Wednesday, October 26, 2016

‘Face Your Fears’ At Nights Of Fright 4 At Sunway Lagoon

October is an Halloween month, first time I am challenge myself to attend the launching of Nights of Fright 4 at Sunway Lagoon and experience the fears there.

As light gave way to darkness, Sunway Lagoon opened its gates to those who dared walk its grounds into the uncertainty of the night. From the 7th till the 31st of October, Nights of Fright 4 (NOF4) will bring visitors face to face with their fears as local urban legends, Hollywood icons, and a modern dystopian story are brought to life!

This year, Asia’s Best Attraction boasts, “FRIGHTS, FEAR, and FUN” through only the best horror themes surrounding Asia, Modern Dystopian, and Hollywood among others as it manifests itself to present a ghastly den of eight haunted houses, six scare zones, and 11 after-dark amusement rides.

Asian legends take center stage with a series of local and regional based myths that survived through silent whispers at midnight from one generation to another. Screams start with CHAONEI NO. #81 in UV3D: Beijing’s most famous haunted house as a tragic concoction of love forlorn and guilt possesses a promising Opera singer during her torrid affair with the husband of the house. 

The Asian themes continue with DIYU – JOURNEY OF JUDGEMENT. Take a walk and delve into the unknown realm where your journey to the next life is determined by walking through your fate on the bridge. Then, there is the ever familiar yet sinister MALAYA HIGH SCHOOL where a crime so horrific has taken place in the classroom upstairs. Explore and discover the debauchery that has since deemed tightly closed, until now!

In KEVIL HILL, there is a cold evil presented at the highest scare intensity through a chilly underlying aura as this Modern Dystopian world takes shape. Uncover a world which is a mix of cryogenically frozen zombies, brought to chilling half-life following a massive explosion in the mysterious Kevil Hill Cryonic Corporation headquarters.

For those into Hollywood legends, the world’s most famous ‘hantu-crew’ help you wind your way through a very spooky New York in THE GHOSTBUSTERS ADVENTURE LIVE! Indulge in your fears even further with encounters at HORRORWOOD STUDIOS. 

Rounding off the haunted houses is the spooky ANGOSCIA THEATER, a mix of fashion and fear, and of course, our own ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE celebrating everyone’s favourite undead.Navigating your way across Nights of Fright 4, stay on the lookout for an extensive range of characters wandering around the nocturnal playground and scare zones with many great opportunities for awesome photographs. I was able to take some picture with the "GHOSTS" there. Hehe....

So, be on the lookout for AH WING’S BUTCHER SHOP, a place still dripping with bloody revenge while, TANAH PERKUBURAN BUKIT LANG, is haunted by the screams of tortured souls. Other horrifying zones include THE LONDON FOG, KEVIL HILL TOWNSHIP, THE ZOMBIE WALK, and THE CLOWN COLLECTIVE. I was able to grab some blood for me to drink. akakaka...

For doses of fun in between scares and screams, hop on a plethora of fun rides, in a very special “after-dark” setting. Buckle up and take on favourites with a darker twist in CAROUSEL, APACHE POTS, PIRATE’S REVENGE, COLORADO SPLASH, TOMAHAWK, WAGON WHEEL, LOST CITY OF GOLD SCREAM COASTER, FUN FAIR, GRAND CANYON RIVER RAPIDS, BUTCH CASSIDY TRAIL and VULTURES.

There are a lot of celebrities being invited to attend the launch of Night of Fright 4. The MCee also wear like a ghost where we did not realized he actually come out from where.

Speaking at the launch of Nights of Fright 4, Sean Choo, General Manager of Sunway Lagoon said, “This is one of the most sought after events in our calendar and this year’s installment of Nights of Fright is the most exciting one yet. We have a new list of horrifying attractions that are inspired by a combination of popular Asian and international folklores that will send chills down your spine. The park will be opened on selected nights during this annual event encouraging everyone who dares journey through the many horrifying attractions during this spooky October.”

Lynton V. Harris, Chairman and Global Creative Director of The Sudden Impact! Entertainment Company said, “Our goal this year is to bring guests of Nights of Fright 4 face with their fears. We have incorporated a larger Asian theme to the attractions, which will engage and satisfy local horror fans. This, mixed with the scary nuance of Kevil Hill, and the Hollywood panache of the Ghostbusters Adventure, will ensure that NOF4 is the biggest Nights of Fright yet and is one you do not want to miss.”

Here the launch of "Night of Fright 4". (First to third from left): Sean Choo, General Manager of Sunway Lagoon, Calvin Ho, Senior General Manager of Sunway Theme Parks and Lynton V. Harris, Chairman and Global Creative Director of The Sudden Impact! Entertainment Company at the launch of Nights of Fright 4, Malaysia’s biggest and scariest Festival of Fear!

Nights of Fright 4 comes to life at 7:30pm to 11:30pm every Friday to Sunday from 7th to 30th October including 31st October 2016. Tickets are priced at RM 58 (normal price), RM 50 (student price), with exclusive promotions such as RM 120 (one admission Sunway Lagoon pass & one NOF4 ticket) and Buy 2 for RM 80 (entry dates only on Sundays).

We are being served by all the Halloween foods at the launching night. I really enjoy the night. Due to time issue, i was not managed to go though all the mentioned excitements. I hope i can come the second time. Let's come together to face your fears at Sunway Lagoon.

For more information, Please visit Sunway Lagoon Official Website or Sunway Lagoon Facebook.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Jessie Chung First English EP "There You Are" Launching

International artiste Dr.Jessie Chung, a Sarawak-born singer, attress, and entrepreneur, launched her first English EP “There You Are” recently at Dorsett Grand, Subang. Dr Jessie Chung’s EP will feature three songs “There You Are”, “Drive My Heart” and “Someplace Honest”.She has already taken on the Chinese market with great success. Spreading her wings further, this EP will be Dr Jessie’s launch pad for entry into the English market.

“I would like to dedicate this EP to both my father and my husband,” said Dr Jessie Chung. “I want to tell everyone that it is important to cherish your loved ones while they are still alive and I hope that, through my music, I am able to touch the hearts of many and get this message across.” 

Dr Jessie has released seven other albums, notably Home, Loving You, Message of Love from the Moon, Love in You, I Just Fall in Love Again, and Tearless Sky. Her single "Love in You" was selected as the theme song for the Korean TV series My Secret Garden in Taiwan. Jessie Chung’s last album rose to fourth place on the I Radio Top Hits Chart and 6th place on the Pop Radio Top Ten Music Chart in Taiwan, just within two weeks of her initial release. 

‘There You Are’ is produced by Andy James Court, a renowned Australian veteran musician who is known for his rock ‘n’ roll style during the early years of his career. He has won over thirty international music awards and was the recipient of the 2015 Song of the Year Award. The music video was filmed and produced by Elijah Cavanagh, a film director from Brisbane, Australia. 

Dr Jessie’s artist manager in Australia, Jonathan Timm said, “As her artist manager, I am privileged to work with her and to introduce her into the Australian market. I’ve listened to three songs in the album, and I love them. What’s really different about these songs are that they are big songs; like “anthems” played at stadiums, moving all those that sing along with it. As for the music video, I found the aesthetics clean and polished, and, of course, Jessie looks amazing in it. I think her fans are going to love it.” 
Mr Darren Choy, Managing Director of Warner Music Malaysia and Singapore said, “Warner Music is one of the world's leading music publishers and we represent some of the most established artistes in Malaysia. We are very proud to have also been Dr Jessie Chung’s distribution partner since her last Chinese album, “Tearless Sky”, and now once again for her EP “There You Are”

Choy continued, “I would like to highlight that the EP will be available on various digital platforms including iTunes, KK Box, Spotify, Deezer, Joox from 2 September 2016 onwards. We hope that you enjoy these songs as much as we did.” 

