Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Mobile Dinosaur Kingdom Theme Parks at Setia Ecohill, Semenyih Press Conference

It's going to have the raise of the fun of dinosaur this coming June school holiday. The movie "Jurassic World : Fallen Kingdom" will be on cinema this coming June 2018. All the Dinosaurs lovers and fans, apart from watching the movie. You may spend time and bring your family and friends to enjoy the fun at Dinosaur Kingdom theme parks at Setia Ecohill, Semenyih bought to you by Themepaktu ( theme-park-to-you).

I am glad to attend the press conference of Dinosaur Kingdom at Club 360, Setia Ecohill, Semenyih. Mr. Shas Fung is explaining how he with his friends come out this concept where they only start with only 2 dinosaurs for wild life tour in Aug 2017 and now is the full-scale production with 25 animatronics dinosaurs live show performance.

From left to right_ Berlin Lu, Justin Yee, Shas Fung _ Bobby Tan, Co-Founders of Themepaktu (Dinosaur Kingdom)

A simple few minutes of live shows was happening in the press conferences. 2 big dinosaurs and a baby dinosaur are appear in the conferences make all the guest excited.

I feel great to be able to capture a photo with one of the dinosaur. Looking forward for the opening on 14 June 2018. I am planing to bring my kids and family to experience it soon.

Dinosaur Kingdom is the first dinosaur themed pop-up them parks in Malaysia. It consists of 5 main elements:
  • Live shows - a 40 minutes dinosaur wild park thrilling live performances of dinosaurs. There are 4 showtimes per day. 
  • Interactive activities and attractions - There are more than 25 attractions in the park whereby both parents and kids could enjoy together. Unique dinosaur parade performances will be shown too. There are 25 animatronic dinosaurs are ready to interacts with you from time to time in the park. Cool!
  • Games -   Climbing Pterosaur's nest, Riding a Dinosaur Bumper Boat, challenge the Raptor Maze, Baby Dinosaur Trail, Racing Raptor, Hunters Paradise, Drift Island, Triceratops Train, The Swamp, Fossil Dive, 5D cinema and many more! Try it yourself. 
  • Food and beverages - Yummilicious dino bites and foods will be served inside the park as well.
  • Dinosaur merchandise - There are varieties of Dinosaur items or merchandise you may purchase from there as well.

The objectives of Themepaktu's is to create an impact content to the visitors for a lasting memory after visiting the park. The operation hours of the park is from 12:00 noon to 10.30 pm Daily start from 14 June 2018 until 8 July 2018. There will be few more locations of the theme park in the pipeline after Setia Ecohill, Semenyih.

Don't miss out and let's enjoy the dinosaur adventure with your love one in this coming school holiday! The entrance fee is only RM30 per person. You can purchase 10 tokens with just RM50 to play the games. Family package for 4 entrance tickets just RM100.

For tickets purchasing, you can purchase physically at the Dinosaur Kingdom entrance or purchase online at Themepaktu website or Themepaktu mobile apps.

For more information, you can refer to Themepaktu website or Themepaktu Facebook.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Learning Revolutionised by Fisher-Price

From the moment they are born, children have a natural inclination to explore the world around them. How do they do that? Largely through play. If play is such a naturally occuring window through which kids see the world, it follows that the kind of toys they play with will have a large impact on the kind of play they get to participate in. This is the topic that Fisher-Price set out to explore at their event titled “Learning Revolutionised,” overseen by Dr. Deborah Weber, Director of Early Childhood Development at Fisher-Price .

Educational toy-maker, Fisher-Price has been at the forefront of developments in toys since the company was formed in 1930. While the team of adults there have proven to be wholly committed to developing toys that are safe, durable, and high-quality - there is no better way to ensure those toys will be fun than to ask the consumers themselves: children. This is where Fisher-Price’s Play Lab comes in. The Play Lab research facility puts observational research at the centre of its design strategy. Over the years, it has seen more than 127,000 babies and pre-school children and 1,700 parents through toy trials.

“The ability to observe how children play has been instrumental in allowing us to create toys that they love,” explained Dr. Weber. “Play Lab allows us to determine the age-grade for our products - ensuring that Fisher-Price is creating toys are both appropriate and enriching for developing children.”

Dr. Weber discussed the development chart that Fisher-Price uses to group their toys. She shared about why it is important for parents to an age-appropriate play guide as play can help facilitate their children’s growth. While the stages of development are a good reference for parents, Dr. Weber stressed that it cannot be taken at face value - that all children develop at their own pace and reach milestones at different times.

