Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mr. Charming & Miss Gorgeous MYHM Makeover Contest

Event : Mr. Charming & Miss Gorgeous MYHM Makeover Contest
Venue : Mid Valley Exhibition Center (MVEC)
Date : 24th October 2010 (Sunday)
Time : 11am - 1pm

I am happy to know that i am one of the Top 10 finalists of Mr. Charming & Miss Gorgeous MYHM Makeover Contest after i received a call from the staff. I am really happy and excited to know the news. I need to go Mid Valley on Sunday around 10.30am to enjoy a free makeover and prepare myself for the contest. When i reach Mid Valley around 10am, i am having breakfast with my friends before go to the exhibition hall. I am really shock to see that our poster are posted in front of the entrance of the hall. When we reach the exhibition hall around 10.30am, the staffs bring us go into the exhibition hall and their booth.

The makeup artist start to arrive at the booth and start doing the makeup for me. She really have a lots of make up tools inside her box. That is me before makeup and at the end i can't recognise myself after her magic make up. She put a mix of purple and black eye shadow on my eye and a long eye lashes for me. She tight my hair high and extend my front hair with cute fake hair. You can refer my picture after make up which look really different and awesome. I like that, it make me looks cute and great. I am taking picture with my make up artist, she is pretty and young.

After finish the hairstyling and makeup, we are told that we need to complete our makeup and cat walk on the stage. I am a bit nervous and the staffs are doing rehearsal with us what we suppose to do on the stage. First, all the contestants are arrange to sit on the chairs on the stage to finish up the lipstick and brushes make up. After that all the contestants need to do cat walk to the front stage with 3 poses, so the judges will gave marks in order to chosen who to be Mr. Charming & Miss Gorgeous .

A lot of audience are looking on me when I'm on the stage. We are told to go down the stage while waiting for the result from the judges. After 10 minutes, all of us are invited to go up the stage again to wait for the announcement of the results. All of the contestants are so nervous and happy to wait for the results. My name is call number three and all of us receive consolation prizes. One Mr. Charming and one Miss.Gorgeous are chosen. Congratulation to them.

After the contests, i already making friend with few of the contestants and we are taking picture together to celebrate the prizes we won and the experience for the contest even we are not won. All of us look different, confident and charming after the makeover contest. For me, it is not important to win or lose, the most important is we enjoy the contest and gain experience, meet new friends and have some goodies. It is really an unforgettable experience for me to take part on the makeover contest. ^_^

Let see what prizes i get from the contest :
Yummy crown necklace x 1
Drinking water x 1
Aery jo lip gloss x 1
Aery jo makeup base foundation x 1
Aery jo facial & make-up remover wipes x 1
spans x 1
Aery jo Free make up service x 1
Modeling Beauty magazine x 1
Ginvera skincare samples x 1
Bio-essenes skincare samples x 1
be skincare samples from modern beauty x 1

I am happy to win the prizes and now i am wearing the crown necklace from yummy. I like it so much.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Schwarzkopf Kill Routine with Judy Lin

Event : Schwarzkopf Kill Routine with Judy Lin
Venue: The Gardens hotel & residences the garden ballroom (level 5)
Date: 17th October 2010 ( Sunday)
Time: 11am - 1pm

I reached there around 10 something and i received a set of OSIS products as my door gifts after registration. There are coffee and drinks serving before i go inside the ballroom. They are already a lot of girls doing their hair inside the hall already. The schedule and programme for that day are as follow:
10.00 am : Registration
11.00 am : Welcome speech
11.10 am : Talk starts
12.30 pm : Q & A
1.00 pm : Talk ends

However the talk start around 11 somethings and end a bit late around 2pm. The talks start where the host is Hui Mei 慧敏 from Astro. There are 3 more guests Cleo 婧婷, Min Li 明丽 and 海其 Hai Chyi. This is the photo before all the guests are doing hair stying demo by Judy Lin. All of them will be a model for Judy Lin for the hair demonstration.

Judy is doing the hair styling demonstration for each of them. First, she demo how we can do hair styling for short hair like Hui Mei. After that, she demonstrate for long hair for Cleo with add on of fake hair and make her hair stand up with some tools and pin. Min Li is the third one to do a demonstration which how we still can do styling for a hair like a old barbie door with a lot of broken and baby hair. Last but not least, she is demo how to do a hair styling for guys Hai Chyi. She use all OSIS products and some hair accessories to make variety of hair styling for them. Judy Lin is playing magic on their hair to make them look more styling.

