Wednesday, August 15, 2018

GSK’s Polident ‘Don’t Be Shy! Eat, Speak and Smile with Confidence’ Educational Forum

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Sdn Bhd (“GSK”), the manufacturer of Polident, the no.1 denture care brand in Malaysia, aims to empower denture wearers with denture care knowledge and bring back their confidence through its ‘Eat, Speak and Smile with Confidence’ educational forum held recently. Denture-wearing is usually considered as a sign of ageing, but there are people who start their journey with dentures from as early as 38 years old.Consequently, dentures are a lot more common than many people may think.In fact, denture wearers make up about 10% of the Malaysian population.

“Wearing dentures can have a significant impact on a persons’ self-esteem, especially if it is the person’s first time wearing dentures. Patients often worry that by wearing dentures, they would not be able to speak or eat normally, and they usually fear that dentures will drastically change the way they look,” said Dr Natasya Ahmad Tarib, Prosthodontist and Senior Lecturer in Faculty of Dentistry Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

“Some of the common challenges faced by denture wearers include how well their dentures fit in their mouths, as well as how to ensure the cleanliness of the dentures, which can have a significant impact on both their comfort and oral health. They are also concerned about their floating dentures, where their dentures become loose, while they eat or speak, possibly leading to an embarrassing moment. However, with the right understanding of denture care and education, denture wearers can be more confident.” Dr Natasya said.

The ‘Eat, Speak and Smile with Confidence’ forum brought together experts, denture wearers and members of the media in a highly interactive session which encouraged attendees to speak openly about their experiences living with dentures and the challenges they faced. By publicly initiating the conversation about dentures, the event aimed to address their impact on wearers, both physically and emotionally, and drive exchange in denture-wearing solutions.

Alycia Tan, Marketing Manager Oral Care, GSK Consumer Healthcare Sdn Bhd said, “This year, GSK is celebrating 60 years of building healthier communities in Malaysia, and we are committed to enhancing the standard of oral healthcare across the country. Through this event, we hope to address the feelings of anxiety and isolation commonly seen amongst denture wearers, empowering them to eat, speak and smile with confidence.”

The programme also featured educational demonstrations which aimed to equip attendees with the knowledge on how to best care for their dentures.

“Taking good care of the dentures themselves is extremely important.As with teeth, dentures are prone to developing plaque, tartar and stains, and so a daily cleaning routine is essential to maintain your oral hygiene.However, dentures are not indestructible they are 10 times softer than natural teeth. Hence, wearers need to be vigilant in taking the best possible care when cleaning their dentures to prevent damage.” Dr Natasya stated.

Polident offers denture care products formulated to provide a firmer hold and cleaner dentures, to improve the comfort and oral health of people who wear dentures or partials. The Polident low-abrasive denture cleansers are formulated specifically to keep your dentures clean, fresh and to maintain daily oral hygiene.It kills 99.9% of odour-causing bacteria and its non-abrasive formula cleans dentures without scratching its surface pores thereby preventing bacterial growth. Meanwhile, Polident’s range of denture adhesives are formulated to improve denture comfort by holding dentures tight for up to 12 hours and sealing out irritating food particles, giving wearers the confidence and reassurance to live through the day without worries.

“We want to encourage denture wearers to use the best possible solutions to ensure optimal oral health and comfort in their dentures’ fixture. As a continuation of our ‘Eat, Speak and Smile with Confidence’ initiative, throughout July and August we are giving denture wearers the chance to try our Polident products with our Polident Money Back Guarantee programme nationwide,” said Alycia.

For more information, please refer to Polident website .

Friday, August 10, 2018

TENA’s “Apa Khabar Mak Abah?” Campaign

Incontinence, or urinary leakage, affects an estimated 1.4 million Malaysians with 1 in 3 women over age 40 and 1 in 10 men over age 65 having some form of the condition, but only 31% of them have sought medical advice. This means many people suffer in silence, including aging parents who may be embarrassed or take great effort to conceal it from their children.

Recognising that many are reluctant to speak openly about this, TENA’s “Apa Khabar Mak Abah?” Campaign, supported by the Continence Foundation of Malaysia (CFM), aims to encourage children to be more alert and attentive to their aging parents’ wellbeing. By providing educational resources and support, they can be more aware and recognise signs that their own parents may be suffering in silence.

