Thursday, July 25, 2019

KK Group of Companies Redefines the Convenience Store Market with the Opening of KK Concept Store

The KK Group of Companies has built a strong household name of KK SUPER MART, a 24-hour convenience store chain in Malaysia, serving over 9,000 daily essential products across 400 outlets to date. Today, the company that continuously responds to modernisation and current lifestyle trends launched the KK Concept Store in KL

The store marks Malaysia’s first homegrown ready-to-eat and fresh food concept store that offers over 100 food choices of ready-to-eat and fresh food. The prices are value for money and there is an assortment of merchandise to cater to every consumer.

The food sold is truly Malaysian. The range includes Premium Sate Sauce with Kangkung, Asam Pedas Oden, Hainanese Chicken Chop, Chicken Rendang Bento Rice, Pao and Siew Mai. For dessert lovers, there is even Gelateria Musang King.

Consumers who prefer healthier meal options can personalise their meal with a range of fresh ingredients to choose from at the Sandwich & Salad bar. There is also a wide variety of bakery items, such as buns, cakes, cookies and muffins which are sold at all hours of the day.
Be spoilt for choice with the range of the Japanese cuisine favourite - the oden. It is served in three types of flavoured broths: Asam Pedas, Mala and Clear Soup. The KK Concept Store could even be another trending BB tea spot where consumers can enjoy QQ Jelly and Red Beans as toppings served in freshly made milk tea. Ice-cream lovers will be tempted to try a range of delicious ice-cream treats with popular flavours such as chocolate, strawberry and mango and innovative flavour such as Musang King and frozen yoghurt with over 15 toppings to choose from. 

As a homegrown brand that is constantly redefining the convenience store market, the KK Concept Store aims to offer a unique retail environment for consumers to enjoy. This means, consumers will also expect a modern contemporary café, called the B Café offering freshly brewed coffee and an assortment of food items. With a built-up area of 1,000 square feet occupying the upper floor, the cosy space designed café exudes a relaxed atmosphere suitable for anyone who wants to relax, converse and work at ease. 

Founder & Group Executive Chairman of KK Group of Companies, Datuk Seri Dr KK Chai said, “The KK Concept Store is a game changer for the company and also for the convenience store market in Malaysia. We aim to provide an exclusive food menu that is convenient to get and is value for money. We also want to offer a unique experience of shopping and dining and quality service to every customer be it families with young children, working adults, late night customers and even seniors that walks into our store. We aim to open another 40 more KK Concept Stores by 2020 and each of the outlet will be strategically placed in both residential and high traffic areas. We will also continue to redefine our concept and offering to meet the demands of our consumers.”

The KK Concept Store is located along the row of shop lots opposite Plaza Low Yat (address: No. 54, Jalan Bulan off Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur). Consumers can enjoy browsing for everyday essentials on the ground floor of the store while discovering a range of food selection available on the ground floor and at B Café on the second floor.

In view of the store opening, there will be a 20% off on all Bento sets from 23rd July till 11th August 2019. The promotion continues with 20% off on all make-to-order sandwiches from 12th August till 31st August 2019. For more information, please refer to KK Group Official Website and like KK SUPER MART Facebook Page.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Guard Your Gut for World Digestive Health Day

World Digestive Health Day 2019 was happend when two bodies which have long championed the gut cause  : Digestive Health Malaysia (DHM) and VITAGEN Healthy Digestion Programme (VHDP) have joined forces once again to educate and empower Malaysians to walk the talk when it comes to digestive health.

The media launch was attended by Datuk Dr Muhammad Radzi Abu Hassan, Prof Dr Raja Affendi Raja Ali, Dr Lee Hock Bee, Dr Tee E Siong and Poh Eng Lip, who took part in a media panel session which explored digestive health issues here in Malaysia, and was moderated by emcee Adrian Seet.

The most common threat to our digestive health is the habit of eating excessive unhealthy foods on a regular basis. These include that yummy nasi lemak, pisang goreng, fried chicken, and char koey teow. Let’s not forget our penchant for eating more than what we should, especially at buffets, just to get our money’s worth!

Add a sedentary lifestyle to the list, and we have a volatile mix that can easily lead to an increased risk of developing various digestive disorders or diseases (e.g. inflammatory bowel disease) and many non-communicable diseases (e.g. heart disease, hypertension).

Kicking things to a start was Chairman of DHM Datuk Dr Muhammad Radzi Abu Hassan who warned that with the high prevalence of digestive problems, disorders and diseases in the country, it is high time we start to take proactive measures to guard our gut. He said that with so many myths circulating online, it is imperative that one gets accurate information on what food, medicines and supplements are really healthy. Dr Radzi stressed the importance of the media’s and its crucial role in disseminating the right information.

“Our digestive health should not be taken for granted. Events such as the World Digestive Health Day serves its purpose of waking the public up to the ‘abuse’ they put their digestive health,” Dr Radzi noted.

In championing the need for more Malaysians to guard their gut, Prof Dr Raja Affendi Raja Ali, Deputy Chairman of DHM and Consultant Gastroenterologist, said: “Malaysians are blissfully unaware of their digestive health status as they do not go for regular health screening. What is even more worrying is the fact that many just chalk up digestive disorders to a bad tummy or ‘something I ate’ and just leave it at that. They choose to ignore the problem and are unaware of the potential threat it poses to their health.”

As part of its efforts to give back to the community, VITAGEN is also spreading the message of guarding your gut, mainly via its VITAGEN Healthy Digestion Programme or VHDP. Poh Eng Lip, General Manager of VITAGEN, reaffirmed VITAGEN’s stance: “As Malaysia’s number 1 cultured milk drink, we are delighted to support expert professional bodies such as DHM to empower the public towards better digestive health.”

At the event, both DHM and VHDP launched their “Guard Your Gut with Probiotics & Early Detection” campaign in conjunction with WDHD 2019. The campaign will see a concerted effort by both parties to spread the messages of guarding our gut, as well as going for early screening for colorectal cancer, and the merits of probiotics. The campaign strives to be an inclusive one, with advocators who will catalyse others to play an active role in this cause.

VHDP has worked closely with DHM for many years, and will also add a new “kindergarten adoption programme” to its activities as well. This programme aims to inculcate good eating habits in children from a young age, with the hope that such habits stay with them for a lifetime. This will be done via scrapbook activities whereby nutritionists and teachers will guide the children and monitor their progress. Free bottles of VITAGEN will also be supplied in this programme.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Lazada Introduces New in-App Features Ahead of Mid-Year Festival Debut

Lazada will hold its first ever mid-year sale event, the Lazada Mid-Year Festival, on Friday 12 July 2019 at midnight (local time) across all its six markets in Southeast Asia (SEA). For 24 hours, Malaysian shoppers will be able to snag items up to 50% off on Lazada Malaysia! Lazada users will enjoy a richer, more rewarding and entertaining shopping experience with new features such as GUESS IT live streamed game show, Chup Dulu pre-order deals to reserve and guarantee the purchase of selected products as well as a Lowest Price Guarantee. The Mid-Year Festival also coincides with Lazada’s annual Big Baby Fair which takes place over 5 days from 12 – 16 July.

Lazada strives to be an everyday lifestyle destination for consumers in Malaysia, offering more assortment, function and style at price points to suit individual needs. The Mid-Year Festival brings the best Lazada has to offer to both shoppers and sellers, as it takes place during a traditionally quieter shopping season. This presents more chances in a year for us to bring continuous excitement to shoppers and provide our sellers more opportunities to boost their performance,” said Leo Chow, Chief Executive Officer, Lazada Malaysia

As part of Lazada Mid-Year Festival, the eCommerce leader is furthering its Shoppertainment strategy with its first region-wide livestreamed gameshow across six countries. GUESS IT is a 30-minute in-app show that combines a gameshow concept with professionally-generated livestreamed content. It involves entertaining local personalities Aiman Tino, Harris Baba, Sharifah Sakinah, Sean Lee, Jordan Yeoh, Sherry Alhadad, Nabil Aqil, Shu Faye and Theeban G playing host and giving away clues for viewers to guess the price of products.
To encourage more shoppers to follow their hearts, Lazada is offering attractive benefits such as free shipping deals with participating sellers as well as millions of Lazada vouchers to be given away throughout the day. Look out for 50% discount vouchers off items storewide, and attractive vouchers for new customers. 

Lazada is committed to providing shoppers with great savings and value when you shop with us this Mid-Year Festival! Enjoy shopping with our Lowest Price Guarantee on LazMall products this 12 July 2019. If you spot a lower regular selling price on an identical, in-stock, non-promotional product on another online store; let us know and we’ll pay you two times the difference!
Shoppers can look forward to great savings with up to 80% off, RM 1 deals and over RM100,000 worth of collectable vouchers on diapers, milk, strollers, feeding accessories, toys and more in the Big Baby Fair.

For more information, please browse the Lazada Malaysia Website and like Lazada Facebook Page. Install the Lazada Apps and start your purchase TONIGHT 12am!

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Energizer Introduces New Consumer-focused Brand Identity Fronted By Iconic Mr Energizer

Energizer, makers of Energizer Ultimate Lithium, the world’s longest-lasting AA battery, introduced the brand’s new global re-energised look in the Malaysian market. This includes new packaging, in-store displays, logo and advertising for its battery product lines, as well as an even more prominent role for Mr Energizer, the brand’s beloved charismatic character. The new visual treatments, to be rolled out nationwide in Malaysia beginning June 2019, will provide a contemporary look with a lighter, brighter presentation and a helpful new approach, with distinct colours deployed to help consumers more easily and intuitively find the best product to suit their needs. Whether it’s the world’s longest-lasting Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA battery, a lithium coin battery or an Energizer Recharge rechargeable battery, the new packaging and colour schemes will help consumers quickly identify the right choice and be on their way.

“We spent three years developing our new look, talking with consumers and researching their preferences to deliver an experience that’s both powerful and fun,” said Diane Lee, Business Director for Malaysia & Singapore, Energizer Holdings Inc. “They told us they want bright, clear and helpful packaging that will stand out in a cluttered aisle. And we know they love Mr Energizer, so we’ve made sure consumers will get more of him and his larger-than-life personality everywhere, from in-store to our advertising.”

“The Energizer brand has been trusted by Malaysians for more than 40 years. With a reenergised brand and more intuitive packaging to help consumers make the right choice every time, we are confident in growing our brand from strength to strength in Malaysia while maintaining the proven formulas that they have come to know and trust. Beyond that, we are also introducing our new Max Plus range today to give consumers even more of the long lasting power they want, besides announcing a collaboration with that will take Malaysians further on exciting journeys,” she added.

The changes represent the first major update to the Energizer look since 2008, and will come to life across the entire Energizer portfolio, starting with batteries. In conjunction with the reenergised brand, Energizer also introduced the new Max Plus range which is Energizer’s No 1 Longest Lasting AA & AAA alkaline batteries. The new line of performance alkaline batteries is designed to have increased energy density, power storage and optimised voltage, to give Malaysian consumers even more of the performance they seek. Energizer Max Plus batteries is the longest lasting alkaline batteries from Energizer yet, have a 12-Year Shelf Life and last up to 14% longer during use, thus creating less waste from the disposal of drained batteries.

Energizer is taking Malaysians even further with the newly reenergised brand, in a global partnership with for the Energizer Holidays campaign. In Malaysia, customers will be able to redeem a RM95 rebate from and be eligible for the ‘Win A Year Off' global draw, where Malaysian residents stand a chance to win RM30,000 worth of credits.

To participate, Malaysian residents aged 18 and above just need to purchase a new pack of Energizer batteries, battery chargers or flashlights and register your full name, email address and the barcode from the pack at Energizer Holidays campaign website. In Malaysia, registration is open within the Promotion Period on 1 July 2019 to 30 September 2019. Following this, you will receive an email at the address provided with a unique code/link, which will entitle you to a RM95 rebate for your next accommodation costing at least RM300. Each accountholder is entitled to only one rebate claim.

For full details of the contest terms and conditions, please visit the Energizer Holidays campaign website. For more details on Energizer, please visit Energizer Malaysia website or like Energizer Malaysia facebook page.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

How To Get The Kids To Be Active?

