Friday, September 28, 2018

Kidzathon 2018 - A Walk Through Our Culture

Kidzathon 2018 is coming back this year with more fun and activities. It was a 2KM parent and kids walkathon that fun filled with festivity, activities and games.

This year theme is "A Walk Through Our Culture" to let the family to experience all the Malaysian culture during the walk. It's include traditional costumes, traditional games, traditional music requirements and cultural performance. For the kids, the health carnival, giant bubble and games booths are available for them to play. There will be a free health checks for kids as well on the event day.

Let's bring your family and kids to join the walkathon for healthy lifestyle, sporting and outing this coming November.

Kidzathon 2018
Date : 11. 11. 2018 (Sunday)
Time : 7:00 am - 11:00 am
Venue : The SportsCenter, Desa Park City

There are 2 categories for you to choose:
Cateogory A (pair registration):
2KM - 1 Adult + 1 Kid 
Early bird price : RM95/pair
Normal price : RM105/pair 

Category B: (family package):
2KM - 2 Adult + 1 Kid
Early bird price : RM130/pair
Normal Price : RM130/pair
Limited to 500 slots only

Each participant will entitled the following items :
  • Running T
  • Goodies bag
  • Unique combine medals
  • Activity book
I like their unique medals design and all finisher will receive it!

Act fast and register now at the following link before 8 October 2018!

Throw back last year Kidzathon - Hroes In The City (Final Battle) video :

IMIKI Kinder Care Bandar Kinrara - Learning Through Fun, Playing With Inspirations

As a mother, we definitely need to find a good child care center for our kids. I was attracted with the first ever kindergarten that provided swimming pool facility that located in Bandar Kinrara, Puchong : IMIKI Kinder care. I am very satisfied with the environment and the facilities that provided in the center.

The swimming pool is 2 feet deep which is just nice that my kids can stand on the pool. For half day student is only 1 session for swimming per week which is Friday morning. There will be 2 swimming sessions per week for full day student which is on Tuesday noon and Friday morning. During the swimming session, all the floats and balls are provided. Student have to bring their own towel and cloths. The teacher will help to bath the kids and blow their hair after the session. For safety concern, 2 teachers will be in the pool and 2 teacher at the standby for the swim session. I like their services very much as you can see from the picture how my kids enjoy playing in the pool without me.

The place also have a small kid's stage in the center for whatever event to let's the kids to practice in any of the event. It also equipped with 2 small playgrounds for kids with sliders and a lot of kid's game tool for the kids to play during the sport time.

There are total 4 classrooms upstairs and 1 at downstairs. All the classrooms were decorated with different theme for the children. There are total 6 staffs in the center and it will always a backup teacher with no disruption if any teacher is absent. The maximum student is only 15 per classroom, small group will ensure the good learning experience for kids.

In the academy wise, the center emphasizes in Four (4) teaching methods in all the languages (BM, BI &BC) :
1) Morale Teaching
  • Self-confidence, optimism thinking, good manners, respect.
  • Eg. Students are taught to greet, remove shoes and place them accordingly into the designated cabinets, etc
2) Memory Teaching
  • Eg. flash card once weekly in the morning
3) Fun Teaching
  • role play, teamwork, learn while having fun, self-control, capacity to communicate and co-operate, encourage curiosity
4) Theme Teaching
  • Using actual product than relying on photo or DVD.
  • Encourage the use of 5 senses (hear, touch, see, smell, taste) to observe, visualize, imagine, link, understand and learn

For cleaness purpose, the center will spray and sanitize whole school premises, student material, toys and furniture before the school starts and after end everyday. All students' temperature will be taken before the start of school every morning. If any students unwell, parents will be informed and they will be monitored and separated from the classroom with care of another teacher. Everyone entering IMIKI Kinder Care will be disinfected with spray sanitize that is approved by SIRIM and rated Grade A1 by W.H.O.

