Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Malaysia FinTech Ecosystem Conference and GT Dollar Grand Launch.

Y.B. Datuk Mas Ermieyati Binti Samsudin, Deputy Minister of Tourism and Culture debuted the launch of e-commerce giant, GT Dollar Malaysia at Sime Darby Convention Centre, Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur today at the Malaysia FinTech Ecosystem Conference and GT Dollar Grand Launch. 

The event was witnessed by distinguished government officials as well as 3,000 prominent IT and e-commerce industry leaders who support the development of a dynamic FinTech ecosystem, paving way for SMART innovations like GT Dollar, making Malaysia a force to reckon with in the FinTech sector. 

This collaboration between the Malaysian government and GT Dollar helps to alleviate the lives of people through the launch GT Dollar mobile application, which is a “one-stop mobile e-commerce platform” that seeks to build a cohesive community for consumers and merchants from a myriad of industries to interact within its marketplace. 
To complement this collaborative effort, GT Robot an innovative high-technological form under the GT Group, specializes its advancement in humanoid robotic solutions. 
In recognition of it’s advancement, the Malaysian government is planning to allocate a zone located along the Malacca-Negeri Sembilan border for GT Robot’s own manufacturing and assembly plant, which is worth approximate to RM 300 million in investment. This plant estimated to generate income for the company of approximate USD 20 Billon (which is equal to 10 Million pieces of Mobile Robot) and create more than 10,000 working opportunities for locals in the next 5 years. The GT Robot plant will be the first in Asia with eco-friendly manufacturing with the high technology equipment after China. 
On that day, marks the launch of a groundbreaking event that will go down in history. Unveiling an all new improvised major update of GT Dollar application, the world’s first social mobile e-commerce software. This new concept was first found in year 2014 by the GT Group President and CEO Dr. Paul Zhang Baolu, who is equipped with over 30 years of industry experience in high-technology management, economic and tourism development worldwide. The company is valued at more than $4.7 billion. The conference is aimed to drive development of regional interne use, where users and businesses connect seamlessly without barriers. This benefits the consumers greatly as businesses become more affordable thus stimulating economic growth, national tax revenue and employment growth. 
As a major update, there will be new enhanced key features to help alleviate the overall user experience. Through the adoption of SMART technologies which comprises of AR technology to for implement “the seek honey feature”, “catch a bee to earn GT Cash features” which can be used for purchases within the interactive marketplace as well as being an effective Bee Commerce tool to help users manage their finances effectively by enjoying exclusive long term savings, emerging as Malaysia’s trendsetter in the world of e-commerce. 

This application aims to embrace technology, thus contributing towards the economic growth of the country. A comprehensive platform for both consumers and merchants, encouraging cash free transactions around the world. With zero registrations, subscription and advertising fees, merchants need to purchase GT Dollar (Virtual Currency) and distribute it to their users anytime, anywhere. This will in turn form into e-promotion or e-advertising with minimal charges. The Online Payment Gateway will be used to accept payment online – E-wallet / Visa (Credit, Debit, Prepaid) / MasterCard (Credit. Debit, Prepaid) / CUP Card (Credit, Debit, Prepaid) / Direct Debit Account to perform transaction charges. 
GT Dollar primary focus is about a creating a world of convenience centered around virtual credits account to allow users to make payment via an e-wallet system which enables extensive search for products or services via a marketplace. GT Dollar allows SMEs to function virtually. It connects them with new and existing consumers and maintains a loyalty programme through the distribution of virtual credits (GTD). Communication between merchants and consumers is facilitated via seamless GPS- location and user-friendly booking platforms. 
The application serves as a composite of one’s daily lifestyle and a city guide to complement and simplify the increasingly hectic lifestyle by providing users with an unprecedented access to a large database of over 80,000 merchants worldwide on Internet or mobile, but who offer a great range of products. Merchants and users can enjoy other services beside online shopping such as fund transfer, utilities bills payment, prepaid air time top-up, Social Network Chat (for up to 20 people in each group) and etc. 
Please like gtdollarmy instagram & gtgroupofficial instagram for more details. For more info can refer to gtdollar website.

"New Year Wish" Movie Premiere

I was happy to be invited to attend the "New Year Wish" Movie Premiere Media Launch to watch the movie first before the other. All of us like to watch movie during Chinese New Year. Please support a local movie "New Year Wish" which is a very meaningful movie to watch during this festival.