There is an Q & A session after finish all the demonstration. They are small giveaway where Judy and the Schwarzkopf consultants are asking few question to giveaway OSIS products and limited edition clip from Taiwan. A flower is presented to Judy Lin by the Schwarzkopf manger and all of them are taking a group photo. From the group photo. we can saw that all of them look really nice, smart, handsome, pretty after doing hair style by Judy Lin.

I am not miss the opportunity to taking picture with Judy Lin form Taiwan. She looks pretty with the hair style that she do on her own. She is really tall make me looks short in the photo.

The talks end around 2pm and i am really hungry lucky there are some foods and refreshments buffet provided outside for us to have eat. I am eat some pizza, mee hoon, muffins, snacks and drinks a cup of coffee. After fill up my stomach, it is my turn to go doing my hairstyling prepared by them.

The picture below showing my hairstyle before and after doing the hairstyling by them using the Osis product. When i walk to the CRES beauty salon with this hair style, the sale assistant asking whether i so my hair myself because it's looks good and nice. I like the hair style so much. Osis product won't make our hair hard which it is just looks natural. The products is also easy to wash out with water after you want to remove the hair style.

Let see a set of OSIS products that i got from the workshop :
Schwarzkopf BC hair + scalp shampoo x 1
Schwarzkopf Osis hold miracle volume x 1
Schwarzkopf Osis 4-play texture x 1
Schwarzkopf Osis curl me soft x 1

Thanks Mina and Schwarzkopf for organized this event allow me to learn to do my hair styling using the given products. This workshop really benefit me a lot and i learn a lot so next time i can do the hairstyling on my own. The event is being post on my event blog :

Hot 6th Anniversary Party

Event: Hot 6th Anniversary Party
Venue : Ministry of Sound, EUPHORIA, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa
Date : 15th October 2010 (Friday)
Time : 7pm - 3am

This event is actually co-hosted by Hot magazine and Fly Fm. It is to celebrate the 6th anniversary for hot magazine. The event is on Friday night so i came after work and it is just nice because i did not work on Saturday. I got 4 tickets for this events and i have 1 friend who is unable to join us last minute. When i reached EUPHORIA around 7 somethings. I registered at the counter and received a big red colour goodies bags. It is a long queue in front of MOS as there are free hair styling and free manicure for all the attendant. I am queueing in order to do the hair styling and manicure. The hair stylist is nice and do a nice hair style for me. I go and do the manicure after my hair styling and luckily i am the last one to do it before the party started around 9pm.

After finish the free hair styling service by REDKEN salon and free manicure by amante nail spa & beauty, I go in to enjoy the party and the performances. Some girls are playing games such as organized hot magazine cover and look for celebrities game. I am happy to know that there are free flow of drinks that provided to all the guest. There are 3 drinks we can choose from and all of them are taste very nice.

I enjoy the party with my friends 2 hours inside MOS and leaving around 11pm since we need to go out to have some foods. The party is cool and i am really enjoying with my hair style, manicure and the goodies bag. I am taking a picture in front of MOS before leaving.

Let's see what i get inside a big red paper bag :
DJ Sampler II CD x 1
FreshKon notebook x 1
Kotex sanitary box set x 1
Yogood cranberry&mango chocolate x 1
Nescafe Tarik x 1
REDKEN heavy cream x 1
The Body Shop moisture cream x 1
RMK samples ( skin tuner smoother, skin tuner light) x 1
RMK make up base x 2
Danai spa RM30 cash voucher x 1
FreshKon buy 1 free 1 voucher x 1
amante nail spa & body care discount voucher x1

I am so happy with a lot of goodies that given by hot magazine and the amazing party organize by them. Please refer my event page about this event:

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dreams Unlimited Fragrance Launch Event

Event : Dreams Unlimited Fragrance Launch Event
Venue : Fahrenheit 88
Date : 13rd October 2010 (Wednesday)
Time : 7pm - 9pm

This is the event for the dream unlimited fragrance launch by the body shop new opening at Fahrenheit88. I got an invitation to attend this event. I came after work since it is on weekday. I reach there around 7.30pm and my friends already waiting for me. We proceed to the registration counter and received a purple flower to wear on our hand.

We receive a few dream cards and a RM88 cash voucher from the registration counter. we fill in the the dream cards with our dream and pass it to the staff girl there. They will help us to hang the dream cards on the purple dream tree. The tree looks nice and great with all the dreams hanging around. There are drinks and snacks served unlimited for us who with the flower on hand. The drinks is the green colour fruit drinks and variety of snacks being served. I drink 3 glasses of water and eat few snacks.

