Wednesday, June 15, 2016

XING Hotpot & BBQ at C180 Food Review

I am great to have a chance to join the XING Hotpot & BBQ steamboat food review with my family. We are being served nicely by the friendly staff there. XING Hotpot & BBQ is located at E-UG-10, Centerstage , Dataran C180 ,Jalan C180/1 , Jalan Kasturi ,Taman Kasturi , 43200 Batu 9 ,Cheras ,Selangor (Beside Movida). You may find the map HERE. The business hour is from 5.30pm to 12am.

It was a Friday night and we reached there around 7pm where the restaurant already full of people. More and more people are coming to enjoy the dinner in the restaurant.  The place we sat can see a nice view of the color water mountain which my kids like it so much.

XING Hotpot & BBQ restaurant is a buffet style steamboat where you only need to paid a single amount and eat all you can until you are full.  Nowadays there are very rare restaurant that doing buffet style steamboat in Klang Valley already.

There are two type of pot there available for you : one for steamboat and another one for BBQ. There are four type of steamboat soups available to choose : Chicken Soup, Tom Yam Soup, Fish Head Soup, Herb Soup. We are choosing Tom Yam Soup and Fish Head Soup for our steamboat pot.

There are variety of steamboat foods we can take such as eggs, corns, vegetables, mushroom, fish ball, meat ball, taufu etc....

XING Hotpot & BBQ restaurant provide variety of sauces for steamboat range from spicy sauce, sweet sauce, sour sauce, stay sauce, bbq sauce etc... for the choice you liked to mix and match to enjoy together with your food.

There are many foods being served here range from steamboat foods, bbq foods, ready cooked foods, sea food, deserts and drinks. We can just take whatever we like to eat and enjoy bbq and steamboat together with our friends or family. Me and my husband take turn to take the food to cook at the BBQ pot. Here are some meat sticks and fish we took to BBQ. There are also oysters and seafood available for BBQ.

We also can order meat to BBQ, there are 3 types of meats to choose from : pork, beef and mutton. Here the pork meat we ordered because i did not eat beef and mutton.

The ready cooked foods corner include fried chicken wings, fried onion, nuggets, prawn, fried rice, salad, tong shui, cake etc......

XING Hotpot & BBQ  also served a lot of fresh seafood such as crab, prawn, oysters etc.....

Not to miss the signature of this restaurant is the live prawn which you can catch it in the aquarian  and cook it at the BBQ pot yourself.

They served 4 types of drinks : lemon juice, orange juice, herb tea (leung sui) and chinese tea. My kids enjoy the ice-cream there.

We spend nearly 3 hours there from 7pm-10pm and all of us are full and satisfy with the foods we ate. You may need to try yourself by paying a visit to the restaurant on your own. It is a good place to celebrating festivals such as the coming father day with friends and family.  Here is the price list as at June 2016:
  • Adult RM45++
  • Child RM22.50 Below 130cm
  • Child Below 100cm FOC
 You may refer to XING Hotpot & BBQ Facebook for more promotion and details. You are advised to do a booking first to avoid waiting.