IMIKI is established since 2008 with 30 over branches nationwide and their HQ is in Penang. There are few achievements that obtained by the kinder care :
  • 2013 : Asia Pacific Premier Award in Child Care & Education
  • 2015 : Donated 1,600 books worth RM42,000 to AMITOFO Care Center Lesotho, Africa
  • 2016 : 1st Talent Search Competition 2016
  • Certified with Jabatan Pendidikan Malaysia, Jabatan Bomba, Jabatan Kesihatan

The logo of IMIKI kinder care is so cute which is emphasize on the Three (3) important values for kids : Morality, Wisdom and Confident. IMIKI kinder care has the following philosophy :
  • Discover & Explore each child’s potential.
  • Providing knowledge to the children.
  • Build self-confidence, independence skill and encourage optimism thinking in child.
  • Emphasize moral qualities aside from daily lessons.
  • Develop skills and abilities through play.
  • Non-academic enhancement through learning.
  • Enjoyable and relaxing learning environment. 

The operating hours for the center is 7.30am 6.30pm Monday to Friday and close on public holiday. Half day programme is start from 7.30am to 1pm include breakfast and lunch. Full day programme is start from 7.30am to 6.30pm include breakfast, lunch and tea time. All the classes are start at 8.30am.

For the fee structure :
Half day fee : RM500 monthly
Full day fee : RM800 monthly
Miscellaneous fee : RM500 (half a year) (including arts craft material, program material etc)
Book fee : RM310 (half a year) (Including books, puzzles, flash cards etc)
Uniform attire : RM30 x 2 sets
Sport attire : RM25 x 1 set

You may start to register your kid from age 2 and above to 6years old, however the basic learning will only start from 3 years old onwards. The kids can come to school as usual on working day with holiday program during December. It is FREE for full time IMIKI students and fee applies for non-IMIKI students who just want to join the December holiday program. To know more on the December holiday programme, you may check at IMIKI-Bandar Kinrara facebook page or visit the center during the Open day this coming October.

Visit IMIKI kinder care Open Day on 14 October 2018 (Sunday) 10am to 3pm to get more promotions. Cash rebate and gifts are up for grab for the First 20 new registration on the spot! (T&C apply). Good deals here for my readers! Just show the photo below during your registration to get RM100 (half day) / RM200 (full day) rebate of the first month school fee valid from 14 October 2018 until 31st December 2018 only.

For more details, please visit IMIKI-Bandar Kinrara facebook page or visiting the center at the location the following address :

IMIKI KinderCare Bandar Kinrara

Address : 178, Jalan BK 4/2, Bandar Kinrara, Puchong, Selangor.
Tel : 010- 4278542

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Kleenex Ultra Soft Bath Tissues Review

As a mother of three kids, it is important for me to take care of the cleanliness of my surrounding and my family hygiene, to keep my kids at bay from bacteria, germs and diseases. Hence, tissues are an important tool to wipe dirt and for cleaning up after my kids. I choose to use Kleenex Ultra Soft bath tissue as it has THREE (3) special features that I like so much:
  • The CleanWeave design that helps to remove dirt.
  • The luxurious soft touch.
  • The charcoal fresh that absorbs odor 

I used the Kleenex Ultra Soft bath tissue in my toilet and also to wipe the table when it’s dirty or oily. The tissue is made of cotton extract with CleanWeave design that really helps remove dirt easily and faster. I’m really amazed by the results. You should try to experience it and you’ll love it once you’ve tried it!

I also use the Kleenex Ultra Soft bath tissue to wipe my sofa or any furniture when my kids accidentally pour liquid or pee on to it. One of the features of the tissues is the Charcoal extract that can absorb odor. This will help to remove bad smells as well as it keeps the place clean. This is important especially for those with children.

I use Kleenex Ultra Soft tissue to wipe my child’s mouth after meals because I prefer it's cushiony softness and soft touch in each sheet that are made from 100% high quality virgin fiber technology. It’s gentle on my kid’s skin and they also like to use Kleenex Ultra Soft tissue.

