Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mr. Charming & Miss Gorgeous MYHM Makeover Contest

Event : Mr. Charming & Miss Gorgeous MYHM Makeover Contest
Venue : Mid Valley Exhibition Center (MVEC)
Date : 24th October 2010 (Sunday)
Time : 11am - 1pm

I am happy to know that i am one of the Top 10 finalists of Mr. Charming & Miss Gorgeous MYHM Makeover Contest after i received a call from the staff. I am really happy and excited to know the news. I need to go Mid Valley on Sunday around 10.30am to enjoy a free makeover and prepare myself for the contest. When i reach Mid Valley around 10am, i am having breakfast with my friends before go to the exhibition hall. I am really shock to see that our poster are posted in front of the entrance of the hall. When we reach the exhibition hall around 10.30am, the staffs bring us go into the exhibition hall and their booth.

The makeup artist start to arrive at the booth and start doing the makeup for me. She really have a lots of make up tools inside her box. That is me before makeup and at the end i can't recognise myself after her magic make up. She put a mix of purple and black eye shadow on my eye and a long eye lashes for me. She tight my hair high and extend my front hair with cute fake hair. You can refer my picture after make up which look really different and awesome. I like that, it make me looks cute and great. I am taking picture with my make up artist, she is pretty and young.

After finish the hairstyling and makeup, we are told that we need to complete our makeup and cat walk on the stage. I am a bit nervous and the staffs are doing rehearsal with us what we suppose to do on the stage. First, all the contestants are arrange to sit on the chairs on the stage to finish up the lipstick and brushes make up. After that all the contestants need to do cat walk to the front stage with 3 poses, so the judges will gave marks in order to chosen who to be Mr. Charming & Miss Gorgeous .

A lot of audience are looking on me when I'm on the stage. We are told to go down the stage while waiting for the result from the judges. After 10 minutes, all of us are invited to go up the stage again to wait for the announcement of the results. All of the contestants are so nervous and happy to wait for the results. My name is call number three and all of us receive consolation prizes. One Mr. Charming and one Miss.Gorgeous are chosen. Congratulation to them.

After the contests, i already making friend with few of the contestants and we are taking picture together to celebrate the prizes we won and the experience for the contest even we are not won. All of us look different, confident and charming after the makeover contest. For me, it is not important to win or lose, the most important is we enjoy the contest and gain experience, meet new friends and have some goodies. It is really an unforgettable experience for me to take part on the makeover contest. ^_^

Let see what prizes i get from the contest :
Yummy crown necklace x 1
Drinking water x 1
Aery jo lip gloss x 1
Aery jo makeup base foundation x 1
Aery jo facial & make-up remover wipes x 1
spans x 1
Aery jo Free make up service x 1
Modeling Beauty magazine x 1
Ginvera skincare samples x 1
Bio-essenes skincare samples x 1
be skincare samples from modern beauty x 1

I am happy to win the prizes and now i am wearing the crown necklace from yummy. I like it so much.

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