This could not have been a more timely reminder in our technologically advancing world. It isn’t uncommon to see young children at a dinner table with a smartphone or tablet propped in front of them while the adults at the table chat or do the same. Gadgets are undeniably effective as devices of distraction, but healthy parameters do need to be set. Dr. Weber provided some useful tips that parents could apply in managing gadget time for their kids: review content appropriateness, limits on gadget time, and ensuring that there are periodical breaks between each session.

On the topic of technological advancements, Dr. Weber highlighted the growing importance of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) method in today’s early childhood development. The STEM method puts an emphasis in active and systematic thinking - sharpening critical thinking and problem solving skills. It plays a large role in preparing children to build globally competitive characters, ready to take on a wide range of technical and creative careers in the future.

With the intention to meet the growing need for an early STEM education, Fisher-Price presents the Think & Learn line of toys that combines STEM methods and technology-based learning systems. Dr. Weber demonstrated how one of these toys, the Code-A-PillarTM, works to do exactly this. The toy features 9 easy-to-connect segments that preschoolers can arrange and rearrange to “tell” the toy how to move: forward, left, right, wiggle, dance or even wait for a couple seconds before moving again. Kids start the Code-a-pillarTM at point A and figure out how to get it to move to destination point B through sequencing.

Dr. Weber emphasised “Every parent wants to give their children the best possible start in life. It is important that throughout the process, parents are also involved in play time, witnessing their child’s early development first hand. In a technologically changing world, it is becoming more crucial for children to develop problem solving skills and what other way to best develop this skill then through play! When kids are busy playing, they are building more than preschool learning: they are building the foundation to grow into big thinkers.”

With Fisher-Price at the helm of a very exciting developments in play time, parents can rest easy, knowing that their kids are in good hands. For more information, check out their Fisher-Price Facebook page and Fisher-Price website.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Embrace your Individuality with Schwarzkopf by #createyourstyle

120 years, Schwarzkopf is a name synonymous with quality, reliability, expertise and innovation in the hair care, colour and styling industry. Schwarzkopf runway is the birthplace of many styling trends throughout the years. This year, the brand takes a step away from conventional beauty stereotypes and embraces diversity and individual expressions of style, fashion and beauty.

The #createyourstyle campaign embraces individual styles and urges users to have the confidence to wear your favourite style in the best way. Or even, a non-styled; wake up hair style that says “So what? It’s me and I love it”. In this context, Schwarzkopf sets the stage for a clean and healthy head of hair with ever reliable products such as the Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hydro Collagen Shampoo, Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hydro Collagen Conditioner and Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hydro Collagen Express Repair Spray. The rest is all up to you. The possibilities are endless, really!

At the launch event held in Talent Lounge, 3 top Malaysia influencers got to flaunt their favourite styles and share personal stories about their hairstyle of choice.

Sharifah Eleen Al-Baity loves wearing her hair in loose, carefree styles that are easy to achieve and reflects her wanderlust and free-spirit.

Local celebrity, Mawar Rashid, is a fan of simple, elegant hair styles. “A timeless hairstyle is very flattering and looks good at any angle; perfect for someone who needs to be photo-ready at any moment.” said Rashid during the event.

Emma Shazleen, mother of three young boys is a big fan of the high bun. The self-professed petite lady favours the look as it is practical, yet high fashion. Not to mention, it adds some height to her 5-foot frame!

With the help of Schwarzkopf’s hair care and styling products, the ladies got to achieve the best version of their favourite hair styles.

“With hair that is well taken care of, it is so much easier to style your hair however you want. We are honoured to be able to deliver attainable products with the reliability and quality synonymous with the Schwarzkopf brand that everyone can enjoy. Our Extra Care Hydro Collagen range has Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen complex that infuses moisture deep into the hair and locks it in for longer, so that your hair can look shinier and feel softer in whatever style you chose to rock!” said Mr. Sam Wong, General Manager of Vast Diversified, exclusive distributor for Schwarzkopf Hair Care Malaysia.

Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hydro Collagen range consists of:

  • Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hydro Collagen Shampoo - Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hydro Collagen Shampoo, offering daily cleansing for normal to dry and coarse hair. Restores the optimal moisture balance, resulting in healthy re-hydrated hair that shines. The state of the art pH 4-5 formula with Marine Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid optimizes moisture absorption and retention, making hair tangibly smoother and shinier.
  • Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hydro Collagen Conditioner - Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hydro Collagen Conditioner, providing just the right balance of re-hydration for normal to dry and coarse hair.Long lasting hydration and 72-hour smoothness effect.Perfect combability for lustrous shine.

Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hydro Collagen range of hair care products are available at selected Guardian and Watsons outlets nationwide. They retail from RM18 to RM35. For more information, please refer to Schwarzkopf website and Schwarzkopf facebook page.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

CENDANA and MATRADE Announce Collaboration to Enchance Soft Industry Exports

The Cultural Economy Development Agency (CENDANA) and Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE) will be collaborating to provide opportunities for Malaysian artists and practitioners to tap into their respective programmes, facilities and networks to grow the exports of the Malaysian arts and culture sector.

The collaboration will among others, facilitate greater access for the local arts and culture community to CENDANA's newly announced Mobility Funding Programme as well as MATRADE's export promotion funding programmes such as Market Development Grant (MDG) and Services Export Fund (SEF) if they qualify according to the set criterias.

The Mobility Funding Programme provides support to local artists to present high-quality works that express and enrich Malaysia's artistic diversity, as well as increase arts appreciation and participation in Malaysia or aboard. It also supports local artists to participate in international festivals, exhibitions, trade fairs, biennales, conferences amongst others in addition to supporting our artists to nurture relationships with a view of developing new markets and audiences for their work.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of MATRADE, Ir. Dr. Mohd Shahreen Zainooreen Madros, the national trade promotion agency has always supported the development of the local arts industry and promotion of Malaysian art expression internationally through its global network.

In the past recent years, MATRADE has actively involved in promoting Malaysia arts in major cities of London, Melbourne, Shanghai and Miami. MATRADE has 46 offices worldwide. For the past 5 years, Malaysia has exported RM14.6 million worth of visual arts such as paintings, drawings & sculpture and these arts were exported mainly to Switzerland, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, USA and UAE.

"Together with CENDANA, our facilitation can be a catalyst for local companies to export and strengthen their footprint overseas," he added. Some of the areas where MATRADE can assist include identifying industry opportunities as well as provide advisory services to the Malaysian companies intending to export their products or services.

During the joint press conference, Izan Satrina Dato Mohd Sallehuddin, Founding CEO fo CENDANA said "Malaysia is a country that has an abundance of great art and beautiful stories to share with the world. However, many artists may not have the necessary tools to respond to opportunities extended to them. So, today is a great step forward where not only do we as CENDANA play a role in enabling the artists, but we are able to Synergise these efforts with government agencies like MATRADE to benefit a wider arts and culture community. The Mobility Funding Programme looks at small to mid-scale touring work from performing arts, visual arts and independent music, focusing on local and international platforms that improve access to high-quality Malaysian art." Call for applications open on 25 April 2018 via CENDANA's website

YBhg Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah, Secretary General of Ministry of Tourism and Culture graced the joint press conference and acknowledge the returning 7 member Malaysian delegation that travelled to the Australian Performing Arts market at Brisbane, Australia in February 2018. YBhg Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah also applauded Koe Gaik Cheng, a Malaysian arts administrator that was selected after a competitive call for application to be attached with the Adelaide Festival Centre from July 2018. The Adelaide Festival Centre currently presents the OzzAsia Festival, Australia's premier international arts festival that is focused on Asia.

Through the initiative, the Malaysia delegates ranging from performance artist and playwright director, to contemporary Malaysia gamelan ensemble and a group of multi-instrumentalists were able to promote and showcase their works at the APAM and resulted in opportunities to perform in Germany, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, Japan, Hungary among others. Koe Gaik Cheng will return form her attachment and share her leanings with the local communities.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Seafoods Review at Just Seafood Sunway Giza Mall

I like to eat seafoods and I am happy that I was invited to do a food review at Just Seafood, Sunway Giza Mall. Just Seafood is located at A-9-G, Sunway Giza Mall, Jalan PJU 5/14, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, 47810, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

When I reached the place, the environment is great and it is really a nice place to eat and chit chat with family and friends. This is the fist time i saw all the seafoods was actually poured on the table in front of me. It was my first experience to just grab any seafood right from the table to put in my mouth. 

As you know the easier way to eat seafood is using our hand because it is hard to use spoon or fork to remove the seafood's shell. How caring that Just Seafood allow all of us to enjoy the seafood using our hand without worrying to remove those hard shell.

The first seafoods served is call Creamy Durian Seafood. If you like durian, definately you will love this so much.  The sauce really taste delicious and great. I like it so much. After finish the seafood, I still using the bread to dip in the sauce to eat.

You can see the seafoods are full of crab, prawns and oysters. This is the first time i eat so many seafoods with so many people together. Seafood's lover you can't miss this! 

The second seafoods are my favourite because I like salt egg so much. Golden Salted Egg Seafood was served next with the same methods that poured on the table. We are really excited to finish it and I like it so much. 