By using Kleenex tissue, it makes my home and family stay clean, happy, feeling fresh and good. Thanks Kleenex Malaysia for the amazing Kleenex Ultra Soft tissue. I am a Kleenex brand believer that will continue using Kleenex product at all times.

You may purchase the Kleenex Ultra Soft bath tissue online HERE or any supermarket nationwide. For more details, please refer to Kleenex Malaysia Website or Kleenex Malaysia Facebook.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Get On The Go with Anlene UHT Milk

I am Anlene loyalty fans since I was study in University 15 years ago. I aware of how important that we need to keep our bones, joints and muscles healthy and strong start from as early as age of 20. At that time, not much option I can choose to consume Anlene milk except the powder form. I was consumed the normal Anlene milk powder daily a glass in the morning together with my breakfast before I go to school or work and a glass before i go to bed. I also bought the Anlene Gold Milk powder for my mother which is age more than 51 because I want my mother also stay agile and active with strong bones, joints and muscles like me as well.

Really happy that Anlene have been evolved and improved with more variety of product options for the consumer to choose include Anlene Heart Plus, Anlene Yogurt, Anlene Concentrate and my most favorite option now Anlene UHT Ready-To-Go pack. It really convenient for me which is a busy women that need to work and take care my kids and family. I can just drink it anyway, anytime by just putting the pack on my bag all the time. Anlene UHT Ready-To-Go pack can just purchased in any of the convenient store or supermarket.

The new Anlene UHT milk is improved with 50% more nutrient. It comes  with collagen, protein, high calcium and care for our bones, joints and muscles. Collagen can relieving joint pain and improving skin health. Protein helps to build and repair tissues. Calcium is needed to build and maintain strong bones. Anlene UHT milk is available in 2 tasty flavors which are chocolate and plain. I can choose to consume the two flavors alternatively so that I can try different taste while keep the nutrients.

As a mother with 3 kids now, especially after give birth of all the kids. I need to consume a lot of calcium to replace what I have lost during my pregnancy and to help to improve my joint paint that caused by lost of calcium. Anlene play an important role to supply high calcium to my bones so that to keep me stay away from the bone diseases especially osteoporosis.

Aging women are high rick in getting osteoporosis if not consume enough calcium and taking care the bones nicely. We are moving actively in our life to do all the works. It will be hard and very frustrating if we can't move as agile as we like to perform our daily tasks, so we must take care our bones properly. One of the most easier and faster way is to drink Anlene UHT milk. Let's try the new Anlene UHT Milk and you will love it!

There are three events currently happening to bring awareness of the new launch of the Anlene UHT milk:
  • RM1 Anlene On-the-Go Breakfast Pack
  • Anlene Roving Truck
  • Meet Stacy Anam & Jump High with Us
The first "RM1 Anlene On-the-Go Breakfast Pack" kick start on 27 August 2018 to 31 August 2018 4 days in a row at various LRT station at Klang Valley. The selected LRT station were Wangsa Maju, Masjid Jamek, Hang Tuah, Ampang Park, Bandaraya, Bandar Tasik Selatan, Pasar Seni, Taman Melati, Mid Valley and KL Sentral, The booth was setup from 8am to 11 am to sell the "RM1 Anlene On-the-Go Breakfast Pack" for those people are taking train to their work space so they can just grab the breakfast and having it before reach their office. The breakfast pack contain a pack of Anlene UHT milk and a 7Days croissant. This event really popular and received a good response since the first day with the long queue at the booth.

The Second event was "Anlene Roving Truck" that will appear at certain locations at 2 time slots (11am - 2pm ) and (4pm-7pm) for 4 days as well from 6 - 8 September 2018 and 13 September 2018. The selected locations were Kompleks PKNS Shah Alam, Post office Taman Sri Muda, Shah Alam, Bukit Bintang, Tesco Rawang and Taman Tun Dr.Ismail (TTDI). I have try the Anlene UHT milk and Anlene Yogurt sampling at the truck with the promoter there. The truck also sell the Anlene UHT milk with promotion price RM10 for 8 packs. I manage to buy 1 pack after i find the truck in Bukit Bintang.

