Monday, August 30, 2010

Cleo & Ricoh Camera Shooting

Event : Cleo & Ricoh Camera Shooting
Date : 15 August 2010 ( Sunday)
Venue : MPH book store, The Curve

Bring along the CLEO magazine or puchase it will allow you to have a shooting photo with the ricoh camera and free goodies bag for the first 50 readers!

Because i'm rushing for the event and luckly it is really fast to register and already my turn to take the photo with the ricoh camera and cleo magazine. After that just wait them to print out the A4 size photo for me which is free. my posing maybe not very good but the photo quite ok.

Finally it is the goodies bags redeemption after i get the A4 photo printed out for me. They put in the paper bag and pass it to me. See what is inside the bags: the Asience hair care product set which include the shampoo and conditional, a little cute coins rocoh bear, 1 boxe of kotex and some little accessories and mini booklet from Cleo. It is really worth it since i bought the August issues long time ago. Hope to see more this kind of happenning or event from Cleo next time that will reward the reader from time to time. Thanks Cleo! ^_^

Justin Lo Concert

Event : Justin lo concert live at Genting
Date : 14 August 2010 ( Saturday)
Venue : Arena of Star 8pm
Tickets : 2 x RM200 , 2 x RM130

My friend and me just go to the genting around 6pm and have dinner at old town opposite the arena of star. After that we go in the arena and they are small survey to pick the celebrities that we hope them to have concert in Malaysia.

We all really enjoy the show where justin sing many nice songs and all the songs are familiar and we can sing together. Some of the nice songs are “好人”, “决战二世祖”,“情歌”,“命硬”,“男人KTV” and so on. He also sing the MJ songs and dancing. He sound is unique and very nice. He sing very well and never tought that he also able to dance very nice. Got fans go up to the stage to sing with him and give a lot of present for justin. One of the fans give him a cap and he just take out his cap and wear the new one. Wah....we saw the justin bold head in real. Really an intersting show and i enjoy it so much. Thanks to stage magazine t o let me enjoy this great show.......... ^_^

Salabianca Revolutionize Your Fashion Style Competation

The Salaibianca Revolutionize Your Fashion Style competition is in progress for the whole month of July. The top 20 with the most vote will win the competition with prizes. I am very happy that i am at the Top 20 for few weeks in the Salabianca Revolutionize Your Fashion Style contest.

I am very happy that finally i have won the competition with 3++ votes from the public. Thanks for everyone that vote for me.

I feel excited and happy to received a call from Salanbianca to collect the prize. I go to collect my prize on Sunday with my sister at pavilion outlet while my sister go for the CLEO Ricoh camera shooting at the times book stock. The girls there very nice and give me the prize and we check one by one. When everythings is ok, i just sign the prize collection letter.

Let's see what the prizes i have won from this contest. There are 6 psc of products from M.A.C comestic : 2 eye shadow, 1 pigment color, 1 blush, 1 lipsitck & 1 lipglass, 1 nice barbie doll which can pose 10 diffrent poses, 1 small purse from Paris Hilton, 1 office mug, 1 Acca Kappa shampoo, 1 Himalaya lip balm, Coffee vouchers RM30, Osim voucher RM50, Bizzy Body treatment voucher RM660, Salabianca D'Card and Salabianca shopping voucher RM300.

It really an amazing prize worth roughly RM2K. Thank you so much Salabianca and such an awesome experience in my life. I will go to pavillion to enjoy the vouchers. cheers ^_^

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Astro Star Quest Final Show

Show : Astro Star Quest Final Show
Date : 24 July 2010 (Saturday) 7.30pm
Venue : Bukit Jalil Indoor Stadium
Attendent : sanny & bf, me & bf, Yvonne & friend, Lyn, Samatha, mother & niece

The show host is 萧慧敏 and the guest judges is Yoga. The judges are Alex San, 李志成,李维松,张栋梁 and Yoga. The stage is design base on the piano and musical bit. It is very nice and compatible with the music dream for the candidate.