There are also other sauce available such as Nasi Lemak Cajun Seafood and Cajun Seafood. You may order for 2 pax, 4 pax or 8 paxJust Seafood also serves quick meals for lunch. Their are especially well-known for their Nasi Lemak seafood series.

The Special of Just Seafood is delicious Seafood shall be cooked from a fresh catch. Flavourful seafood utilizes many ingredients to give the seafood a unique depth of flavour. Dining at Just Seafood is the best place to indulge delicious, flavourful seafood right from the table to your mouth. For more information, please refer to Just Seafood Facebook or call 012-229 0855.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Dorsett Putrajaya #Bismillah Buka Puasa Feast at Citra Rasa

Dorsett Putrajaya celebrates togetherness in style with special highlights of 500 local cuisines served alongside a lavish Durian Buffet and succulent Barbecued Venison.

The offer will not be complete without a myriad of truly Malaysian and international fare prepared by the Executive Chef - Chef Shamsul Rizal and his team. Treat your palate to the sumptuous spread of authetic "kampung style" delicacies, live-cooking hawker stall favourites with aromatic home-cooked Malaysia delights. 


Dishes such as Nasi Kerabu, Laksam Kelantan, Pulut Pisang and Aga-agar Seri Kaya, the luscious Kerutup Daging, Udang Galah Percik, Sup Tulang Rusuk, Patin Tempoyak, Siput Sedut Goreng Cili, Puluk Ubi Masak Lemak atop sweet endings of During Buffet and assorted Bahulu Tradisi, amongst others will be available to tickle the taste buds.

Live traditonal music performance -Issma & Sri Mawar Band will perform nightly. The buffet  is RM138 nett per person (Adult) and RM78 nett per person (Senior Citizen and Child). Complementing the #Bismillah Buka Puasa Feast, Dorsett Putrajaya has also extended 2(TWO) special offers for fellow business and leisure travellers with the Ramadan Room Deals. 

Iftar With Drosett
Stay with Dorsett Putrajaya this Holy Month! Room rates from RM380 nett per room night inclusive of breakfast/ Sahur and #Bismillah Buka Puasa Feast.
Booking period : 3 Apr -  13 June 2018
Stay period : 18 May - 13 June 2018

Ramadan Special
Discover the spirit and tradition of his festive season while staying with us. Enjoy the exceptional great room deal from RM280 nett per room night inclusive of breakfast or Sahur. 
Booking period : 1 Apr - 14 June 2018
Stay period : 14 May - 14 June 2018

For reservation, please call +603 8892 8388 or email to
For more information, please visit Dorsett Putrajaya website or Dorsett Putrajaya Facebook

Iftar Ramandan RHR Hotel at UNITEN - Semarak Ramadan

Celebrates the seasons of generosity and togetherness with RHR Hotel at UNITEN whom prides itself on being a prominent landmark along the expressway to Putrajaya. Strategically located, the hotel is easily accessible from both the Kuala Lumpur City Centre and the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). The Jupiter Coffee House features both indoor and Garden Terrace for al fresco dining surrounded by greenery and overlooking the lake.

This Ramadan the Jupiter Coffee House's will continue to emphasize on the concept of traditional "Semarak Ramadan" with an offering of an extravagant buffet spread of with over 200 different dishes and 21 action stall every night.

A wide spectrum of mouth-watering gastronomic Halal delights prepared to perfection by our professional chefs includes Charcoal Roasted BBQ Lamb (Kambing Panggang) and  Special Steamed Coconut Milk Rice with Panda Leaves, Aromatic Spices Rice (Nasi Bariani Roket), Spicy Rice Noodles in Special Fish Soup (Laksa Buyung), Spicy Egg Noodles in Crabmeat Soup (Mee Ketam), Poached Egg with Special Coconut Curry (Masak Lemak Telur Itik), Spice Herbal Soup ( Sup Aneka "GEARBOX"), Thick Durian Paste In Coconut Milk (Serawa Durian), Traditional Rice Porridge (Bubur Lambok), Boiled Glutinous Flour Stuffed with Palm Sugar and Coated with Granted Coconut (Onde-Onde), Ice Cream, Pop Corn and many more.


RHR Hotel  at UNITEN buffet promotion runs from 18th May 2018 until 12nd June 2018 at RM69 nett for adult and RM35 nett for children. Price subject to 6% of GST. Special discount for senior citizen 60 years old at 30% during this Ramadhan promotion.

For reservation kindly contact +603 8922 2088 ext. 8036 / 8013 or email to

For more information, please refer RHR Hotel Website or RHR Hotel at UNITEN Facebook.