"New Year Wish" is a movie about "new hope", "new ambitions", and "new goals". People who suffering on social morbidity, economic challenges, busy life and hustle and bustle life, to be able to ignite hope and dreams in the new year is very important and meaningful!

The movie was directed by director by Lee Sai Yew.Different from the traditional Chinese New Year commercial film, "New Year Wish" is   warm movie. The most important thing is, director Lee hope to be able to get out of the counselling room, bless more people, in this new year, bring hopes to everyone, and encourage everyone pass this love around. 

Alan Yun play a main cast in the movie, he act as Liu Shao Feng, a young and passionate heart
Dermatology specialist. He also giving free service of charge for his patients in their medical services. 

His wife Sanny Lee act as Maggie in "New Year Wish", the mother of Tian Tian, ​​and a famous prestigious psychiatrist. If young and passionate is to describe Liu Shao feng, then Maggie is regarded as a beautiful and intelligent. The couples in this story also created to be the "best partner." 

Their daughter Debbie Loo act as Tian Tian. She was very smart and cute, sweet and pleasant. When the other girls in the same age is still looking forward to doll or ballet skirt to do the New Year gift, Tian Tian desire is to become angel of other people. 

I was surprise that our contry are full of talents and the movie was really good. I highly recommed my readers to go watch it yourself. I like this movie so much which was very meaningful. It talk about family, friend and work. We may always make a wish and life should be full of hope. Miracle will always happened if we believe it!

The movie will be released on 26th Jan 2017. Do support our local movie. Remember to bing your family to watch the movie.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Malaysia's 1st Personalized Learning Edutainment Park - Little Kingdom

Chinese New Year is around the corner. Looking for a place to spend your time with your kids during the school holidays? Let's visit Little Kingdom.

Little Kingdom is Malaysia’s first personalized learning edutainment park. It is a magical kingdom, a place of imagination, a land where dreams come true. Little Kingdom is all about creating magical moments. It encourages your kids to explore, learn and create memories during their playtime. They can learn through playing.

Little Kingdom is located at Parkson Maju Junction Mall. Featuring 35 Happy Toon World characters from the United States, Little Kingdom targets children aged between 3 – 15 years old.

Here is the map for little Kingdom that is yet to be explored by all of us. There are basically 2 floors which consist of Little Pinocchio Street, Little Aladdin Town, Fairy Tales Wonderland, Tales of Pirate, Tales of Martian, services and others.

I am glad to had the opportunity to bring my kids to experience a day in Little Kingdom. When we reached the Little Kingdom entrance, it has a big magic video ball in front and some little Happy Toon characters. My kids already felt excited before going in to start their journey.

We queued at the Magical Mansion ticketing counter to get our tickets and each of us had to wear the wristband to go in. We couldn’t wait to participate in the activities and games that were going on. The entrance also has a big book which is in the process of applying for Guinness Record The Bigger Book.

There are many things your kids can do in Little Kingdom, so plan your time well. We were given a timetable to schedule our activities from 10am - 6pm. If you go on Saturday or public holiday, then you can play until 7pm. First, we proceed to the friendly Magical Dreamland customer service counter to help us plan our schedule.

All the classes and activities have to register in advanced where the slots are limited and some are only available on certain time. Please check the class schedule at Little Kingdom timetable before you visit. There are only two classes that are suitable for my daughter on that day. I have registered "The law of aerodynamic" class at 2.00pm and "Folding Animal" class at 4:00pm. Each class is around 45 minutes.

There are six classrooms in Little Kingdom for different types of classes : 
  • Little T-Rex Kitchen for cooking and culinary arts classes
  • Little Cinderella Ballroom for dancing, music, fitness and exercise classes
  • Little Alice Wonderland for creative, art, craft and coloring classes
  • Little Beast Field for yoga and sports classes
  • Little Genie House for Pygmalion, science, physic and storytelling classes
  • Little Alien Spaceship for Lego and robotic classes
I also registered the two rides: Fantasy Drive and Amazon Ride for my kids at 3.00pm. My kids are given two Little Kingdom power cards to collect stamps if they complete mission or game challenge. There are total currently 8 stamps to collect from Fantasy Ride, Amazon Ride, Maze Run, Brainy Play, Secret Island, Mystical Forest, Enchanted Town and Mysterious Mars. These are the two cards my daughter and son chose.