There are few activities going on before the lancing ceremony started. A girl is playing a big music instrument and there are a lot of talk colourful dress up girl walking around for people to take picture. One of the free service provided there is the mystery card prediction. I am able to ask 1 question for the mystery card and it is quite accurate. Another activity is the sketches of portrait which i am unable to try it because of the long queue.

The launching and opening ceremony is begin with the cutting of ribbons by the involved parties. All the medias is busy taking picture while the guests cut the ribbons. After that all of us are allow to go in the new opening The Body Shop to shop for the items we want and use the RM88 voucher.

I walk around the shop and i am interested on the skincare where the vitamin C series is the most suitable for me. I bought a Vitamin C mask and a starter kit which include cleanser, toner,motorising cream and night cream using my RM88 voucher. It is really a good event and i enjoy so much with all the activities provided and the products i get from The body Shop.

Red Party

Event : Red Party
Venue : Ecoba Restaurant and Bar in Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya
Date : 12nd October 2010 (Tuesday)
Time : 7pm onward till late

This party actually is hosted by 3 parties Red Fm, GSC and Daily Chili. My invitation is from the GSC. I was rushing there after the pink shopping night and a bit late which i reached around 8pm. A lot of people already there and i am proceed to the registration counter. The girl give me and my friend a goodies bag and draw a red colour word "RED" on our body. Guess which part I'm getting them to paint the word? Answer please refer to the picture. @_@

Each of us are getting 2 free drinks at the Ecoba bar which we can choose a soft drinks or beer. There are some snack dessert serving around by the waiter.

The event was hosted by Red FM DJs, Terry, JD and Dilly.The event start with the belly dance and they are calling few attendees to play games after that. There are also lucky draw in between the performance and games.

I get my drinks and hanging around a little while there because i need to rush for the movie screening "The Other Guy" at 9.30pm same day. Before i left, i meet 2 celebrities that came to the party and i am able to have a snapshot with them. Belinda is very pretty and talk. Daniel a bit quiet but he very good in posing.

Sad to said that i cannot enjoy so much and stay longer because rushing for the movie show. I also didn't wait for the lucky draw as well.However i still happy to have the goodies bag.

Let check out what is inside the goodies bag ^_^
1 x RED bull drink
1 x Loreal cleansing gel
1 x RED movie ticket
1 x RED sticker
1 x 10% Austin Chase discount voucher

Thanks RED party!

ACP Magazines Pink Shopping Night!

Event : ACP Magazines Pink Shopping Night
Venue : East Atrium, Mid Valley Megamall
Date : 12nd October 2010 (Tuesday)
Time : 6pm - 10pm

This event is organized by ACP Magazine which we can get the pink shopping card at the following 4 magazines :

  • Bazaar
  • Women's Weekly
  • Cleo
  • Cosmopolitan

My pink shopping card is purchase together with the cleo magazine October issue. I went to Mid Valley around 5 something but the event venue already full with a lot of people with a long queue because the goodies bags are limited to first 500 readers who show up with the pink shopping card. The event start by the flash mod who are dancing in front. I am happy that able to become the first 500 readers and redeem the goodies bag from the staff. The Secret Recipe cupcake is available for the first 1000 readers and i am able to get 1. I like chocolate and it's taste good.

Let see what is inside the goodies bags! ACP really generous that give us a lot of products.

1 x Loreal slimguard sanitary
1 x Cosmopolitan paper bag
1 x Cosmopolitan recycle bag
1 x Liese hair-hydrating mist
2 x Herbal essense hair conditional;
1 x pen
1 x Salabianca D'Card
1 x Sasa nail colour
1 x Loreal caring shampoo
1 x Loreal white perfect facial foam
1 x Asience shampoo + conditional samples
1 x Bio-essence tri-action aqua boost sample set

That's not all, it's still a lot of things inside. Let see:

1 x Empro recycle bag
1 x Free eyebrow design voucher by empro
2 x Empro tissues
1 x Rainbow short pants
1 x Grabtree & Evelyn hand therapy discount voucher
1 x Kiehl's RM15 cash voucher
1 x bYSI 10% discount voucher
1 x Envee RM30 cash voucher
1 x Carlo Rino RM20 cash voucher
1 x Juice buy 1 get 1 free voucher
1 x T- joue recycle bag
1 x T-joue RM50 cash voucher

Finally i listed all the things inside the goodies bag. I have i pink walk card which need to get all the stamps and entitle for the redemption of another goodies bag. Since i am rushing to the second event which is the Red party so i am not able to stay longer to complete the pink walk challenge. However it is already a lot for me. Thanks ACP. Hope to see this event next year and more reward to the readers in the future.

More detail can go to my event blog: