Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Carlsberg Top Ten Charity Campaign Grand Finale

Event : Carlsberg Top Ten Charity Campaign Grand Finale
Venue : Level CP3 Sunway Pyramid Convention Center
Date : 2nd December 2010 (Thursday)
Time : 7pm

The tickets were post to my house. I not feeling well that day but my sister bring me to go see this event. We reach there around 7pm and there are drinks serving for the guest before we entering the hall. This party is to celebrate the great success of Carlsberg of his charity show performed around Malaysia throughout the whole year. The image of the artists that performing for the charity show are all showing standing outside the hall.

The show start after a while when we go in to the hall by the chinese grand flag dance performance and all the Carlsberg girls coming out which will serve the beer whole night to the guest. The host for that day is Mei Yan from MyFM and Lam Zhong Piau from astro.

The party continue with the speech from the president of Garlsberg and a opening ceremony by a few party to open a banner that stated they achieved the amount of RM348 million in the charity performance. It is follow buy a given cheque to all the charity associations such as old folk house and orphan house.

After that is the turn for the artist to perform group by group until the end of the party.Some of the local artists that perform are Wang Ming Li, John Wang Jun Yuan, Zhong Xiao Yu and most of the artist that go though the Carlsberg charity performance tour.

We went back around 9 somethings and we got some Carlsberg balloons to bring home. I'm not really enjoy so much because i am not feeling well. By the way, good show. Congratulation to Carlsberg achievement in doing the charity.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Yu Xie Be With Us PWH Awards

Event : Yu Xie Be With Us PWH Awards
Venue : Arena Of Stars, Genting
Date : 27th November 2010 (Saturday)
Time : 8pm

I am really happy that i have the tickets to go to watch Yu Xie Be With Us PWH Awards from my sister. I am going to Genting around 6 somethings to have dinner there before go in to enjoy the show. There are red carpet in front of Arena Of Star before the show starts and i saw few of the local famous stars in the red carpet and take some photos to share it here. The red carpet start around 6.30pm.

Chan Weu Quan with Wu Jia Hui
Wang Wei Er & Lim Yu Chong

Cheng Shi Ann & Loh Shi Yi & Henrly Xu Liang Yu
Fang Jiong Bing & Zhang Shi Cheng & Yi Jie Qi

Last but not least, my favorite artists Ding Dang & Penny.
Micheal Wong Kuang Liang. They are having a small interview after walking through the long red carpet. They are being asked by the question regarding their view about this awards. All of them looks great and nice to attend this events.

The show start around 8pm right after all the stars reached and finish the red carpet. I going in to enjoy the show after Micheal Wong arrive for the red carpets. The show started by singing the theme song for Yu Xie Be With Us PWH Awards “闪亮” from all the artists that came out 1 by 1 to the stage. The hosts for that night are the famous DJ in town from the 4 Chinese stations in Malaysia: Xiao Hui Ming form Astro, Vivian from My Fm, May Zi from 988, Nicholas from One Fm and Li Qiang from Ai Fm. After the theme song, it is follow by performance from the group of local new artist which is selected from the previous Be With Us concert. They all wearing beach apparels and sing “浪花一朵朵 ”.

The awards start after the performance, the awards are giving to the artist 1 by 1. Most of the attending artists are getting award. Please click HERE for a full list of the awards winners. Below are some photos for the winners when they go to the stage to take the awards and give their appreciation to everyone.

Chen Shi An is really hardworking after winning the Astro talent quest and the International singing competition, it is his time to get the awards. Loh Shi Yi also one of the local singer that sing really well and i like her songs. Long time never see Zhang Zhi Cheng but his song also very nice. The most famous new artist with the most fans is Dong Yu Zhe. Their fans really crazy and they are the most popular new grow

The 2 handsome and really talented guys Lim Yu Chong and Fang Jiong Bing also winners for the awards. They singing talent cannot be denied and they really very popular recently for their song. You can hear their songs every where this 2 years.

Ding Dang is one of the artist from Taiwan that attending this event. She is really pretty and her voice is really very sweet and nice. Her song "Wo Ai Ta" is sang by everyone in Malaysia. She also one of the winner for this award.

The most award on that night is Penny. She take home around 7 awards out of the all thirty something awards that nights. She also do performing which dance with the dancer on the stage tonight. She really talented and has her own personality in her songs. Since they are may awards given out that night, the show duration is nearly 4 hours which end around 12am. It is really a good effort and recognitions for all the local artist in this awards. I wish all the local artists will have a great success in their music career path locally and international in the future. I always supports them. I really enjoy the show so much and hope to see them next 2 years again in the PWH awards. Here are some videos taken by me to share with my readers.

Please refer the following link at my event blog regarding this event :

Peter Pan The Musical Gala Premiere

Event : Peter Pan The Musical Gala Premiere
Venue : Amphitheater @ Sunway Lagoon
Date : 26th Novmeber 2010 (Friday)
Time : 8pm

After having the dinner for celebrating Rose Chan 18th birthday at Papa John Sunway Pyramid, we go to enjoy the musical show called Peter Pan The Musical Gala Premiere at Amphitheater @ Sunway Lagoon. After getting the invitation card from the registration counter we go in through the main entrance of Sunway Lagoon. The Tickets is entitled us to redeem RM10 discount next time we want to buy the Sunway Lagoon tickets. We walk around 3 minutes in order to reach Amphitheater which located at the back of Sunway Lagoon. However, we have a chance to enjoy the night park at sunway lagoon before the show started.