First rounds is own choosing song which most of them are singing slow and soft songs. In the first round all of their score is very close.
Second rounds is fast song which require dancing a lot.After combination of the marks from the both round 2 people are choose to become 5th runner up and 4th runner up

Third round only has 3 people to continue compete. They need to sing a song together with Yoga. After the 3rd rounds the judges announce who is number 3 which is Fyone, then only Stephanie and Yibo go into the last round to determine who is the winner.
Final round the 2 candidate left need to sing a song from Tiger Huang "没那么简单" with different type. Yi Bo choose to sing the Jazz version while Stephanie choose to sing the rock version.

The previous years astro star talent 1st, 2nd and 3rd places last year did perform and singing in the show before judges busy discussing the vote result. Yoga also got perform his songs even he is one of the judges.

Finally, the judges need to start voting for the champion. All of the judges vote go to Yi Bo. Congratulation to all the 5 finalist. You guys really put an effort for the competition.

‎1st 张诒博 Yi Bo
2nd 刘佩芯 Stephanie
3rd 陈慧莹 Fyone
4th 曾耀祖 Zoe
5th 颜伟伦 Alvin
Sms winner : 陈慧莹 Fyone

This is really a great show and broadcast on the spot on astro TV. I like it so much. ^_^

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tiger Huang World Tour Concert Live in Genting 2010

Date : 26 June 2010 (Saturday)
Time : 8pm
Venue : Arena of Stars
Attendent : me, sanny & bf
Ticket price : RM103 (PS3)
Seat : YS 215, YS 216, YS 217

We went to the concert just on time 7.50pm and the concert start sharp 8pm with the old song“今天不回家” as the first song. Tiger Huang really awesome that she can dance and sing jolin song “舞娘” in her concert. she said she is very tired practicing this just dance 3 minutes songs. The songs that i like so much and she did sang in the concert are “不只是朋友” and “没那么简单”. All the audience sing together this 2 songs.

The guest singer is 萧煌奇,his song“你是我的眼” very nice to listen in the real time. This is really a good show, we enjoy it so much!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Astro Star Quest Finalist Meet the Fans 2010

Date : 17 July 2010
Time : 10.30am - 1.30pm
Venue : Ballroom Westine Hotel

I am very happy and exited to have a chance to be invited to the Astro Star Quest finalist meet the fans party. When my sister and i go there in the morning, they are serving buffet breakfast for everyone that coming to the event.

After finish eating breafast, we are going into the hall to enjoy the show. The speaker is DJ from MyFM Wai Fun. She are asking few question and giving out few prices. Soon she announce the arrive of the five finalisst for Astro Star Quest 2010. They all are pretty and handsome. They all are kind and i have a chance to play game with Yi Bo. Each of them are singing their EP songs. I am really enjoying the show.

When the show finish, we are allow to go to stage to get their signature and take photo with them. It is such a good experience. I really feel happy can take photo with the 3 handsome guys .....^_^

I have 5 postcards with their signatures in there. At the end, we need to go to redeem the 2 VIP tickets for Astro Star Quest Final and goodies bag form astrolife.

The things i get form this events : 1 Astrolilfe goodies bag, 1 Astrolife umbrella, 1 Astrolife botal, 3 astrolife pens, 2 VIP tickets for Astro Star Quest final 2010, postcard with signatures. Thank you so much Astrolife! ..... ^_^

Friday, August 6, 2010

Free Gifts from iFeel Magazine

iFeel December issue 2010
Venue : Sunway Pyramid
Free gift : Heme BB Cream SPA28++ (15ml) x 1
Thanks iFeel !

iFeel November issue 2010
Venue : Borders Tropicana City Mall
Free gift : Fabula CollagenMAX (50ml) x 1
Sunsilk shampoo sample x1
Sunsilk conditional sample x1
Sunsilk comb x1
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iFeel October issue 2010
Venue : KLCC
Free gift : The Switch screening ticket x 4
Nuteen & Oxy Samples
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iFeel September issue 2010
Venue: Mid Valley
Free gift : Detective Dee screening ticket x 4
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iFeel August issue 2010
Venue : Sg.Wang
Free gift : Bloop Shimmer Eye Shadow worth RM28
Sakea sushi cash vocher worth RM10
Heme product (3 masks + 1 BB Cream) worth RM80
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iFeel July issue 2010
Venue : Kinokuniya KLCC
Free gift : Laneige Water Bank Travel Kit worth RM80
1 essence_ex, 1 cream2_ex and 1 water sleeping plus
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