Monday, July 25, 2011

OrganicAid Vitamin E Moisturizing Cream Product Review

I have received an OrganicAid Vitamin E Moisturizing Cream from YuberActive sent to my house last two week. Thanks YuberActive and the product is received in a good conditions. I just can’t wait to tried out this new product!

I have using and testing this product for about 2 weeks. Since it is a moisturizing cream, I feel creamy when I first put on my face. However, it is absorbed quickly to my skin after few minutes. This is happened due to the high moisture level in the cream. OrganicAid Vitamin E Moisturizing Cream is a gentle cream that contains natural Vitamin E to promote and maintain a healthy, radiant complexion. It provides fastest results in treating skin ageing and providing the right moisture balance to my skin.

After using the cream for about 2 week, I feel that it really keeps my skin moisture whole day long even I am explore to the sun or wind in the afternoon. My skin type is dehydrated previously, OrganicAid Vitamin E Moisturizing Cream have soothed and refreshed my dry skin with high moisture level now.By increasing the moisture level of my skin, I realize that it helps to reduce my fine line on my face as well. My skin looks smoother after using OrganicAid Vitamin E Moisturizing Cream. I am surprise that my skin texture being improved where my skin tone looks much healthier and balance compare to last time. One plus point to the product is the cream without chemical since it is Organic.

I really need a skin care product that can keep my skin moisture all day long to prevent more skin and ageing problem. Finally I found a product which is suitable for me. That is OrganicAid Vitamin E Moisturizing Cream. I am highly recommended all of my readers to try out this product!

Clinique Star Tour 2011

Clinique Star Tour 2011

The Clinique Star Tour is back for 2011. I have joined this event since last year. You can refer my blog about Clinique Star Tour 2010 last year in the link below:

I am glad that I have a chance to take part this year again. The location I am chosen is at Pavillion. It was a sunny Saturday where the sun is hot. However, it was a lot of pretty girls are coming to participate in this great event. The registration counter is full of people and all the girls need to purchase the coupon worth RM35 which entitled them for a skin analysis by Clinique expert, makeup by clinique artist, hairdo and photo shoot by professional photographer for Clinique Star Tour Competition. There are around 70 girls registered when I reached even it is still early in the morning. All the girls are given a number in order to wait for their turn to do the makeover.

First I am given consultation and analysis about my skin type and the beauty assistant help me to try the Clinique products on my face. She also gave explanations and even selected the products which is suitable for my skin type based on the form provided.

Skin Consulatation by Clinique BA

After the skin consultation, it is my turn to do my hair. They is not much style can be done to my hair since my hair is short. However, they able to give me a wile look of my short hair. I like it.

Hair Do

The Clinique makeup artist helped to put the make up for me using all the Clinique cosmetics. She is very concentrate and focus while doing makeup for me. After finish the makeup, I took a photo with her. Thanks to her nice makeup on me.

MakeUp by Clinique makeup artist

I just can’t wait to do the photo shooting after finish my makeover. We are allowed to choose one photo only to be uploaded to the internet. Here is my photo that taken during the Clinique Star Tour 2011.

My Photo for Star Tour 2011

We are asked to proceed to the sale counter located beside the Star Tour truck to redeem our door gifts. They are many Clinique products selling here and we are free to purchase as we want. When we redeem the door gifts, the beauty assistants are very friendly and explained to us about their product. They gave us the door gifts based on our skin type and also provided us some samples to try. Below are the door gifts and samples I received from Clinique Star Tour 2011.

Clinique Cosmetics

Door gifts & samples

I really enjoy and have a great experience in this event. I wish to join this event every year. If you wish to join as well, please refer the Clinique Star Tour Website for more detail.