When we reached the Amphitheater, it is already full of audience since we rush from the Rose Chan birthday dinner. Lucky we are able to find seats to enjoy the show. The show just started right after we are sitting down. The host came out to give some introduction regarding the tickets price, the show and the story before the show started.

The musical show started with the dancing from the cast people, then the story start to tell how Peter pan meet the little girl and how the little girl being kidnapped by the pirate. There are a lot of scene changing, story telling and singing in the show. At the end, it is the fighting scene between the pirate and peter pan in order to save the peter pan girl friends. It is a happy ending for the musical show.

At the end of the show, all the casting actor and actress came out to take group photo with the kids. The show is really enjoyable and colorful. It is really suitable to watched by kids. I have a wonderful night by watching the shows. Thanks for the invitation. We are given the voucher of 50% discount for purchasing the tickets of Peter Pan The Musical. The show will be running until 2nd January. Anyone who is interested to watch the show and want to buy a ticket, please get the coupon from me to enjoy 50% discount. You can email me at

There are few video to share with my readers. Enjoy yourself!

For more detail and the ticket price, please refer my event blog at the link below:

Monday, December 6, 2010

Rose Chan 18th Birthday

Event : Rose Chan 18th Birthday
Date : 26th Novmeber 2010
Venue : Papa john restaurant, Sunway Pyramid
Time : 7pm - 8.30pm

I reached there around 7 something with my friends. The present showing on the above picture is bought by the fans club for Rose Chan 18th birthday. After a while Rose Chan arrives, she is nice, pretty and taking picture with all the fans coming. Since I'm going to redeem my entry pass for the peter pan musical, so i miss the chance to take a photo with Rose Chan. However, my friend are able to take photo with her.

She just stay for a while and cut the birthday cake. We are having free dinner provided by papa john which include free flow of pizza, free flow of potato, free flow of orange juice and a piece of Rose Chan birthday cake. We eat a lots and very full at the end. The celebration and dinner finish around 8.30pm, we all full and thanks for papa john for so generous free flow pizza dinner.

We received a goodies bag which is all Rose Chan merchandise which include calender, tags and so on.
Hope to join more this type of event again since we really enjoy so much. ^_^

Sunday, December 5, 2010

TANGS BlackBerry Workshop

Event : TANGS BlackBerry Workshop
Venue : TANGS Pavilion, Level 2
Date : 24th November 2010 (Wednesday)
Time : 3.00pm to 5.00pm (2nd session)

This event is organized by TANGS, in partnership with Celcom regarding the new BlackBerry Torch 9800 smart phone features and special preview of the Autumn/ Winter fashion trends on TANGS. I have been invited to attend the second session since i am watching 3D movie in the morning at Time Square before going to this event.

After i reached, i proceed to the registration counter and register. There are blackberry drinks being served before the workshop start. I am able to try the BlackBerry Torch 9800 before the event start. It is really a cool phone to have touch feature, cyber shoot camera, wireless, GPRS, MMS and so on.

The event started with the first speaker from Celcom Blackberry, he explain all the feature on BlackBerry Torch 9800 such as wireless, keypad, touchscreen and camera. He also give example on the case where accident happened what you can do using the BlackBerry Torch 9800, he will take photo for all the information, using keypad to jot down all the information and use wireless to send MMS to the person incharge. It is really a smart phone and if you sign up for celcom plan RM98 monthly, you can online unlimited with your phone anytime anywhere.

The next speaker is a senior consultant from TANGS, she is conducted a fashion workshop regarding the latest Autumn/ Winter fashion apparel you can found in the TANGS store. She is sharing the color that is trendy for Autumn and also all the different types of apparel we can choose from blouses, dresses, shoes, bags, scarf, hat to accessories for both gender man and women. We can find all this in one store TANGS. She bring few of the examples to show on the workshop as well. Please refer the picture below:

The TANGS consultants is very nice, she also explained that TANGS recently have a 1 day model package which is cost RM600. If you sign up for this package, you will get:
  • TANGS merchandise worth RM600
  • Hair do and Makeover by professional artist
  • Photograph session within the TANGS store
  • 20 photographs in CD
  • 1 day model at TANGS
The promotion is valid until end of this year and the prize may increase after that. The packages is open for both man and women, do drop by pavilion Level 2 TANGS store if you interested on this package.

The workshop finish just on time 4 somethings and there are light refreshment which is satay, sandwich being served for the guest. After having the refreshment, we are told to collect our vouchers at the registration counter before leaving. I really enjoy the workshop and gain a lot of knowledge regarding the Blackberry phone and TANGS apparels. However, the only shortcoming is the workshop is held on weekdays which most of my friends are working and can't attend and enjoy it. I hope they will consider to organize the workshop on weekend rather then week day.

Let see what i get from the workshop:
1 x RM20 TANGS cash voucher
1 x Eye treatment complimentary session from Mary Chia (RM60)
1 x Triple action neck treatment from 128 Faubourg (RM80)
1 x Mary Chia treatment voucher for body or facial per couple
1 x RM50 128 Faubourg cash voucher

Please check out the video!

Feel free to refer the link below regarding this event in my event blog: