation of Malaysia.

In addition to using TENA Pants, simple home improvements can make a big difference since elderly parents spend the most time at home. In support of the ‘Sentiasa Denganmu Mak Abah di Mana Jua: Idea Mudah Untuk Rumah, Ibu Bapa Kita Lebih Selesa’ Campaign, renowned Malaysian designer Dr Eric Leong shares home improvement ideas in phases on the TENA Facebook page and TENA website.

“One of the best things we can do for our parents is help them maintain their independence, and home ideas in the bedroom, bathroom and living room can make it much easier for them to move around safely,” said Dr Leong. “These can be complemented with the right colours and refreshing scents to make their homes more relaxing.”

In addition to recommendations from experts, the campaign also provides other educational support through the TENA website, where the Caring 101 e-Handbook can be downloaded and product samples can be requested.

For more information and resources, visit the TENA website, the TENA Facebook page or call the TENA toll-free helpline 1-800-88-9988 (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday).

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Spritzer Celebrates 30 Years Reinforces Environmental Stewardship

Spritzer Berhad (Spritzer), Malaysia’s leading producer of bottled natural mineral water, turns 30 this year and the company is celebrating its anniversary with a roadshow that aims to reinforce its commitment toward environmental stewardship.

Speaking at the official launch of the roadshow titled “30 years of Natural Goodness” held at the Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, Dr. Chuah Chaw Teo, Spritzer’s director of R&D, said that environmental preservation has been at the core of the company’s operations from its earliest history. “From the very beginning of our operations, we viewed environmental pollution with great concern because we understood how it can affect the quality of water, as well as damage the already limited sources of water in the country,” said Chuah.

“It is with this concern that Spritzer took the initiative to invest in a vast land bank measuring 330 acres, approximately the size of 266 football fields, surrounded by a pristine tropical rain forest, located far away from all pollution and creating a safe zone around our water source, hence protecting the integrity, quality, safety and purity of its natural mineral water,” he said, elaborating that the company’s natural mineral water is untouched by human hands, from source to bottle. “Then, as part of our corporate social responsibility and to create awareness among the public on the importance of embracing sustainability as a lifestyle, we erected a Spritzer EcoPark in the midst of this facility, where visitors are welcomed to relax and unwind in quiet, surrounded by natural flora and fauna in their original environment, undisturbed by humans,” Chuah said.

Spritzer EcoPark was opened to the public in July 2015. The park features various recreational, educational and tourism-related activities and attractions includes jungle trekking, bird-watching, golfing at an 18-hole mini golf course, a visitor gallery, guided tours of the company’s water bottling process and more. “Our efforts didn’t stop there and we continuously carry-out initiatives at the park to strengthen the ecosystems there, as well as create greater awareness towards the need to protect and preserve our environment,” Chuah said and added that the company had recently planted over 16,000 trees at the park to enhance its biodiversity.

Chuah also stated that Spritzer’s environmental efforts goes beyond protecting the company-owned water sources and supply. “We also strive to ensure that our efforts are not limited to just conserving and protecting the environment, but also to achieve a more sustainable practice by intertwining some of these into our own product life-cycle,” he said.

As an example, Chuah pointed to the company’s mineral water bottles that comes with a special ‘twist and turn’ feature, making the container collapsible which would save up to 57% of space in a recycling bin. “We are also introducing ACILIS, a new silica-rich natural mineral water from Spritzer that comes in plant-based bottles that are non-toxic and compostable ̶ a first in Malaysia,” he said. “The introduction of ACILIS is another significant effort that aims to offer customers who are environmentally-conscious with high-quality, great tasting natural mineral water that uses alternatives to the regular mineral bottles found on shelves,” Chuah said.

“These plant-based bottles are eco-friendly as 30% of the plastic material used to make them come from the fibre and other discarded, unused parts of the sugar cane or corn,” he explained. “Moreover, manufacturing these bottles produces less CO2 emissions, while the bottles are 100% recyclable,” he elaborated.

“As for ensuring environmental sustainability of our operations, I’m proud to announce that we are investing in a fully-automated warehouse that is equipped with green building features, and is expected to commence operations early next year,” he revealed. “This warehouse, also being built at our current site in Taiping, costs over RM45 million, and will feature state-of-the-art equipment, smart connected systems and leverages on IoT to drive greater efficiency in our operations,” he said.

Spritzer’s 30 Years Anniversary roadshow is open to the public to learn more about the company’s efforts toward greater sustainability and take part in the various programs and activities prepared such as potting plants with Spritzer’s mineral water, photo booth, tea mixology, cooking demonstration and more.

