Tuesday, May 21, 2019

GINTELL DéSpace U.F.O.-X Launch

Introducing the all-new GINTELL DéSpace U.F.O.-X. Claimed as the most humanized massage chair in the market as of today, it is packed with innovation technology. With 12 AI Sensors installed all over the massage chair, it is able to accurately measure and memorize the structure of the spinal cord of whoever sitting in it. GINTELL DéSpace U.F.O.-X has 25% more protrusion, with a maximum of 6D roller balls and has a reach of 18% on the neck and shoulder massage movement. Comes with 10 massage techniques, it has a memorization function to put your favourite massaging programs on active once you sat down.

The X-Royale stress-relief program focuses on the head, neck and shoulders, relieving your stress, shoulder pain, neck stiffness, and headache while actively reducing your blood pressure and cholesterol level. With the built-in ankle stretch, future injuries and muscle fatigues will be prevented while increasing your joint mobility and flexibility.

As stretching is very important in our daily lives, a 230˚ Japanese Stretch program and Heat Therapyis included which focuses on the waist, back, and lower body joints. Along are the Thai Stretch and X-Twist stretching programs. These will prevent hunchback, O-shaped legs X-shaped legs while improving joint mobility and preventing kyphosis. Your body alignment will be corrected and your body posture will be improved. Ultimately, it will boost your body immune system, prevents arthritis, any kind of lower back pain, and body detoxification.

GINTELL DéSpace U.F.O.-X also comes with lumbar care in a program called Rest N Go. Focusing on the waist, buttocks, and thighs, it improves the body digestive system, lowers the rate of prostate cancer by eliminating the build-up of prostatic fluid, thus giving you more energy and having a better sleep throughout the night. All in all, you’ll have better mood and less chances of an anxiety attack.

To top it all off, GINTELL DéSpace U.F.O.-X 360˚ foot massage called the Ai-AIR strengthens the shin and calves by relieving the muscle stiffness, toning your calves and promoting blood circulation in the lower extremities.Emitting negative ions while browsing through 23 health programs, you’ll be spoilt for life as it massages your spine with its 137cm long XV-Track.

GINTELL DéSpace Star’s Moon Hand massage roller balls, 4D Reflex Spa and XV-Track Technology are able to give you 20% more protrusion and 48% more body coverage than ordinary massage chairs. You’ll be able to massage your neck, shoulders, waist, knees, back and buttocks more intensively and effectively.

As for the CyberTREKFI Turistic Treadmill, it comes with the 1st i-Treker Technology where it counts every step you take accurately and effectively, whereby the ICS Joint Protection’s intelligent cushioning system reduces the stress and pressure on your feet, legs and joints. With RM9,988 or only RM277.44 per month, you can bring home a brand-new upgraded DéSpace Star, plus a CyberTREKFI Turistic Treadmill! Only limited 300 units.

This Parents’ Day, you’ll even be able to drive your dream car home! To send the message of “GIFT OF LOVE” across, once you’ve spent at least RM5,000, you’ll stand a chance to win a NISSAN SERENA S-HYBRID 2.0L PREMIUM HIGHWAY STAR worth RM143,888! Let GINTELL extend your gratitude to your parents with the gift of health!

Our founder, Dato’ Goh Cheh Yak always says, “With a gift of love and health, your parents wouldn’t ask for anything else as a long and prosper life is almost guaranteed.”. This festive season, GINTELL Malaysia would like everyone to put their health, love, and life first.

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Thursday, May 16, 2019

The Curve Brings Cheer to Orphans this Raya

A time for sharing and togetherness, Raya is best celebrated in the company of family and loved ones. Sharing the joy of the festive period, the Curve invited a group of children from Rumah Permata Hatiku to celebrate Raya in a traditional kampung atmosphere.

The young guests were given a warm welcome by the Curve’s Management Team, as they made their way into the mall’s Centre Court. It was definitely a sight to be hold, as the kids stood in awe of the intricately decorated kampung house, with its exterior sporting a realistic- looking water colour effect. Surrounded by green shrubs and shady trees, the authentic kampung ambience could be felt amongst the guests. Bringing an interactive aspect to the campaign this year, traditional games such as congkak, batu seremban and kaki panjang were available for all to play. The kids were delighted as they experienced these games for the first time!

Moving on to the main highlight, the Kenangan Manis Musical started the evening off with a bang as talented dancers performed to classic Malay hits. Weaving in traditional dance styles such as Joget and Zapin, the performance told the tale of the good old days of kampung life and spending Raya with the family.

Encik Jazmi Kamarudin, Senior General Manager of the Curve said, “It is an annual tradition for us at the Curve to give back to those who need it most, especially during the festive seasons. Something as simple as sharing a meal together can make a world of difference and this is something which we want to give to our esteemed guests. We hope they had a great time with us today and we are honoured to have had this opportunity to break fast together with our young guests!”

The kids and their caregivers were also presented with Raya goodies and Duit Raya, before adjourning to Marhaba Restaurant for a scrumptious buka puasa meal.

Taking place from May 3 to June 6, 2019, the Curve’s Raya campaign will see the mall transform into an authentic kampung setting, with a variety of games available for patrons to try their hand at. Shoppers can also catch the Kenangan Manis Musical twice a day on weekends and as well as the first and second day of Raya.

To further commemorate the month of Ramadhan, shoppers get to redeem a set of Kole Airas they spend a minimum of RM480 in a maximum two receipts or redeem festive Raya packets when they spend RM180 in a maximum of two receipts. All redemptions are subject to terms&conditions and available while stocks last. Additionally, Boost users who spend RM50 at participating outlets will get an instant rebate of RM10!

