Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Depex Household Cleaning Product Review

Cleaning products are essential for everyone to make sure our house and personal belongings are clean everyday. I have been using Depex products for long time when I'm still a kids. The brand is trusted since my mother's age.

I am using Depex household cleaning products below to help me in my housework daily.

I wash the clothes for my family using the Depex detergent powder improved formulation which contains powerful cleaning properties that provide great laundry results in one wash. The colour variant will help to keep and maintain the colour of our clothes so it's is not easy to fade away.

I find that Depex detergent powder is really effective in removing stubborn stains on my dresses. My clothes now feel fresh and clean after the wash every time. The detergent is eco-friendly and provide the maximum cleaning effect. The product is safe and never cause any itchy to the skin. I am really satisfy with the effect and results for the clothes that I wear daily. 

The clothes smell good and fresh by using this detergent. It suitable for hand wash and washing machine as well. My kid's stocking and my intimate wears i hand wash using the Depex detergent powder as well. I did mix the Depex Bleach to clean the white socks and white shirts for brighter and whites results.

Depex Pro Dishwashing Liquid is my helpful assistant to clean all my plates and bowls after eating at home. I did cooked and prepare foods for my kids every weekend, so I need a good dishwashing that can easily remove all the oils and stains on the plates and cooking appliances. Depex Pro Dishwashing Liquid has done the good job all the while.

I like the cover of the Depex Pro Dishwashing Liquid which is easily pull out and control the amount of the liquid that we need to use. I also like the fresh aloe vera scent in the liquid and feel it is gentle to my hand when washing the plates.

To keep and make sure all the 3 toilet bowls at my house clean all the times, I am using Depex Bleach and Depex Toilet Blue Power to clean and flush it.

I am also using the Depex Bleach to clean my washroom's floor and wall, my kitchen's wall in order to remove mildew and mould. 

All the Depex household cleaning products really make my housework become more easy, faster and convenient. I have been continue using this product for a long time and highly recommend to all the housewife. Thank Sun Jiang for having such an amazing and helpful product!

For more information, please refer Sun Jiang Website and follow Depex Malaysia Faceboook Page or Depex Malaysia Instagram.

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