“There You Are” can be purchased digitally on iTunes and KK Box, and the album will be available in all NHF outlets nationwide. Get a copy of the EP today or download from iTunes.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Tommee Tippee PESU Bottle Review

I have heard the brand of Tommee Tippee before where my parent friend said that it is good and recommend for me to use for my baby.  I have seen it few times in the Baby Expo as well. However, I never try this brand yet.

Tommee Tippee is one of the most trusted and recognizable baby brands in the world, loved by babies and recommended by generations of parents. It supplies a wide range of essential feeding, soothing and hygiene products for babies. Tommee Tippee’s goal is to design intuitive, innovative, stylish products to help mum embrace and enjoy the roller coaster ride of bringing up her baby.

I am lucky that to have a chance to try out the Tommee Tippee PESU bottle for my baby. The breast-like nipple on the feeding bottles makes it much easier to switch between breast and bottle feeding. My little ones love the soft silicone nipple, and the compact ‘waisted’ design is easy for grown-up and tiny hands to hold onto. The super sensitive valve also reduces air intake, helping babies to ingest more milk and less air - making it the perfect choice for baby.

Why Tommee Tippee choose PESU material? It is because PESU is an advance grade of thermoplastic polymers known for their toughness and stability in high temperature, and can withstand a maximum temperature of 180°C where normal PP bottles can withstand up till 110°C only. Unlike normal PP bottles where parents are advised to change the bottle every 3 months, PESU bottles can be changed every 5-6 months due to its better durability. 

The bottle comes in a natural honey-colored tint too! I like the bottle design and the color. It is easy to handle while feeding my baby. My baby drinks the milk well and less vomit after using the Tommee Tippee PESU bottle. It made my feeding job more easy and convenient. I will continue using it and recommend to my parent friends as well.

The price of Tommee Tippee PESU bottle 150ml pack of 1 is RM90 and 260ml pack of 1 is RM99.55. You may find it in major baby retail stores like Mothercare and selected Aeon and Tesco. For more information about Tommee Tippee, please refer to Tommee Tippee Company Group Website, Tommee Tippee Website, Tommee Tippee  Facebook and Tommee Tippee  Instagram.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Free Jigsaw Puzzles Online

We love to play puzzles since we are kids. Good news for all puzzle lovers! You can play the puzzles for free online in this LINK. JSPuzzles allow you to solve all the puzzles online for free.

If you just want to have some fun stuff to do during your spear time such as weekend, waiting time at the counter, inside the LRT or waiting for someone. You can just log in to the site and choose any puzzle to play. You may play yourself or play it together with your kids.

JSPuzzles will have a new jigsaw puzzle every day! Start your morning with all the free unique puzzles. They will post a new puzzle with a different theme -Nature, Places, Animals, Scenery, Transportation, Buildings and many more daily!

Not only jigsaw puzzles, its also contain online learning games, word search puzzles, children puzzles, word puzzles and play scrabble online free. You may want to explore yourself to find out more interesting puzzle to solve. You are allow to choose the number of puzzle pieces for different level of difficulties . I am choosing 25 pieces and use around 7 minutes to complete it. 

It is really fun and easy to play. Let's take the challenge yourself!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

B & B Detergent and Softener Review

I am very grateful that I have been selected to review the B&B products. B&B also known as Baby & Basic is the most widely used brand among Korean moms for infant-related household products. B&B baby care products are free of harmful substances and made of natural ingredients only.  

I received a bottle of B&B fabric detergent 1500ml (RM52.90) and a bottle of B&B fabric softener 1500ml (RM52.90). The packaging is nice and well design with pink and white color. I like both of the smell so much where it was made of 7 natural extracts: fermented bean, willow tree, portulaca, cinnamon, oregano, cypress tree, root of skullcap. The list of extracts has antibacterial effects and protects the skin.

B&B fabric detergent contains Murumuru fruit grown in the Amazon that has a natural cleaning effect where no harmful chemicals such as preservative, SLS, SLES, fluorescence brightening agent, phosphate, and synthetase. The detergent has over 97% biodegradability that is Eco-friendly and safe for the skin to ensure no skin irritation after use. For more details of ingredients and direction of use, please refer HERE.

