Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Pigeon "Beautiful Me" Parenting Workshop

I was happy to join No.1 baby care brand in Japan, Pigeon "Beautiful Me" parenting workshop with a group of mummies last week at Cube 4, Isetan the Japan Store, Kuala Lumpur. "Beautiful Me" means beauty in the natural flow of things. It was a fun gathering with my mummy friends while learning all the tips to take care our self and baby better with pigeon products. As a mother, we are always busy with our babies and kids. There are a lot of things for us to learn to become a better parent at the same time to have some "Me" time to relax as well.

Before the workshop begin, we are welcomed by the speech from the marketing manager of Pigeon Malaysia, Ms. Jed Chow. She asked all of us to enjoy the "Beautiful Me" workshop that prepared by Pigeon Malaysia.

The workshop begin with the talk given by a pediatric dermatologist, Dr. Leong Kin Fon on the topic "Skincare for pregnant mons and newborn babies". He is addressing about the skin concerns during pregnancy such as stretch marks, striae and pigmentation. During pregnancy, we need to put sunblock, avoid direct sunlight and apply moisturizer to prevent or reduce the pigmentation. I always apply oil or cream to my stomach during pregnancy to reduce the form of stretch marks.

Dr. Leong also share about the common skin problems faced by all babies including Atopic Eczema, Saliva Enzema, Nappy Rash, Baby Acne, Cradle Cap and Baby Dandruff. Baby's skin meant to be thinner and more sensitive compare to adult. Especially for newborn baby, they have the moisture protection when inside the mother stomach, but the protection are lost after they born. Their skin will look dry and need to adapt to the new environment.This will cause them are more easy to be affected by all the these skin problem. We may not put hard body care for them which will cause the skin problem later.

Pigeon have a gentle, soft and moisture pure baby body care series include the Pigeon Body Wash, Pigeon Nourishing Shampoo, Pigeon Moisturizing lotion, Pigeon Protective Cream and Pigeon Calming oil. The products are suitable to use when take bath for the baby and massage the baby using the calming oil after bath.

I think most of the mother definitely have baby facing the nappy rash problem before. If the baby affected by the nappy rash, the parent need to frequent change the nappy every 2-3 hours and apply barrier cream with no fragrance and colorant. We as parent need to observe and detect early inflammation with transient redness. We have to make sure the baby's private part are always clean, so can wash with tap water or using wet wipe tissues. Pigeon have soft Pigeon Baby Wipes and Pigeon Moisturizing Cloth that to help clean the baby's private part. If it is still intertriginous or painful for 3 - 5 days, then parent needs to visit and consult doctor.

To reduce the Saliva Enzema, the baby hand and mouth need to be clean every time after eating. Parent may use the Pigeon Hand & Mouth Wet Tissues or Pigeon Anti-Backteria Wet Tissue. All the wet tissue are easy to bring when we go travel. Baby milk bottles, treats, baby accessories, fruits and vegetables can use the safe and effective way to wash with 100% food grade Pigeon Liquid Cleanser. It is easy and convenient to always clean the baby bottle using the liquid cleanser every time after feeding.

Really learn so much about mummy and baby skin care from Dr. Leong, thanks for his sharing. Lunch is being served to all of us after the talk. We are having the Japanese Bento as our lunch, it's look nice and taste good!

After the lunch, we are joining the fun activities : Terrarium Building workshop presented by Frozen trees. C.K.Loo is demonstrating to us the steps on how to make a terrarium and all the us have to making our own terrarium after that. I enjoy so much fun in this session and feel satisfied with my own creation of the terrarium. I choose to put a fairy tale toy in the terrarium which is one of my daughter's favorite character. The terrarium needs to keep in the air-conditional environment and water it once a month.

Last is the Baby journalist tips and some photography tips sharing by Pigeon Malaysia. We are learning some tips on how to take good photo for our babies and to record the precious moment of our babies. There was an hand-on workshop that we need to make our own photo frames with different layout to paste our photos.

Thanks to Fujifilm Instax sponsored for us to print out our memorable photos to create our own DIY photo frames. The Fujifilm Instax printer is very small size and easy to carry to any where, we just have to download the Instax Share App and connect to printer in order to print it. All of us was busy printing the photos, paste it onto the frame and decorate it. I like the photo frame so much and it was a precious gifts for me.

Pigeon also have other products such as Pigeon Milk Bottles, Pigeon Pacifier, Pigeon Breastmilk Storage Bag, Pigeon Breast Pads, Pigeon Disney MagMag Straw Training Cup and so on. All my 3 kids are using Pigeon pacifier since baby. Pigeon products are good in quality, safe and special designed for babies.

The workshop are fun and I enjoy so much with all my mummies friends. Hope that Pigeon Malaysia will organized more workshop in the future.

For more information, please refer to Pigeon Malaysia Official Website, follow Pigeon Malaysia Facebook Page or Pigeon Malaysia Instagram.

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