Friday, September 10, 2010

Rebellz Annual Fashion Show

Event :Rebellz Annual Fashion Show
Date : 18 August 2010 ( Wednesday)
Time : 8pm
Venue : Library, Mid Valley
Theme: Chique

We registered at the registration counter when we reached. It was sad to know that we are not getting any drinks or goodies even we already registered in the first place. So we just went to dinner in the nearby restaurant before the fashion show started.

There are some products showcase by the Make Up For Ever and Shoes. They distribute the voucher so we got discount if we purchase their items. After we back to the event place from the dinner. It is our turn to have a free make-up by Make Up For Ever before the fashion show start.

One of the foreigner make up artist is doing the make up for me. She put quite heavy colour on my eye and that is me after make up. I just feel the make up is a bit over and too white. Then the fashion show start and it is fast get too crowded. After stay a while we just go back since we didn't have any drinks or goodies.

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