Monday, October 11, 2010

Malaysian Love Songs Music Party 2010

Event : Malaysian Love Songs Music Party 2010
Venue : Genting International Showroom
Date : 10th October 2010 (Sunday)
Time : 3pm

I went to Genting at about 12pm after having lunch at KL. I go with my family in a car. The weather is cool at Genting.

I have 13 tickets that i won from different sponsors. I go to the counter in front of the Genting International showroom to redeem the actual entrance tickets. I have few VIP tickets. I give 4 tickets to my friends who also going with her family as well. The tickets are free seating and we are allowed to go into the hall 1 hour early 2pm. Since i'm playing around at genting. We are only going in the hall at around 2.50pm. It is so nice that i am able to sit at the 3rd row from the front as VIP.

There are a lot of peoples watching the shows and the hall is quite big to accommodate around thousand of peoples. The hall environment is nice and the stage is very beautiful. The concert start around 3.20pm. The host is OneFm DJ Kian and the first artists that perform is [V] band by singing the hot songs and hot dancing to start the shows. Next, all the 5 artists Ke Qin, Henly, Bei Jie, Jia Hui and Deslie take turn to sing one of their own songs. After that is the unplug performance session to sing the songs inside the malaysian love song CD. The song that long time I never heard from Micheal & Victor "掌心" is sung in the concert by Henly and Bei Jie. I like the song very much.

The last artist that perform which is the special guest Ah Niu. He some kinds of interesting and funny people that bring a lot of fun to us. He sangs the theme song for the movie ice kacang puppy love. It is really funny when he is dancing. The concert just nice and all the songs are very nice to listen. We enjoy the shows so much. ^_^

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