After the registration, we proceed to Mystical Forest and Enchanted Town to perform all the climbing and sliding activities. Basically, it is a playground for them to climb up and down, here and there. We spent roughly half an hour there for the kids to explore the playground. It has a big pirate ship, a big ball pool and a lot of sliders there. My kids are happy and play until sweat.

Next, we move to the Secret Island to play the sand there. If you worry your kids to playing the sand outside, then come here to play. All people must wear socks before going in. The sand is black color with a lot of playing tools for the kids to play. My kids were playing happily with their father. Again, here is another 30 minutes they playing.

My kids can't wait to run into the maze, my son is having difficulties to come out when he move in. He just move in when he saw his sister go inside. The parent can guide or monitor from the top of the maze. With the help of my daughter, my son also complete the mission and run out from the maze. They collected stamps here.

Time past fast, it was around 1pm and all of us are hungry. There are few places to look for food in Little Kingdom; Little Pinocchio Hut and Pirate Ship for the grab & go foods and beverages. We are having our lunch at Talking Tom House Cafe, you can play the game on the table where the table is actually is a PC monitor. We are playing while we waiting for food.

After lunch, we managed to watch the Fantastic Clown Show at the Magical Stage. The show is awesome and the clown create a balloon for my daughter.

My daughter and me have to move to Little Genie House for "The law of aerodynamic" class while my husband and son still enjoying the show. A friendly and nice teacher Mia was explaining to my daughter about the law of aerodynamic with the concept of airplane. She guide my daughter to create a paper airplane for her to more understand of the concept. My daughter is learning while playing at the same time.

After the class, it was the time for our rides. We proceed to Fantasy Drive driving school; my kids must learn driving. Before we go in to the ride, we need to watch video for all the driving rules and missions we going to do for our ride. My kids feel excited for the ride, we are ready for the ride. We are given 5 minutes to visit the places mentioned in the video such as bank, candy shop, petrol station etc. and we must park our car back before time up to get the driving license. We playing the game few times to accomplish the tasks. Yeah, my two kids also pass the driving test! Photo already taken and their license only can be collected after 2 weeks.

Here comes another ride which is Amazon Ride, it was a shooting game ride. Before we go in, we need to watch a video explaining what we should shoot inside, the targets are red and green. Collect as much as points if you manage to shoot the target. My daughter likes this game so much and we play more than three time. We really having fun in the game.

Without realizing, the clock already tick until 4pm and my daughter have to attend the second class "Folding Animal" class at Little Alice Wonderland. The animal that going to fold on that day was a spring cat. My daughter really concentrate and focus to fold the animal. First, she color the cat picture, then she cut and glue the color paper, last fold the spring. She shows it to me and feel proud with her own creation. Good job, girl!

After the class, my daughter moving to Little Cinderella Ballroom. It was no class going on that day, they are happy to allow to play all the gym equipment there. All the equipment are specially design for them, small and cute. They are enjoying doing gym there.

Beside Little Cinderella Ballroom, it is Little Beast Field. They just can't stop playing and continue do their sports at there. It is good for them to do sport. They are full of energy and never feel tired.

We heard some music coming from the Magical Stage, it was the time for the special Little Kingdom performance. We go down to watch the performance, they are singing and asking quiz to my daughter. Nice performance. While we enjoying the performance, surprisingly the mascot appear. My kids just said want to touch and take picture with the mascot. I like this photo very much.

After the performance, it was already 5 somethings. We move to our last destination of the day in Little Kingdom: Mysterious Mars. My daughter was playing the shooting activity with her father. My son want to sit the rotating plane. We spend 20 minutes there and going to leave soon.

Before we exit, we visited Little Elf Factory for photo booth, gifts and merchandise. I like the kids cooking equipment selling there. My kids just feel sad to leave but it was already late.

There are some of the games and classes we are not manage to join this time such as Brainy Play and Cooking Class. Since i was visited on weekday, some of the classes are not available, we definitely will visit it again on weekend in the near future. As a parent, I think this edutainment concepts are very good which allow our kids to play and learn at the same time. It really benefits to both parent and kids, we enjoy the time we play together. It really gave my family a sweet memory.

I highly recommend all the parent to bring their kids to experience this. Here the price for the tickets, select the package that best suit you. It is FOC for kids below 3 years old and senior citizens above 60.

There are a lot of events happening in Little Kingdom Magical Castle, you may have a birthday party for your kids here with the party package. It's only RM2400 with 30 Pax ( excluding birthday child).

Other corporate events such as family day, team building and school trips, please check out Little Kingdom website for more details.