Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Top & Bottom《Mix & Match》By Mr.Lee

Event : 李佑群《MIX & MATCH》穿搭示范会
Venue : Top & Bottom Boutique,Dinasti Sentral, Jalan Kuchai Maju
Date : 21st September 2010 (Tuesday)
Time : 6pm - 8pm

I am happy to be invited by Mina magazine to attend the mix & match showcase that conducted by the stylist teacher from Taiwan Mr. Lee 李佑群. The talk is organized in the Top & Bottom boutique located ant Jalan Kuchai Maju.

I reached there around 6pm and Mr.Lee starting demo to mix and match dresses and accessories from the boutique to the 3 demo Missy girls chosen by the Mina magazine. He explained what we need to consider when we mix and match our cloths and show demo for correct and incorrect mix and match style.

The firs girl are asked to wear a different type of jacket to show which one is suitable for a girl that is short. She are asking to wear a shoe and a belt as well which is chosen by Mr.Lee. The second girl is asked to wear a belt, a jacket and take a bag that me the whole impression of sailor. the third girl is wearing a line strip shirt, Mr.Lee mentioned the point that we need to choose a line strip that suitable for us. She is asking to wear a scurf and belt as well. There are 2 attendant also chosen by Mr.Lee to do a demo on Mix & Match. That girl are called to wear a hat and jacket to make it look more nicer and stylist.

After demonstration for the girls is the time to take a group photo with the demo girls and the attendees. I am inside one of it if you are able to find out me in the picture below. Mr.Lee is really friendly and the showcase talk really beneficial me a lot to learn about the point need to be considered when we are choosing any apparel or accessories for mix and match.

After the group taking photo session, Mr.Lee are invited to sit at one of the corner of the boutique to conduct and interview by the magazine people regarding the showcase workshop or anythings about him. All the other attendees are taking the opportunity to shopping around the Top & Bottom boutique which will encounter us for 20% discount for all items purchased. I am not able to shop long because i am rushing my movie show Legend of The First: The Return of Chen at 9pm.

Before I left the workshop, Mina is giving away a free door gift for all the attendees that invited by them. I received 1 recycle goodies bag, 1 September issue Mina magazine, 1 20% Top & Bottom discount voucher and 1 Top & bottom towel. I enjoy the events so much and really gain a lot of knowledge in mix and matched. Thanks for Mina, Mr.Lee and Top & Bottom boutique.

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