Thursday, October 14, 2010

Red Party

Event : Red Party
Venue : Ecoba Restaurant and Bar in Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya
Date : 12nd October 2010 (Tuesday)
Time : 7pm onward till late

This party actually is hosted by 3 parties Red Fm, GSC and Daily Chili. My invitation is from the GSC. I was rushing there after the pink shopping night and a bit late which i reached around 8pm. A lot of people already there and i am proceed to the registration counter. The girl give me and my friend a goodies bag and draw a red colour word "RED" on our body. Guess which part I'm getting them to paint the word? Answer please refer to the picture. @_@

Each of us are getting 2 free drinks at the Ecoba bar which we can choose a soft drinks or beer. There are some snack dessert serving around by the waiter.

The event was hosted by Red FM DJs, Terry, JD and Dilly.The event start with the belly dance and they are calling few attendees to play games after that. There are also lucky draw in between the performance and games.

I get my drinks and hanging around a little while there because i need to rush for the movie screening "The Other Guy" at 9.30pm same day. Before i left, i meet 2 celebrities that came to the party and i am able to have a snapshot with them. Belinda is very pretty and talk. Daniel a bit quiet but he very good in posing.

Sad to said that i cannot enjoy so much and stay longer because rushing for the movie show. I also didn't wait for the lucky draw as well.However i still happy to have the goodies bag.

Let check out what is inside the goodies bag ^_^
1 x RED bull drink
1 x Loreal cleansing gel
1 x RED movie ticket
1 x RED sticker
1 x 10% Austin Chase discount voucher

Thanks RED party!

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