Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mooncake carnival at Chong Hwa

Event : Mooncake Celebrate Carnival
Venue : S.M Chong Hwa
Date : 18/09/2010 (Saturday)
Time : 8pm - 10pm

I got the tickets from my brother, so i go with my mother, sanny and her boyfriends. There are a lot of games that related to the mooncake festival that we can play on. It is kind of fun fair games. There are fishing bottle, throwing coins, throwing can, throwing round pin, throwing basketball. I play all of them but only get some price by playing the fishing bottle.

I fish 3 bottles that enable me to get the consolation prize which is a mineral water or a balloon. I fish 5 bottles that enable me to redeem and choose the prize. Since i go there a bit late, most of the prize already chosen by other people and only left certain prize. I chosed some decoration items include the flower paper clip and a candle. My mother able to get a consolation price by playing the throwing can. She are able to throw a ball and make 3 cans fall down. She was great !

With the total 4 coupons we have, we go exchange the balloon. The queue a bit long in order to redeem the balloon. However, the balloon just look fantastic and nice. We just request what we want then he will make for us.

These are the 2 balloons that i requested him to made. I want him to make a chicken and a flower. I'm so excited it is really look nice and i like it so much.

After my turn, my mother is requested him to make a rabbit and a bear lantern. These are the 2 balloon he made. Is it look great? All of us enjoy the games in the mooncake carnival and we bring home some prizes and balloons happily.

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