Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Benbat GoVinci Backpacks Review

School holiday season are on-going now, a lot of outing will be happening during this holiday and festival season. It was just so nice that i received two Benbat GoVinci Backpack for my 2 kids to bring along their own belonging when we go out.

My kids feel excited when received these cute and nice all in one backpacks that also act as mobile art display and drawing table, they just keep on saying want to bring the backpacks out every time we went out from home. It kind of release the burden of my bag so that they will pack and bring their own things indeed of put every things in to my bag.

The pink and orange Benbat GoVinci Backpack is for my daughter which is specially designed for girl. The blue and green Benbat GoVinci Backpack is for my son which is specially designed for boy. The material is 100% polyester and the dimension for the bag is 12" H x 10.2" W x 4.1" D. The bag is suggested for kids age 2+ years.

I like the big ample storage space together with the durable cover doubles as solid work surface. The hard cover won't squid the things i put inside the bag and all the things are safely protect inside the bag where it will not easy to being pushed. It essential for on-the-go or go traveling with car or airplane.

We went to swimming last week and I have pack their towels, clothes and bottles in to their Benbat GoVinci Backpack. It was just nice for me to pack every things in for each of them.

They carry their own things to swimming and they looks stylist in their new Benbat GoVinci Backpack.

The padded straps are fully adjustable so they feel comfortable by wearing the backpacks. There are also safety reflectors on shoulder straps. They won't feel heavy to bring a lot of things inside their backpacks now.

Not only that, the Benbat GoVinci Backpack have the easy access display frame that my kids can just simply unsnap the 2 corners and slide in their own master-piece of drawing to show off to the world.

My daughter like her drawing and coloring of the barbie doll girl and my son like her coloring on the circus world. They feel excited to put in their drawing in the backpacks in order to bring out to let's other people see. It's kind of creative and innovative backpack that all the kids like.

I highly recommended this Benbat GoVinci Backpack to all my parent readers, it really good quality and useful for us. Thanks Benbat for sending me such a wonderful and useful backpacks. My kids like it so much!

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