Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Yu Xie Be With Us 2010 Concert

Show : 2010娱协奖跨乐星光新人街头拉阔演唱会
Date : 1st August 2010
Time : 7pm - 10pm
Venue : Cheras Leisure Mall streets

I got 4 tickets that mail to my house and i just go to watched the show. At the very beginning, i taught it will be seat provided since i won the vip tickets, but all people are stand there to watched. i voted for the team of new single i like then went inside to watched the show. It started a bit late and it's seems going to rain and this concert is open door. My friends and me watched few songs performed then we left the spot because too many people and too tired to stand long hour. We went enjoy our dinner after this.

The hosts are wearing the Chinese classic costume. The new singers are separated to four group and they take turn to present team by team on the stage. They all are wearing their team costume. The team that won or get the more votes that day will be present on the exact day of the Yu Xie Award at Genting this November.

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