Thursday, January 13, 2011

Amit Live In Genting 2010

Event : Amit Live In Genting 2010
Venue : Areana Of Stars, Genting Highland
Date : 4th December 2010
Time : 8 pm

At the beginning, my sister and i was planning to buy the ticket to watch Amit Live in Genting. However all the seats are fully sold. Luckily , we won 4 ticket to watch Amit Live in Genting for free. I am really happy to have the opportunities to watch Amei concert again since last time I watch at Stadium Merdeka. We go there around 6pm to have our dinner at oldtown opposite Arena Of Star. We go in to the arena and i am very happy that my seats are just 2nd row in front of stage. The whole Arena is full of people and they is no empty seat. You can see the power of Amit Live at Genting!

The concert start just on time where Amit wear like what is showing on the poster to present her first song. She is cool with the song of Amit. Then she take off her jacket and sing all her famous and nice song such as "剪爱", "掉了","三天三夜"," Bad boy" and others. She did went down the stage and shake hand with the audience and i am happy that i am able to shake hand with her.

Her voice very nice and she just can sing for 3 hours non stop. The climax of the concert is when the Amit Black singer appear and Amit really sexy and dancing with the singer. All the audience stand up and dance together with them.

We really enjoy the 3 hours concert and all the audience are stand up and dancing with Amit at the end of the concert. When the concert finish, everyone still not willing to leave the arena and screaming for N-call, but the light all turn on and the MC announced that the concert already finish. It is really a nice show and i like Amei's song so much since last time. She performance on the stage is just awesome! Below are some videos to share with my readers.

Prizes & Sample January 2011

Prizes : Eucerin products
Eucerin AQUAporin Active Moisturising Cream Light x 1
Eucerin AQUAporin Active Moisturising Cream SPF 15 + UVA x 1
Eucerin AQUAporin Active Moisturising Eye Cream x 1

The first prize i received in 2011 is a set of Eucerin AQUAporinn products. I received an email that regarding the Eucerin team have gone through my blog and they plan to use my testimonial on their website. As a token of appreciation, they sent me this Eucerin AQUAporin Active Moisturising. I will use it since my eye cream and moisturiser is finishing just on time. Thanks Eucerin and all the readers that have gone through my blog.

Sample : Clean & Clear sample
Clean & Clear Deep Action Cleanser x 1

I just received this sample of Clean & Clear Deep Action Cleanser that post to my house. Thanks Clean & Clear.

Prizes : CIMB merchandise
CIMB octopus toy 1

This is the octopus toy i won from the CIMB contest. It just delivered to my house and it is so cute. It is a limited edition and I like it so much. I put it on my office desk now. ^_^

Monday, January 10, 2011

Free Gifts from Magazine January Issue 2011

newtide January issue 2011
Venue : Kinokuniya, KLCC
Free gifts :
I love newtide cup tablet x 1
Slimming Century Active7 sculpter gel voucher x 1
10% off voucher x 1
Spritzer Fiber drink x 1
Biore wet tissue x 1
Kinomitsu drink x 1
Kingstom hanging tag x 1
Sheishedo small box x 1
Asience sample(Shampoo+Conditiner) x 1
Thanks newtide !

CLEO January issue 2011
Venue: Jusco
Free gifts :
Gavenier peeling gel x 1
Calender card 2011 x 1
Thanks CLEO !

ifeel January issue 2011
Venue: KLCC
Free gift :
Majiami mask worth RM19.90 x 1
Goggles Stocking x 1
Goggles 30% Discount Voucher x 1
Thanks iFeel !

Friday, January 7, 2011

Movies I Watched in January 2011

Show : Mr & Mrs Incredible
Date : 26nd January 2011 (Wednesday) 9.00pm
Venue : GSC Mid Valley Hall 3
Seat : L11, L12, L13, L14, L15, L16
Review : A movie to celebrate new year and happinese to us. It is really comedy by seeing the two comedy artists Louis Koo and Sandra Ng in the movie. (8.0/10)

Show : The Green Hornet
Date : 24nd January 2011 (Monday) 9.00pm
Venue : GSC Mid Valley Hall 1
Seat : J16, J17
Review : The storyline is nice and make me laugh but the effect is just a bit over. This is the best movie of Jay Chou so far. (7.8/10)

Show : Shaolin
Date : 19th January 2011 (Wednesday) 9.30pm
Venue : GSC Pavillion Hall 8
Seat : J9, J10
Review : The story is normal only, all is killing people only, but it is good to see the acting of Andy lau, Jacky Chan and Niclolas Tse. (7.5/10)

Show : Faster
Date : 11st January 2011 (Tuesday) 9.30pm
Venue : Cathay Cineplex, The Curve Hall 8
Seat : Free Seating
Review : The whole movie is about revenge and shooting, not much actions, a bit disappoited because it is not as good as i expected. (7.2/10)

Show : Season Of The Witch (Free Calender)
Date : 5th January 2011 (Wednesday) 9.30pm
Venue : TGV Wangsa Walk Hall 8
Seat : J11, J12
Review : The story is nice and a bit scary for me, just feel sad when Nicolas Cage died at the end of the movie. (8.2/10)

Show : The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader
Date : 2nd January 2011 (Sunday) 4.20pm
Venue : TGV Wangsa Walk Hall 5
Seat : K8, K9
Review : Story that full with magic. The effect is cool and i like it. It will be good if i can watch it in 3D. (8.0/10)