Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dreams Unlimited Fragrance Launch Event

Event : Dreams Unlimited Fragrance Launch Event
Venue : Fahrenheit 88
Date : 13rd October 2010 (Wednesday)
Time : 7pm - 9pm

This is the event for the dream unlimited fragrance launch by the body shop new opening at Fahrenheit88. I got an invitation to attend this event. I came after work since it is on weekday. I reach there around 7.30pm and my friends already waiting for me. We proceed to the registration counter and received a purple flower to wear on our hand.

We receive a few dream cards and a RM88 cash voucher from the registration counter. we fill in the the dream cards with our dream and pass it to the staff girl there. They will help us to hang the dream cards on the purple dream tree. The tree looks nice and great with all the dreams hanging around. There are drinks and snacks served unlimited for us who with the flower on hand. The drinks is the green colour fruit drinks and variety of snacks being served. I drink 3 glasses of water and eat few snacks.

There are few activities going on before the lancing ceremony started. A girl is playing a big music instrument and there are a lot of talk colourful dress up girl walking around for people to take picture. One of the free service provided there is the mystery card prediction. I am able to ask 1 question for the mystery card and it is quite accurate. Another activity is the sketches of portrait which i am unable to try it because of the long queue.

The launching and opening ceremony is begin with the cutting of ribbons by the involved parties. All the medias is busy taking picture while the guests cut the ribbons. After that all of us are allow to go in the new opening The Body Shop to shop for the items we want and use the RM88 voucher.

I walk around the shop and i am interested on the skincare where the vitamin C series is the most suitable for me. I bought a Vitamin C mask and a starter kit which include cleanser, toner,motorising cream and night cream using my RM88 voucher. It is really a good event and i enjoy so much with all the activities provided and the products i get from The body Shop.

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