 The last and most exciting event was "Meet Stacy Anam & Jump High with Us" that happening on 7 September 2018 at Lot 10 Bukit Bintang. There was a big LED billboard that contain empty pack of Anlene UHT milk on the Yayasa Selangor building. It was a game that let's us to jump as high as possible in order to fill up the Anlene UHT milk that on the screen. We hold the phone and it will sensor to the LED billboard with the latest Internet Of Thing technologoy. The celebrity Stacy Anam is the first to perform the jump and she is really nice to all the fans that come and support the event. It was really amazing to see a group of people to jump as high as possible together means we all are stay active and stay agile. We enjoy so much fun in the jumping event.

Thanks Anlene for such a wonderful event that really care on the consumers to familiar with this new Anlene UHT milk product. I will keep on drinking this Anlene UHT milk because it really suit my needs and a lot more convenient for me. For more information on Anlene, please refer to Anlene website or Anlene Malaysia Facebook.

AQINA Organic Kampung Chicken Enhances Health and Reduces Fat by 30%

AQINA Organic Kampung Chicken has proven to be leaner, healthier and have less fat than the conventional chicken by up to 30%. This significant discovery, announced today by AQINA, the market leader in the production of organic kampung chicken, is backed up by various studies done by the AQINA veterinary lab experts and as well as other independent researchers. Meeting & maintaining the high standards of production of organic kampung chicken.

AQINA Farm made history by being awarded as Malaysia’s first and only company to be presented with TWO (2) accreditations Malaysia Organic Animal Production (MyOrganic) and Malaysia Good Agriculture Practice (MyGAP) by the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) at an official ceremony held in KL Gateway Mall.  The launching of the event was conducted by Mr. Wesley Tan, the Group Executive Director of AQINA Group of Companies, and was graced by Guest of Honor En Yasser Arafat bin Zainal Rashid, Principal Assistant Director Business Development Division of the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs.

The demand for “Organic Kampung Chicken” is fast becoming the healthier choice of many families because it contains significantly less fat, free of chemical residue and tastier cuisines. Leaner cuts of organic kampung meat make chicken an even healthier protein choice, and speed up cooking time to make it a practical choice for daily cooking. Nobody likes to think of food that’s poisonous, but commercially-raised poultry often contains hormones, antibiotics and trace amounts of pesticides, all of which can be a potential health hazard. Furthermore, chicken that’s not commercially produced tends to be more tender and have better absorbing flavors, and consumers seem to prefer the taste of organic chicken.

AQINA, the ‘Healthier Meat Choice’ provider, has been known as the leader of poultry farm for kampung chickens for the past 20 years, and is known as one of the largest kampung chicken production companies in the nation. Operating from a halal-certified slaughtering cum processing plant in Taman Perindustrian Ulu Choh, Pekan Nenas, Johor, Malaysia, AQINA has an hourly production capacity of 6,000 heads of chickens. AQINA’s expertise is in breeding kampung chickens the traditional way, by nurturing them organically and slowly, over 70 days to its optimal size, without antibiotics and growth hormones. AQINA believes that slower growth, better diet and more exercise make their kampung chicken healthier, leaner and tastier. “Slower-growing” chickens or “kampung chicken” are chickens that can take almost twice as long to reach market weight because they do not convert feed to muscle as quickly.

Pleased to be the first in Malaysia to receive accreditation from the Malaysian Government with MyOrganic and MyGAP certification, Group Executive Director of AQINA Group of Companies Wesley Tan proudly said, “AQINA’s Organic Kampung Chickens are unique and represents the highest quality of poultry in the organic market where AQINA feeds their chickens with their own special formulated digestive natural bromelain enzymes from MD2 pineapples, which contains vitamin C, vitamin B1, potassium, manganese and phytonutrients. We’re confident that our chicken will not only guarantee you healthier livestock, but also ensure the most tender meat for your daily meals.”

