Friday, September 3, 2010

Astro Ready to Fly Audition

Event : Astro Ready to Fly Auditon
Date : 6 June 2010 (Sunday)
Time : 10am - 3pm
Venue : LG 2, Blue Wing Sunway Pyramid

This is the audition organize by astrolife for the game show call "Ready to fly". They set up a stage to play the game and there are also booth to play mini games that will giveaway astro merchandise. I throwing the ball and get an astro goodies bag with the toy and botol inside. The toy i have give it to my nephew so i can show it here. The botol i already use it and at my office now. This event are held 2 days Saturday and Sunday. I'm only going for the sunday session but i meet a people there said she are coming for both days.

There is a long queue to register for the entry to play the game. I just register there and try my luck. Just a while my turn to go to the stage. The host while i'm playing the game is Emily at that time. I just press the button and i get a quite high number which is 1173. They will only select the Top 100 to play the 2nd rounds in order to determine the Top 70. I am always in the Top 40 all the time until they announce the close of 1st rounds.

I go lunch first with my boyfriend and come back for the 2nd round. In the 2nd round, thet will only select 70 out of 100 in order to go in the studio for shooting the actual game at astro. This time the actual host for ready to fly 萧慧敏 Hui Mei reached the spot. I meet her at the toilet and she is nice while talking photo with me. We need to go up to the stage again and press the button for the second time and this time you have chance to choose wheather you want to press yourself or let other people to press.

Since my score is quite high, i choose to let other people which is less point to press. However, another candidate which is quite high score as well ask me to press. I got no choice and need to press the button for the second time. Luckly i didn't get any same number and my score increase to 1439. That's it and finally i'm in the Top 70 and able to go in the studio for the "Ready to Fly" game shooting Episode 9. Thanks Astrolife!

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