“Incontinence can affect an individual’s mobility and quality of life, which is worrisome for the people who love and care for them. What’s more, their embarrassment or the fear of social stigma can make it difficult for them to talk about it. At TENA, we recognise the need for greater awareness and understanding so they feel more comfortable about seeking help, with the support of their children,” said Evelyn Chan, Marketing Director, Vinda Group Southeast Asia.

“This is why the “Apa Khabar Mak Abah?” Campaign encourages family members, especially children, to watch out for tell-tale signs that their parents may be trying to cope with the condition, and to take necessary steps to help, so that incontinence can be managed effectively. In line with this, TENA provides educational tools, resources and also holistic solutions to help with urine leaks, such as TENA Pants, an absorbent underwear which enables continued mobility and freedom to do what one needs to do without being hindered by the condition,” she added.

Explaining further, Dr Peter Ng, consultant urologist and president of Continence Foundation Malaysia, said: “Many people suffer needlessly even though incontinence is easily managed with the right knowledge and support. While it’s difficult to change mindsets, especially among the elderly, engaging with their family members is a good place to start. We hope for children to educate themselves so they can be aware if their parents are suffering silently. With the help of their loved ones, they can retain their freedom to move around and enjoy their golden years without fear or embarrassment.”

“As a caregiver, I definitely appreciate having tools and resources available to help us understand urinary incontinence better,” said Juriah binti Jalalus Shuti whose mother Aminah has been suffering from the condition for the past four years. “This campaign encourages children like me to really take notice, because if my siblings and I did not notice the little tell-tale signs in 2014, it probably would have taken longer for Mak to get to where she is today : free to carry out her daily activities and even travel without worries, thanks to TENA. Our parents took care of us when we were young, and I believe it is now our turn to care for them in their golden years.”

The campaign offers valuable resources in the form of:
  • An online Self-Checklist which highlights simple changes in their parents’ usual behaviour such as using the toilet too frequently or avoiding outings where toilet facilities are not easily available; these could indicate they are trying to cope with incontinence. Children are encouraged to take a look at the checklist for themselves, in order to be more aware and take note of these changes in their parents;
  • The Caring 101 Handbook developed with input from a panel of medical experts, offers a helpful look at the changes that come with age, together with practical solutions on how best to care for aging parents;
  • Caring 101 Educational Videos for hands-on tips and advice from medical professionals so children can increase their knowledge and be empowered in their role as caregivers;
  • A toll-free helpline 1-800-88-9988 or Facebook chat option at TENA Facebook Page (available for assistance from 9AM to 5PM, Monday to Friday).

With this knowledge, family members are empowered to help, be it starting a conversation, purchasing absorbent pants or seeking medical advice, so that their loved ones can continue to do what they love most, without worries about incontinence holding them back from living freely and confidently.

For more information about the “Apa Khabar Mak Abah?” Campaign and educational resources, visit TENA Facebook Page or TENA Website. For a limited time only, participants who complete the “Apa Khabar Mak Abah?” Self-Checklist will get a TENA gift* that will help you on your journey in managing incontinence.

The New Revolution on 11street

11street, one of the leading online marketplaces in Malaysia, is seeing a new revolution that will further enhance the user shopping experience and make significant contributions to the digital economy in Malaysia. This transformation comes on the heels of a strategic partnership between 11street and PUC Ventures Sdn Bhd. This partnership aims to tap into a broader digital world with the ease of integration and interoperability across platforms that cater to the country’s growing e-commerce sector.

CEO of 11street, CHEONG Chia Chou said: “As everything in our world becomes digitalised, there is a need for a stronger e-commerce ecosystem where a customer’s physical digital journey can be fully integrated. Businesses are pushed to ride the wave of this rapid industry expansion to ultimately grow their businesses at a larger scale for better profitability and presence. The online marketplace in Malaysia can certainly be expected to grow at a swift speed in the coming years and the revamped 11street is reiterating our commitment to further contributing to the digital segment in our future plans.”