Dr Gulam Shah bin Faizal Din, a qualified professional veterinarian consultant, also gave a health talk and reiterated that bromelain enzyme can be used as probiotic in chicken diets. This enzyme helps to boost immunity and digestibility, which explains why AQINA can supply Organic Kampung Chicken, free from antibiotic residue, growth hormone, capable of performing like any conventional reared chicken.

In the coming years, AQINA Group will continue to expand and invest in its poultry processing and producing including breeding of kampung chickens and be a innovative provider of healthier meat choices to the consumers across Malaysia, Singapore and the rest of ASEAN through wholesalers, retailers and F&B chains.

For more information about AQINA Group, please refer to AQINA official website or follow AQINA facebook and AQINA Instagram.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Ribena Berrylicious Workshop by Dr Jezamine Lim Iskander

Generations of Malaysians have trusted Ribena since the beloved blackcurrant drink was introduced to Malaysians 63 year ago! “The Ribena brand is close to the hearts of many Malaysians, and most of us have fond memories associated with Ribena, especially of our mothers giving us the blackcurrant goodness of Ribena. Nevertheless, even with a beloved brand like Ribena that has stood the test of time, there is always something new we can do to resonate with the mothers of today in a fresh way,” said Ms Corrine Tan, Senior Brand Manager, Suntory Beverage & Food Malaysia Sdn Bhd (SBFM).

In one of SBFM’s activities to engage with Malaysian mums and Ribena fans, SBFM organised a special Ribena Berrylicious Workshop today, to celebrate and demonstrate the versatility of Ribena, led by celebrity mum Dr Jezamine Lim Iskander as the guest host.

During the workshop, we had the opportunity to learn and try our hands at making unique Ribena-infused recipes, from a traditional Vietnamese roll given a Ribena twist, to a spinach salad made more fun with Ribena and cheese tarts with jelly given the Ribena touch. It wasn’t just the recipes given a creative spin with Ribena, as workshop participants also had the opportunity to unleash their creativity in the Decorate Your Cheese Tarts Mini Contest, with the winner taking home a limited edition Ribena mini fridge.

I enjoy so much fun in the workshop with my daughter Carol in preparing all the Ribena recipies. The food is healthy and rich in Vitamin C. My doughter likes to eat so much. It was a good family bonding time as well when i preparing the dishes together with my kid. Thanks Rinena for such a wonderful workshop!

“Through this workshop, we wanted to offer Ribena fans versatile new ways to enjoy its distinct taste and blackcurrant goodness rich in Vitamin C. This workshop showcases unique new recipes that are more than desserts and drinks. With fun recipes like the Ribena spinach salad, perhaps we can even get kids to eat more vegetables. Preparing food and drinks is also a wholesome family activity that can bring all ages together, just as love for this time-honoured drink has united Malaysians for generations,” added Corrine.

Dr Jezamine also shared her love for Ribena with in the workshop. “I was one of those children who enjoyed the blackcurrant goodness of Ribena during my growing-up years. It’s so convenient to be able to get your daily dose of goodness in such a delicious drink! Today, Ribena comes in many variants, even a less sweet option, so I can choose the most suitable treat for my family. Nevertheless, although the taste of Ribena is really special on its own, it’s also eye-opening for me to learn just how versatile Ribena is,” she said.

The Ribena Berrylicious Workshop, held at Handcrafted Creative Bites Studio in Setia City Mall here, was guided by the studio’s food director Wong May Chew, who also created the recipes demonstrated during the workshop.

Ribena is available at hypermarkets, supermarkets, mini markets and convenience stores/kiosks nationwide. For more information, please refer to Ribena Malaysia Facebook and Ribena Malaysia Instagram.