Friday, September 3, 2010

Astro "Ready to Fly" Game Show Shooting

Event : Astro "Ready to Fly" game show shooting
venue : Studio at Astro at Bukit Jalil
Date : 8th July 2010 ( Thursday)
Time : 12pm - 4pm

I eat lunch at home at arrived there around 12 pm . The event people bring me in to do do the make up and hair do. After having my make up i am taking photo with the make up artist Stepenie. She is nice and do a good make up on me. I just look great.

After finish the make up and hair do. Now is the time for the studio shooting. I'm quite nervous to do TV shooting since never in the TV before. When i go in the studio, there already 10 chairs to for the contestent. I being assign to sit at the row below number 5 chairs. The studio is very cool since the air-con is centrelize and no window. Then start playing the game and recording that it take about an hours to finish it.

During the show, i am able to answer 2 questions. I answer correct 1 and the other is wrong. That enable me to choose 1 of the present from the number on the screen. I am choosing number 8 but the prize is not so good which is a cup noodle x 100. The prize i won from this game show is the RM100 Universal Traveller voucher and cup noodles x 100

Even i am unable to on board to fight for the travel package. It was an exciting experience to be able to shoot in the TV and playing the game. The game is just fun and a lot of prizes to be won. I hope to take part again next time, such a wonderful exprience in my life .... ^_^

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