Monday, December 10, 2018

Joining Kidzathon 2018 - A Walk Through Our Culture With Kids

Wake up in the early morning with my kids and feel excited to join the Kidzathon 2018 2 km walk at Desa Park City 7.00am to 11.00am that organized by UrbanHealth magazine.

We are so happy to see so many family was participated in the walk this year. The event started by presenting token of appreciations to all the kidzathon sponsors at the stage.

This year theme is "A Walk Through Our Culture" so there was a cultural dance performance before the run started. All the walkathon participants was warmed up their body pure to the run.

Due to the theme for this year is "A Walk Through Our Culture", we have to experience all the Malaysian culture during the walk. The first station is "Indian Culture" for us to learn the Indian culture. They showcasing the weapon-based martial art of Indian named Silambam which was using the bamboo. The first stages of Silambam practice are meant to provide a foundation for fighting and to condition the body for the training itself.

They also performed the tamil Kolattam dance which is an art form of Andhra Pradesh played with sticks. In ancient days indian females dancers played Kolatam in temple halls as an offering to the Lord. It's really open my kid's eye on the indian culture.

Next, we move to the "Chinese Culture". This is the station that we familiar with. We are enjoying watching our chinese dance with fans and all of the dancers are wearing our chinese ancient costumes.

For Chinese art game, they are demonstrating the playing of the Chinese yo-yo. It was really amazing when they able to grab back the yo-yo after throw it to the sky and still keep on turning. My kids keep saying want to try and play as well.

The third station is "Sarawakian Culture" that showing the Datun Julud or Hornbill dance. The dance is from the Kenyah tribe. The dance was traditionally performed to greet returning warriors, as well as to mark the end of the rice harvest season. It is believed to have been conceived by a Kenyah prince named Nyik Selung to celebrate happiness and gratitude.

The Iban people also demonstrated how to use their weapon blow pipe and dart to shoot the balloon in front of all the participants. The blowpipe as a weapon made with a piece of strait-grained wood, roughly shaped to about two metres with a 15-centimetre diameter. The dart is inserted at the other end, using the spear to point or aim to the target. The target here is the balloon. The kids are able to try them self to use the weapon to shoot the balloon.

Now we are in "Sabahan Culture" after done the sarawakian culture. In Sabah, they are famous with their Sumazau traditional dance. It is often performed during the harvest festival celebration every May. Sumazau is danced by farmers, both male and female, who are wearing traditional dress, in black and red. It is played to the accompaniment of eagles, usually six gongs of various sizes, and a drum with a unique rhythm. The kids have chances to join them to dance together.

Last but not least is the "Malay Culture" station, we saw the malay dance and they are fun to dance together with the kids.

The two main traditional games congkak and wau are there to let's the kids to play. This is the first time my kids was playing congkak and there is a malay instructor to teach them how to play. Both players begin simultaneously by scooping up all the seeds in any house on their side. Each drops a seed into the next house and continues clockwise depositing one seed into every house thereafter. I also learn a lot when my kids playing.

We also take pictures with the big Wau there. My kids first time see the malay kite. Wau is a uniquely designed Malaysian kite that has flown since times past. It is called 'Wau' because the shape of its wing is similar to an Arabic letter (pronounced "wow").

Finally, we were finished the 2 km walk while learning all the cultures and enjoying all the shows. There are some game booths setting up there for the kids to enjoy after the walk such as blowing ping pong ball, bubble playing, shooting game and so on.

Thanks UrbanHealth magazines for organizing such an amazing and awesome walk that I can spend my precious time with my kids and learn some knowledge while enjoying the walk. I will definitely join again next year. Can't wait for it!

For more information, you may follow Kidzathon Facebook Page or Kidzathon Instagram. You may also check out details at UrbanHealth Official Website, UrbanHealth Facebook Page or UrbanHealth Instagram.

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