B&B fabric softener comes in floral Jasmine and Rose fragrance to aid baby in having better sleep. It contains antibacterial substances that prevent any germ propagation. It was S-mark awarded by Korean Chemical Synthesis Testing Lab. For more details of the ingredients and direction of use, please refer HERE.

I pour the B&B fabric detergent and the B&B fabric softener to wash all my baby and kids clothes in the washing machine. All the milk stain and food stain on my baby‘s clothes are totally being removed. The clothes really clean, soft and it smell good as well.

As a mother, we have a lots of baby and kids clothes need to wash daily especially their saliva, milk and food are all around the clothes. Sometime, they vomit or pees on the pillow or bed sheet. Choosing a good detergent and softener is really important. I think this is a very good brand for me. I will use it from now onward after i have tested it.

My kids feel comfortable and happy to wearing the clothes. They also told me they like the smell of the clothes very much. Thanks to this lovely brand detergent and softener. They did not say their clothes smell bad, hard, skin uncomfortable and skin itch anymore.

I would like to recommend it to all my mother friends and readers. You can get it in major baby retail stores like Mothercare and selected Aeon and Tesco. For more details, please refer B&B website.

The Mermaid Share & Win Contest Winner Announcement

 Congratulation to the winner of my blog : 
Jack Wong

Prizes for winner:
1x RM50 Neway Voucher + CM Brand Campaign merchandise each(Tote Bag,Selfie LED Flashlight, Erasable Note Pad and Umbrella)
You will be contacted though email soon!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Dutch Lady 7-Day Milk @ Breakfast Challenge

Breakfast is important as it helps the body regulate itself after an overnight fast. Milk is a quick, protein-packed breakfast beverage. A balanced breakfast paired with milk is the backbone of a physically and emotionally strong family and advocating breakfast with Malaysia's No.1 milk : Dutch Lady Purefarm milk

Here is my one week 7 days of breakfast routine that pair with Dutch Lady Purefarm milk for your references.  I use to drink milk since i was a child and i will pair with the breakfast prepared by my parent. Now i am the one prepare it for my kids and me. An healthy breakfast let me full of energy to do all my work for a day.

Day 1 - Nasi lemak and a Dutch Lady Purefarm milk
Day 2 - A piece of mooncake and a Dutch Lady Purefarm milk
Day 3 - Homemade Kuey Tiew Soup with prawn and a Dutch Lady Purefarm milk
Day 4 - Honey-coated wheat and corn puffs breakfast cereal and a Dutch Lady Purefarm milk
Day 5 - Yee Mee soup and a Dutch Lady Purefarm milk
Day 6 - Homecook meehoon with egg and a Dutch Lady Purefarm milk
Day 7 - Porridge, salt egg with hotdog and a Dutch Lady Purefarm milk

Normally people like to drink coffee or tea in the early morning at breakfast. However, studies have shown that milk is the elixir our bodies need at breakfast. A glass of Dutch Lady Purefarm milk in the morning can help to provide at least 275mg of calcium. Not only that, milk contains a range of essential nutrients such as Manganese, Phosphorus, Selenium, Calcium, Protein and Vitamins C, D, A and B. Milk packs more punch than just calcium. Dutch Lady Purefarm milk is also rich with essential nutrients which some cannot generate by our bodies. An example Protein, which plays one of the lead roles in our growth and development, such as the buklding of bones, muscles, and tissue. Vitamin A is crucial for healthy eye function, Vitamin B2 supports cellular functions that transform food to energy, and Vitamin D3 aids absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

Studies show that many folks with lactose intolerance can tolerate up to 1 cup of milk and that it's even easier to digest when paired with another food. Milk contains about 85% water making it an effective thirst quencher after 8 hours of sleep, so it will be good we take it in the morning together with our breakfast.Malaysians are not getting enough calcium from their daily food intake. Nearly one in two children does not have adequate calcium intake, and the average intake of calcium among adults come up to less than half of our daily requirement.

Dutch Lady Purefarm milk is available at all major stores nationwide. For more information, please visit Dutch Lady Purefarm milk facebook page.