Kids are getting inactive nowadays when they are addicted to the gadget at home to play games or watch YouTube video. This happened due to many parents who are just want their children to sit at home and fear of bringing them to outdoor activities. One of the many reasons that kids become inactive is due to the role model as parents for not being active and it is because of their busy working schedule. For parents, we are constantly worried of them from getting injured or dirty. The kids will somehow become too protective where they are scared of exploring and trying. 

Sports are important to give everyone a healthy lifestyle so to our kids. Sports is important because it will help in both physical and mental development for a kid. When the kids do sports, they are training their muscles and body. The kids that always active will have a stronger body. Every school also will have a sports day to let the kids take part actively. I am proud that my girl gets a gold medal in her sports day last year. Good job girl!

In terms of mental development, active kids will have more confidence and the brain will think more quickly. It is good for brain development when the kids do any of the sports. Every sport will train them with different skills such as cooperative, focus, strategy and so on. Good attitudes will be built in the kids such as responsible, team player, respect, organize and etc can be developed when the kids are involved in the activities.

I will share a few ways on how I'm actually encourage my kids to be active. First, me as a parent really need to spare some time to bring them out to see the outside world and not just limit them at home. There is a playground near my house, I will bring all my kids to the playground in the evening to do some exercise or play badminton with them.

Once in a while, I will bring them to try some different outdoor activities such as wall climbing, skating and kayaking. It was a different experience for the kids. They enjoy it so much so they won't be scared of heights, water or anything. The kids can become tough and independent by doing these activities.

I always play a lot of sport activities with them such as badminton, ping pong and football, even if it is a toy ball. I also encourage them to play with their siblings to train their teamwork and coordination. Good to see they are playing happily. They are also like to swim so I will bring them to swimming pool frequently to let them learn swimming and play together. They learn when they play.

I always bring along my kids to join a lot of run such as Congress kids sport day organised by KidZania Kuala Lumpur, Kidzathon, family fun run and WePro run. We wake up in the morning to enjoy the fresh air and doing the exercise. This is also part of our family bonding time together while running, it helps to build stamina and develop the motor skills as well. We feel great after running for few km.

KidZania Kuala Lumpur has a lot of activities that encourage kids to be active such as my daughter enjoys playing the wall climbing and archery. She becomes active and resilient when doing all these activities. The wall climbing need to be brave since it is quite high for a kid. When doing the wall climbing, she has to think of the next step and where she needs to go. The activities not just building her physical but also mental which she needs to be focus and aim to complete the task.

In conclusion, as a parent we need to spend time to bring our kids to go out and enjoy a lot of sports and activities to get them active. Sports lead to a healthy lifestyle to help active kids build a strong body and immune system to keep them away from sickness.

For more information about KidZania Kuala Lumpur, please KidZania website and follow KidZania Facebook page .

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Eucerin® UltraWHITE+ SPOTLESS Double Booster Serum Review

I have been using Eucerin® UltraWHITE+ SPOTLESS Double Booster Serum for 4 weeks and I really satisfied with the result on my face. I realized my blackheads and dark spots are reduced effectively. My Pigmentation are getting lesser. My skin look fairer and brighter now.

Eucerin® UltraWHITE+ SPOTLESS Double Booster Serum is a breakthrough product with Thiamidol™, a new patented active ingredient that is clinically proven with 10x more effective in reducing dark spots without you going through laser, while being gentle on the skin. The product is backed by 10 years of research to be safe, gentle and effective on the skin.

Eucerin® UltraWHITE+ SPOTLESS Double Booster Serum contains patented Thiamidol™ and concentrated Hyaluronic Acid. It comes in an innovative dual-chamber system to protect these active ingredients for maximum efficacy.

Based on a study conducted on 480 users aged 22-25 by Beiersdorf Thailand in 2017:
  • 100% said that the product has brighten the skin, even-toned skin and more radiant.
  • 98% claimed that the product is gentle on skin.
  • 92% claimed that the product able to reduce appearance of fine line.
  • 91% said that it prevents dark spots appearance.
  • 90% the product is effectively diminish dark spots in 4 weeks. 

How to use?
  • Press precisely in the middle of the pump to ensure release of both formulas equally.
  • Press slowly to allow the formula to fill the pump.
  • Apply to clean skin, tapping gently until serum is fully absorbed. 

Try it yourself to see the result like me!
For more information, please visit Eucerin website or like Eucerin facebook page.