11street’s goal is to create a seamless and integrated customer shopping experience as well as to emphasise business development for their sellers that will increase their capability and capacity of running their businesses. Some of 11street’s key focus areas for the near future include:
  • Payment Options - As we move towards the cashless payment trend in Malaysia, more and more users are preferring online transfer and credit or debit cards as a payment method when shopping online. The revamped 11street will be implementing a variety of payment options including e-wallet services such as Boost and Presto that are both seamless and convenient to use.
  • Shopper Experience - To better enhance the site experience and address customers’ concerns in a timely manner, 11street will be rolling out a live chat function with in-house customer service for shoppers.
  • Logistics - As with any online business, logistics are a crucial aspect of ensuring an ecommerce business runs smoothly. 11street aims to help their sellers enhance their business operations to improve the speed, cost and quality of their product deliveries.
  • Mobile App - 11street will be introducing a new user-friendly mobile app with minimal hassle to make purchases with the growing array of payment options enabled within the app. The online marketplace is also looking into setting up an influencer and celebrity store that comes with product reviews for a holistic shopper experience.
  • O2O Commerce - 11street will also enable convenient e-voucher sales management for sellers as well as consumer-friendly and innovative methods of purchasing products online which include QR code purchases and redemption.
  • Official Stores - The online marketplace will also be re-launching official stores with enhanced features, look and feel to promote authenticity as well as supporting their sellers with after-sale service to draw in long-term customers.
  • Micro Social influencers - This added feature will boost promotional outcomes and create an effective promotion and rewards channel for sellers and businesses by leveraging on the community of micro social influencers.
  • Global Trade - 11street will support their sellers by taking measures to evolve into a hub for overseas buying and selling through cross border trade which will boost SME growth while introducing these sellers to a world of opportunities. 

CHEONG said: “We are really looking forward to the next phase of our growth and transformation as it focuses on continuously providing more benefits to both our customers and sellers. We want our customers to have the best possible experience when shopping with us and purchasing from highly efficient and trusted merchants. We are also dedicated to providing support to local sellers through development programs and upgrades to our system that will make running their businesses even smoother. This is a significant beginning for us and we’re excited to explore and push boundaries in e-commerce to better contribute to our digital economy.”

11street is kicking off their next phase with the launch of their Sayangi Malaysia Campaign that promises exclusive deals and awesome giveaways from August 6 to September 30. With the support of brands such as Abbott, Chicco, Dale & Cecil, Dettol, Mamy Poko, Mead Johnson, Nestle, Samsung, Senheng, Skechers, Super and Watsons, 11street customers can look forward to buy 1 free 1 deals and flash deals below RM61 on the online marketplace. Shoppers also have the benefit of product discounts of up to 88% and free shipping for all. 11street is also offering customers fantastic holiday and travel deals that are not to be missed out on. For more details, visit 11street website to find out more.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Happy First Anniversary of Melawati Mall

Melawati Mall is celebrating its first-year anniversary by thanking and rewarding shoppers with an exciting month-long “Spend & Win” shopping campaign with attractive prizes worth over RM180,000. Every RM500 with maximum of two same-day receipts spent at Melawati Mall from now till 26 August 2018 entitles shoppers to one lucky draw chance to win the grand prize of a Nissan X-Trail 2.5L worth RM150,000. Other prizes include family holiday packages to Langkawi and Penang.

To kick off the first-year anniversary activities, a launch event was held at the centre court of Melawati Mall earlier today that was attended by more than 200 retailers, business partners and members of the media. Among those present were key representatives from Sime Darby Property Berhad and CapitaLand, the joint-venture partners of Melawati Mall. It was also graced by YBhg. Yang Dipertua Tuan Haji Abd. Hamid Hussain, Majlis Perbandaran Ampang Jaya.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Quek Cham Hong, Chief Operating Officer (Integrated) of Sime Darby Property Berhad said: “Melawati Mall has brought about a much needed facelift to the township of Melawati, a 900-acre township that is undergoing an urban redevelopment initiative by Sime Darby Property. The mall fulfills the needs of communities in Melawati and the surrounding areas that have been underserved for a long time, as there was a high demand for a modern retail facility with quality offerings. Melawati Mall carries the Sime Darby Property hallmark by being conveniently accessible. Connectivity and accessibility is key with all of our developments.”

Mr Wilson Tan, Chief Executive Officer of CapitaLand Retail, said: “Opened in July last year, Melawati Mall represents a new milestone for CapitaLand’s journey in Malaysia. It is CapitaLand’s first greenfield mall in the country, developed jointly with our esteemed partner – Sime Darby Property, well known in the region as Malaysia’s leading property developer. Currently housing about 180 local and international brands, Melawati Mall has welcomed about 8 million shoppers since its opening a year ago. In addition to marketing promotions, such as Melawati Mall’s First Anniversary “Spend and Win” campaign we are launching today, we hope to introduce more digital initiatives – such as the mobile application of CapitaLand’s CapitaStar loyalty programme – to better engage our shoppers and help retailers do more business.”