For more information, please refer The Curve official website or like The Curve Shopping Mall facebook page or follow The Curve official instagram.

Nostalgic Ramadhan for Senior Citizens at eCurve

Ramadhan is a time of forgiveness, charity and most importantly unity. To commemorate the start of the holiest month of the year, eCurve shared the festive spirit with a group of old folks from Pusat Jagaan Al-Fikrah to experience the nostalgia of the bygone days with their Al-KisahPesta Ria campaign.

It was surely a walk down memory lane for the special guests as they strolled down the Centre Atrium which had been transformed into a scene from the jubilant 60s era. Complete with heritage building decorations and evergreen tunes playing in the background, the atmosphere was ripe with the spirit of Raya!

Kicking off the evening was the specially choreographed live musical entitled Irama Pesta Ria, with special celebrity guest star Musly Ramlee. The guests were thrilled when Musly Ramlee belted out familiar P. Ramlee favourites such as BunyiGitar and Mari-Mari Tuan DengarIniCerita.

Gina Long Ahmad, Assistant General Manager, Leasing and Advertising & Promotions commented, “As we begin our preparations for the festive period, it is important that we share our good fortune with others. As part of our annual tradition, we invited the old folks from Pusat Jagaan Al-Fikrah to share a buka puasa meal with us. It was indeed heartening to see their smiles and we do hope that we have helped make their Raya a memorable one this year!”

Before adjourning for buka puasa, the senior citizens and their caretakers were presented with some early Raya gifts of goodies bags as well as Duit Raya. The joyous evening ended with a hearty buka puasa meal at Arab Thai, eCurve’s newest eatery which serves Arab and Thai cuisines.

Patrons can experience eCurve’s Raya campaign, Al-KisahPesta Riafrom May 3 to June 6, 2019 and catch Musly Ramlee live twice a day on weekends.

Additionally, shoppers are in a for a treat this Raya! Customers who spend RM200 and above in a maximum of two receipts will be eligible to redeem Tiffin Lebaranas well as Festive Ria Packets, exclusively at eCurve. All redemptions are subject to terms and conditions and while stocks last. As an added bonus, Boost users who spend a minimum of RM50 in participating outlets will instantly receive a rebate of RM10! Terms and conditions apply.

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Monday, May 13, 2019

Guardian & Naelofar Unveils Exclusive Tote Bags for Ramadan

Guardian Malaysia unveiled today Nature Beauty, Red Blossoms and Floral Serenity tote bags - it has commissioned for its Exclusive Summer Collection for Ramadan.

These tote bags were designed and inspired by talented actress, TV Presenter, model and successful entrepreneur Miss Neelofa, the owner of one of Malaysia’s leading contemporary fashion brand, Naelofar.

Speaking at the launch of the Summer Collection, Ms Wong Vai Chi, Head Of Marketing, Health And Beauty, Guardian Health and Beauty said: “This collaboration with NAELOFAR is our special way to welcome the Holy month of Ramadan with our customers. We want to offer our customers something exclusive and, of course, beautiful, when they drop in to shop for their health and beauty necessities at Guardian stores.”

Vai Chi also announced that Guardian stores will have a special theme called “Seiring Ramadan” during the month of Ramadan where Guardian will strive to offer customers the best deals throughout this Ramadan season with discounts of up to 50% on some products.

So in the month of Ramadan, what better time to shop at Guardian and to carry your purchases home in a must-have tote bag designed by Neelofa herself. Neelofa shares her inspiration behind the three tote bags:
  • Red Blossoms - A vibrant colour of Iris flowers designed with golden rectangle geometry to lead the eye from one design element to the next. Exclusively designed to look bold and elegant

  • Nature Beauty - Designed to go beyond the norm towards modernization. The use of clean, irregular shapes with tropical colours emphasize on the beauty effect of the design.

  • Floral Serenity -Flowers and butterflies symbolize grace and beauty, with a touch of vibrant colours to give more festive-like feelings. Designed exclusively for those who embrace elegance.

The tote bags can be purchased at a 40% discount with any purchase of a sponsor’s product worth RM20, or RM30 of a non-sponsor’s product.After the 40% discount, the bags will retail for only RM17.90. The Guardian Exclusive Summer Collection will be available from today until stocks last.

For more details on Guardian, please visit Guardian Malaysia website, like Guardian Malaysia facebook page and follow Guardian Malaysia instagram.
For more details on Naelofar, please visit Naelofar Hijab website, like Naelofar Hijab facebook page and follow Naelofar instagram.

SOS UV Porcelain+ Sharing Session

Recently I was attended the SOS UV Procelain+ sharing session that organized by The Lush Clinic, Arcoris Mont Kiara.

The event started by the product presentation by SOS Expert Ms.Wenda Tan. The SOS UV Procelain+ supplement is the new benchmark for oral skincare manufactured in USA. SOS UV Procelain+ is certified by the US FDA and clinically proven for demonstrated results.

Next is the presentation by Dr. Khoo Kah Mun. Using only scientifically proven ingredients, each 750mg of SOS UV Procelain+ capsule helps your skin to :
  • Control pigmentation by inhibiting melanin synthesis in order to brighten, lighten and whiten complexion.
  • Reduce melanin that is already present in the cells, including those in dark acne scars and freckles, resulting in an overall more balanced skin tone.
  • Provide broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection against sun damage.
  • Optimize skin radiance and glow.
  • Improve skin texture, moisture and elasticity.
  • Firm skin and promote the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

There are many benefit to consume SOS UV Procelain+ capsule to protect your skin from sun burn that will destroy or damage or skin cells. SOS UV Procelain+ only available in reputable aesthetic and dermatology clinics. The supplement is registered and approved by the Malaysia Misnistry of Health.