Friday, February 17, 2017

My New Gadget GT Mobile GT-888 Smartphone

I was excited to unboxed my new gadget GT Mobile GT-888 Smartphone.

The phone come with a quick charger, an earphone, a transparent casing and a user guide. The phone just looks great for me.

The phone is designed by Singapore and is coming to Malaysia now. Let's see some of the features which I really like about the phone. First I received it, I feel that it is really light with the weight of 160g when I hold it on my hand.  My phone color is metal grey and I like it very much so it won't get dirty easily.

The screen size is big enough with 5.5" 2.5D arc screen that using the latest IPS technology to deliver high resolution, clear and stunning consistency for the display. The Gorilla Grass 3 which is 300% shatterproof and scratch-resistant. It really give a good protection for our phone where a lot of people actually break their phone screen accidentally. The display and the screen make the phone looks glassy.

Surprisingly, my GT-888 phone get charged faster with the quick charger which it reached 35% in 15 minutes. It's really help so that I do not need to wait long to charge my phone or need to charge my phone overnight daily.

The processors inside the phone is 64-bit quad-core processor 1.0GHz that give me very smooth and good speed in using my phone. It contains 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM (expandable up to 64 GB) which really give you a speed transition to use the phone. I can browsing sites, watch videos and playing game without worry of hanging or lagging.

The OS using is Android 5.1 Lollipop which offers a very best and latest of Android experiences. I have no problem to download all the apps and games from the Google play store. I have download some of the games for my kids to play and some apps for me to use.
There is a new feature can be found in the GT-888 phone which is the HotKnot, "Huggies to share" feature that allow you to share or send your files faster by simply contact two touch screens.
It is support 4G Dual-Sim which allow users to specify which of the two cards will make or receive calls. For now, I am using 1 sim card so I do not test this out yet.

The feature I like the most is the world's best 8MP Camera in phone which offers amazing low-light performance and is great for shooting photos in the night. It allows 0.3 seconds focus to take photos in HDR, panorama, fish eye, night mode and voice commands. Here are some of the pictures taken by the phone and the quality is amazing. Here are some of the pictures that taking using the phone.

I really like the phone  and recommend my readers to use it. For a full specification for GTMobile GT-888 Smartphone, you may refer the link HERE.