Aside from the “Spend & Win” shopping campaign, there are various activities and performances that will be held every weekend at the centre court throughout the month-long period. Shoppers will be enthralled by the various performances such as brass bands and Capoeira performances while children will be in awe from the antics of fire eaters, clowns and street magicians. There will also be the appearances of local radio station Hot FM’s Zoomers and shoppers can take part in the games that will be held to win prizes and shopping vouchers sponsored by Melawati Mall’s tenants.

Concurrently, there is also a hashtag #MMCelebrates campaign whereby shoppers who are handy photographers with their smartphones can post their best creative selfie/ wefie pictures incorporating elements of the Melawati Mall’s signature colours of orange, red and green with the hashtag #MMCelebrates onto their own Facebook and Instagram accounts. The ones with the most creative pictures stand to win cash vouchers.

Participating tenants such as U.S. Polo Assn., Rina Salleh Clothing and Young Hearts have joined in the celebratory festivities by sporting Melawati Mall’s signature colours on their window displays. Other tenants such as like Next, NY Steak Shack, Pizza Hut, Wayback Burgers and many more are offering various month-long promotions on specially curated products such as tri-coloured shirts, desserts or drinks.

Shoppers can also visit Melawati Mall and enjoy RM5 off limited to 10km radius around Melawati Mall on rides via e-hailing platform Grab from Mondays to Thursdays from today until 31 August using the promo code “MMCELEBRATES”.

To commemorate the end of the month-long first-year anniversary and in celebration of Malaysia’s 61st National Day, a special concert will be held on 31 August 2018. This concert is free to the public and begins from 12:00 noon. Several popular local artistes such as Sufian Suhaimi, Siti Sarah, Juztin Lan and popular band Masdo that will be performing their hits at Melawati Mall. The winners of “Spend & Win” shopping campaign and the selfie/ wefie contest will be announced on that day. These winners will also get a chance to get up close and personal backstage with these celebrities. 

Congratulation to Melawati Mall to celebrate their 1st birthday on July 2018. I was happy to shopping at Melawati Mall where you can refer my previos post HERE. Thanks for the great Mission Imposible 6 movie that we watched at  GSCMelawati Mall. Let's go Shopping and enjoy at Melawati Mall.
For more details, please refer to Melawati Mall official website or Melawati Mall facebook Page.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

The Orton-Gillingham Approach - Dyslexia Intervention Parenting Talk

I am happy that to have a change to attend "The Orton-Gillingham Approach - The Global Reference for Dyslexia Intervention" parenting talk with a group of parents at Altuz Academy. The talk is conducted by the fonder of Altuz Academy, Dr. Choy Su-Ling. It really make me understand and know what is mean by Dyslexia and to check is my kids have this problem. The center is going to help the parent that with Dyslexia kids where they have reading and recognized words problem.

The lack of expert instruction and proper intervention to rectify the reading problems of dyslexic children before they fall behind in traditional schooling can lead to irreparable harm, low self-esteem and a widening gap that becomes increasingly difficult to close.

This has negative societal implications and it is a crucial responsibility of parents to ensure that their dyslexic children are able to read proficiently to ensure their quality of life.

The Orton-Gillingham Approach, the highly structured evidence-based approach to teaching reading and recognized by the International Dyslexia Association (IDA), is now available in Malaysia with the opening of Altuz Academy, a premier education centre for dyslexia intervention.

All academic language therapists at the academy receive the vigorous training and supervised practicum accredited by the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators (AOGPE) and IDA.

"It is critically important that remedial specialists, educators and teachers working with dyslexic students be vetted, highly trained in an evidence-based approach with oversight and accountability. Literacy training should be comprehensive, accredited by an international organization and include a supervised practicum period. There should also be ongoing professional development for the sake of the children whom they work with," said founder of Altuz Academy, Dr. Choy Su-Ling.

Dr. Choy, together with centre manager Yap Jo Ling, created history in the international dyslexia community by being the fist two AOGPE-trained academic language therapists from Malaysia. They will continue to be observed and audited by the AOGPE to meet and maintain the high standards of teaching.

For more information, please visit Altuz Academy Facebook or call 603-2389 2265.