For more information, please refer to Spritzer Malaysia official website or like Spritzer facebook page.

1 + 1 Be Simplify Beauty Glamogenic

Australian skin care brand Glamogenic < 1 + 1 Be Simplify Beauty > has official launched in Kuala Lumpur. The brand was created to allow everyone no matter male or female, to revive the skin, making everyone beautiful and radiant, thus increasing self-confidence. Our doctor has more than 30 years of experience in beauty sector and skin care industry has developed the professional series skin care products. Through the formula, the 1+1 method allows each consumer with different needs to find a unique face and body care series.

Glamogenic understands the requirements and the needs of consumers through market analysis, so it is unanimously determined to use the best raw materials for the skin, as well as to protect the skin, and to have the effect of not damaging the skin. The ingredients used in Glamogenic skin care products are suitable for each person's face to be formulated for each skin problem. They also use only the best broccoli extract and with high-tech development, so that each product is suitable for people at different stages and it is a must for everyone in their skin care range.

1 + 1 Be Simplify Beauty Glamogenic, I warmly welcome parties to join us and become our partners to achieve every desire to improve ourselves and restore in self-confidence. Today, our great honor to welcome Singer and Actor Nicholas Teo to be our brand ambassador, he looks great and match with our branding image! I believe he can help to spread the goodness of the brand of Glamogenic and our products will able to help everyone in their skin care concern and inspire you in achieving a better quality of life”, Glamogenic Honorary Chairman Dato Dr. Wong Aik Loung said.

Brand ambassador Nicholas Teo said: “This’s my honor to work with Glamogenic skin care brand. Although I am a man but I’m also pay attention to my skin care! In particular, Glamogenic's Vitalize Soothing Mask effectively soothes my sensitive skin and fatigue, and has a moisturizing effect that makes me look refreshed. Brassica Peeling Gel, is a gentle exfoliating gel that is also suitable for my skin without irritation. I was very excited about the 1+1 formula and combination when Glamogenic team proposed to me! The charm of this product and the seriousness of the work team have deeply attracted me, and thanks for choosing me become the brand ambassador. I’ll try my best to recommend to my friends and my fans, and inspiring everyone to gain beauty and confident. Mostly importanly, we must take good care and love ourselves in priority!”

At the same time, Glamogenic collaborates with Asia Metropolitan University in launching beauty courses, includes: basic skin care classes and advanced beauty courses. All the courses are suitable for those students who are interested in the beauty industry. Each student who successfully completes the course will be granted a professional certificate from Asia Metropolitan University.

If you want to know more about Glamogenic Australia's skin care products, you can contact this phone number +6012-691 6128. The business executive is grateful to provide professional skin care consultation. If you are interested in joining them, you can contact this phone number +6012-708 2198.

At present, Glamogenic is actively recruiting distributors in Malaysia, and welcome young entrepreneurs to join them. This brand will provide the knowledge of using Glamogenic skin care products, as well as incentive travel and generous bonuses are waiting for you to explore.

Glamogenic is very grateful that the media and VIPs attended this conference to make the launch event more beautiful and meaningful. They include: Honorary Chairman Dato Dr. Wong Aik Loung, Brand ambassador Nicholas Teo, Professor AMU Prof Dato’ Seri Dr. Alex Ong , Malaysia Foochow Chamber Of Commerce - Dato Sri Wong Ing Soon ,Image Consultant Simon Bindgen, Brand International Model Ms Tina and so on.

Glamogenic skin care products can be purchased at Gladiz Website or Glamogenic Official Facebook only. Please visit Glamogenic Official Website and Glamogenic Official Facebook for more details.

Monday, August 26, 2019

Astro Xiao Tai Yang Rocks The School Holidays With "Happy Castle Live Concert"

Astro Xiao Tai Yang (XTY) is now selling the Happy Castle Live Concert ticket to all fans! Get ready to sing and dance with the XTY celebrities during the year end school holidays.

Happy Castle Live Concert, is the largest musical concert in town that provides children with a memorable night to enjoy the performance of XTY celebrities after getting the overwhelming responses from the musical “The Five Elves: A Magical Journey” last year. There are 11 slots available for fans and the concert will be held in Penang and Kuala Lumpur.

