Sunday, December 30, 2018

Seafood Family Dinner at Ombak Kitchen Shah Alam

I feel happy to have chance to have a seafood dinner at Ombak Kitchen Shah Alam with my family and friends during this festival session to celebrate Christmas and New Year. It was a great place to eat where the environment is nice with a pound outside of the restaurant. It was located at 5.G.01, D'Vida Business Centre, Jalan Bazar U8/100, Bukit Jelutong, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor.

I like the environment there with a lot festival's feeling and the free style where no rules to follow to eat the seafood. No need to worry on eating all hard shell seafood with spoon or fork. In this place, all "Pakai Tangan Jer" means we just use our hand to eat all the seafood that being served on table.

Ombak Kitchen is a good place for you to bring along your friends, spouse, family or love one to enjoy great seafood here anytime. They also provide special package for occasion and celebration. I was impressed with the staff's attitude where all of them are friendly and they greets us when we reached. Just on the same day, someone are celebrating his birthday there, the staff bring in the cake and sing the birthday songs for him.

All the seafood at Ombak Kitchen are using boiling or steaming cooking method in order to preserve the freshness and juiciness of the seafood. This is the healthier way of preparing seafood. They did not have wok-fried or deep-fried!

There are 2 appetizers that i ordered for my kids to eat before all my friends arrived. The appetizers are cheeses wages and fried squid. It's time to order our drinks, beside coffee-based beverages, there are variety of drinks such as the famous bubble tea and all sorts of mocktails. The best sellers drinks are Chocolate Mudslide, Matcha Latte, Signature Milk Tea and Strawberry Mojito. We order 5 drinks which include 3 fruits juices, Chocolate Mudslide and Signature Milk Tea.

My family ordered Combo 2 which contain Craw fish baby lobster, Extra-Large Prawn, mussel, hamaguri clams, squid, broccoli, potato, corn and rice.There are five sources to choose from :
  • Ombak 'Crazy' Cajun Sauce
  • Dark Chili Chocolate Sauce
  • Cheesy Zesty Lemon Sauce
  • Creamy Tom Yum Sauce
  • Buttermilk Sauce

At Ombak Kitchen, they serve 3 signature sauces using only western sauces such as Cajun seasoning, old bay seasoning and so on. We were trying their Ombak 'Crazy' Cajun Sauce, Cheesy Zesty Lemon Sauce and Butter Milk Sauce that is not spicy for the kids to eat. All our sauces are cooked using pure butter and not cooking oil, the reason is they want to serve quality food and enhance flavor & taste of the food. In addition, high quality fragrant rice type is served here instead of normal rice.

Ombak Kitchen also serve imported Alaskan King Crabs, Canadian Red Lobsters, and many more! All their crab are live to guarantee the meat is fresh and fuller on the inside. Live crab meat will be sweet and juicy compare with frozen crab where very little of its original taste left. All the clams at Ombak Kitchen are imported from Japan because they have more flesh clams compared to local clams.

We chit-charting and really enjoy our dinner moment there with our friends and family. Everyone is eating until full and enjoy the family bounding time. The food is yummy, delicious and tasty!

After finish eating, it's time for dessert and we were surprised with the creative way of creating a beautiful and colorful "Rainbow Dessert". It 's consists of marshmallows, Nuttella-filled donuts, fresh fruits, nuts and variety of colorful sweet gel. We are allow to choose and put the wording that we like on the dessert, my daughter choose to write "I love Mom Christy" for me. It's was a special dessert that really sweet until my heart.

Thanks Ombak Kitchen for me to have a wonderful night here and spend time to enjoy a great and tasty seafood dinner with my friend and family. I highly recommended all my readers to go experience and try to out the seafood, you will definitely like it!

For reservation, please email to or call 03-77344699 / 010-2205946.

For more information, please refer to Ombak Kitchen Website and follow Ombak Kitchen Facebook Page or Ombak Kitchen Instagram.

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