Friday, September 3, 2010

CLINIQUE Star Tour 2010

Event : CLINIQUE Star Tour 2010 with CLEO
Venue : Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur
Date : 4th July 2010 Sunday
Time : 10 am
Purchase a RM30 vouchers and receive:
-Custom fit consultation by CLINIQUE experts
-Makeup by CLINIQUE makeup experts
-Hair styled by Salon Esprit
-Fashion photo by a professional photographer
-Door gift worth RM130

I go there with my sister and friend around 11 somethings. the girl ask us to fill in the form then we purchase the voucher. It was a bit raining a the beginning, then it's stop. we are getting the number and waiting for our turn to do the consultation, makeover, hair do and photographer. This is the photo while I'm waiting to be transform later. The CLINIQUE expert is consult me regarding their product before my turn to do the makeup. She just explain my face is a bit lack of hydrating and recommend me to use some hydrating skincare product.

By waiting around 20 minutes, it is my turn to do the makeup by the make up expert from CLINIQUE. All the cosmetic is provided by CLINIQUE. The makeup artist is very nice and concentrate to do the make up for me. She just ask me which color template of eye shadows i prefer and i just choose a color i like which is pink.

After finish make up, i am going to do my hair. The hair stylist is from Salon Esprit. She just help me to perm my hair to really curry since my original hair also curry. I like the hair style so much and it make me look great.

This is me after finish the makeup and hairdo and waiting my turn to take the photograph by the photographer. He is really professional and teaching me to posing. All the photo he took are nice but i only can choose 1 to print out and the rest you can purchase with RM30 for 10 photos.

This is the final photo that i choose to print out and keep it myself. it just look really nice and awesome. I like it so much!

After taking the print out of my photo, i am going to get my door gift from the CLINIQUE counter.Guess what i get! A small goodies bag which include : mini CLEO magazine, RM50 voucher form Esprit Salon, 1 CLINIQUE liptick and 1 skin reactive CLINIQUE sample.

I enjoy so much in this events and hope that CLINIQUE will organize more of this type of event in the future....^_^

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