Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Eucerin Moiture Check Challenge

Event : Eucerin Moisture Check Challenge
Venue : Orange Zone, Sunway Pyramid
Date : 2nd October 2010 (Saturday)
Time : 3pm - 5pm

I reached here around 2.15pm since i told to be there before 2.15pm where the late comer will be disqualified. I register at the registration counter and sit on one of the chair provided. The show start around half an hour later. The host invite the skin expert and celebrity to the stage to start the dialogue.

The host is asking specific questions related to Eucerin product to the guests. One of the guest is the famous local TV host Ms Chui Leng. She share a tip on how she can maintain the moisture level of her skin since she like most of the outdoor sports and activities. The skin expert from Eucerin also explain how their product can provide fast or quick moisture to the skin.

After the dialogue, the moisture check challenge started. The beautician use a meter to measure my moisture level on my face. It was quite low 31.20 at the beginning since i put a sun block on my face before that caused it to be a bit low moisture. They put Eucerin moisturizer on my face and measure the moisture level again. It is shocked that the moisture level has been increase dramatically to 60.00. It was amazing and unbelievable. There are some violin performance on the stage when they doing the moisture check for 100 girls.

At the end of the event before we leave, Eucerin is distribute a goodies bag to all the moisture check challenge participants . I am so happy to receive the free set of Eucerin product from them. I will test to use it at home.

It is happy to know that the moiture check challenge is being reported in one of the newspaper. Below is the newspaper cutting about this event.

For more detail about the event, can refer my event blog:

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