Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Etude House Product Presentation

Event : Etude House Product Presentation
Venue : Pavilion KL, Seventh Heaven Platinum Room
Date : 28th October 2010 (Thursday)
Time : 2pm - 4pm

This is the invitation i get from Etude House to attend their presentation about their product. The presentation topic is "The secret of Golden Ratio : Sculpted to perfection Golden Ratio contouring makeup line". The schedule are as below:
2.00pm : Guest Arrivals
2.15pm : Opening by Emcee
2.20pm : Welcome speech by Etude House
2.30pm : "Golden Ratio" demonstration by makeup artist from Korea
3.30pm : Q & A
3.45pm : Refreshment

When i reached there around 2pm and i proceed to the registration counter. They give me a box of "Golden Ratio" cosmetic and taking picture for all the attendants that come to the event one by one.

When i go inside the platinum room, there are showcasing of Etude house product around. Please refer to the above pictures for some of the Etude house products.
Picture 1 : Collagen Moistfull set (essential massage, essence, cream)
Picture 2 : Pure Joy set (calming toner, nourishing lotion, cream)
Picture 3 : "Golden Ratio" cosmetic set
The cosmetic set are given out in a box to all the attendee and i also received it.

The event start by the welcome speech from etude house Malaysia. After that, Etude House consultant from Korea are invited to the stage to explain what is mean by "Golden Ratio" . "Golden Ratio" is a mathematics formula to calculate the ratio of human face in order to show the perfect contour of our face. The purpose of the golden ratio cosmetic series is how we can make our face look 3D and have a nice contour base on the golden ratio for each of the individual. All the golden ratio cosmetics are using earth colour tones. it tend to highlighting, shading and golden earth tones to our faces.

After the explanation of what is golden ration about, it was a "Golden Ratio" demonstration by makeup artist from Korea. The model are invited to go on to the stage to do the make up demonstration. She is an actress and past winner of I want to be a Model contest on 8TV. The makeup artist from Korea are putting the "golden ratio" cosmetic on to her face and the consultant explaining what each of the product she use. The talks end after the makeup demonstration presentation.

The talk end around 4pm and it was really benefit me a lot and i realize what is the secret of golden ratio in order to use in our face make up everyday. There are some refreshment serving after the talk outside the room.I did not miss the chance to taking picture with the Etude House Korea consultant. He is nice and teach us a lot about the golden ratio tips.

This is the "Golden Ratio" cosmetics set given by Etude House which include :
LUCIDarling fantastic Gradation Eyes Shadow x 1
"Golden Ratio" Contour Maker x 1
"Golden Ratio" Tear Drop Powder x 1
"Golden Ratio" Face Glam x 1

Luckily they already demo how to use each of this products, so i can learn myself to use it on my own. Thanks Etude House for so generous to given out the whole cosmetics set for free. ^_^

For more info, can refer to my event blog below:


  1. wow Etude House is so generous ! I like their makeup concept ^^

  2. Maybe you can join together next time keep checking for my event page ^_^