Fully supported by Penang Government, the musical concert that will be held on 23rd and 24th November in Dewan Sri Penang is under the collaboration with Pertubuhan Wanita Mutiara and Penang Youth Development Corporation. Chow Kon Yeow, Penang Chief Minister and his wife will be the special guests for the opening ceremony. In Kuala Lumpur, the musical concert will be held on 29th, 30th November and 1st December in Mega Star Arena, KL.

Meanwhile, Astro XTY will also run “Ready Set Let’s Go!” campaign throughout Malaysia to feature the scenes of singing and dancing by children and will be composed into a music video to premiere during the musical concert.

The performers for the musical concert includes XTY celebrities: Candy, Bear, Coco, Mandy, Vanessa and Tong Tong, the mascot from XTY. Fans can also expect the guest performers lineup such as Danny Koo, Stephanie Liew, Alvin TJM and Joanne Fu from Q-Genz.

Happy Castle Live Concert tickets are available now via at the lowest price from RM60.61 (after 30% discount). For more information regarding the musical concert, schedule updates and promotions, log on to or contact 016-834 3923.

Astro Xiao Tai Yang (XTY) has been the No.1 Chinese-language kids learning channel in Malaysia for the past decade. It’s signature show, Tong Tong’s Wonderland, is Astro’s highest-rating Chinese-language kids content. For more information, please like Astro Xiao Tai Yang (XTY) Facebook Page and follow Astro Xiao Tai Yang (XTY) Instagram.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

KK Group of Companies Redefines the Convenience Store Market with the Opening of KK Concept Store

The KK Group of Companies has built a strong household name of KK SUPER MART, a 24-hour convenience store chain in Malaysia, serving over 9,000 daily essential products across 400 outlets to date. Today, the company that continuously responds to modernisation and current lifestyle trends launched the KK Concept Store in KL

The store marks Malaysia’s first homegrown ready-to-eat and fresh food concept store that offers over 100 food choices of ready-to-eat and fresh food. The prices are value for money and there is an assortment of merchandise to cater to every consumer.

The food sold is truly Malaysian. The range includes Premium Sate Sauce with Kangkung, Asam Pedas Oden, Hainanese Chicken Chop, Chicken Rendang Bento Rice, Pao and Siew Mai. For dessert lovers, there is even Gelateria Musang King.

Consumers who prefer healthier meal options can personalise their meal with a range of fresh ingredients to choose from at the Sandwich & Salad bar. There is also a wide variety of bakery items, such as buns, cakes, cookies and muffins which are sold at all hours of the day.
Be spoilt for choice with the range of the Japanese cuisine favourite - the oden. It is served in three types of flavoured broths: Asam Pedas, Mala and Clear Soup. The KK Concept Store could even be another trending BB tea spot where consumers can enjoy QQ Jelly and Red Beans as toppings served in freshly made milk tea. Ice-cream lovers will be tempted to try a range of delicious ice-cream treats with popular flavours such as chocolate, strawberry and mango and innovative flavour such as Musang King and frozen yoghurt with over 15 toppings to choose from. 

As a homegrown brand that is constantly redefining the convenience store market, the KK Concept Store aims to offer a unique retail environment for consumers to enjoy. This means, consumers will also expect a modern contemporary café, called the B Café offering freshly brewed coffee and an assortment of food items. With a built-up area of 1,000 square feet occupying the upper floor, the cosy space designed café exudes a relaxed atmosphere suitable for anyone who wants to relax, converse and work at ease. 

Founder & Group Executive Chairman of KK Group of Companies, Datuk Seri Dr KK Chai said, “The KK Concept Store is a game changer for the company and also for the convenience store market in Malaysia. We aim to provide an exclusive food menu that is convenient to get and is value for money. We also want to offer a unique experience of shopping and dining and quality service to every customer be it families with young children, working adults, late night customers and even seniors that walks into our store. We aim to open another 40 more KK Concept Stores by 2020 and each of the outlet will be strategically placed in both residential and high traffic areas. We will also continue to redefine our concept and offering to meet the demands of our consumers.”

The KK Concept Store is located along the row of shop lots opposite Plaza Low Yat (address: No. 54, Jalan Bulan off Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur). Consumers can enjoy browsing for everyday essentials on the ground floor of the store while discovering a range of food selection available on the ground floor and at B Café on the second floor.

In view of the store opening, there will be a 20% off on all Bento sets from 23rd July till 11th August 2019. The promotion continues with 20% off on all make-to-order sandwiches from 12th August till 31st August 2019. For more information, please refer to KK Group Official Website and like KK SUPER MART Facebook Page.