Sunday, October 17, 2010

Schwarzkopf Kill Routine with Judy Lin

Event : Schwarzkopf Kill Routine with Judy Lin
Venue: The Gardens hotel & residences the garden ballroom (level 5)
Date: 17th October 2010 ( Sunday)
Time: 11am - 1pm

I reached there around 10 something and i received a set of OSIS products as my door gifts after registration. There are coffee and drinks serving before i go inside the ballroom. They are already a lot of girls doing their hair inside the hall already. The schedule and programme for that day are as follow:
10.00 am : Registration
11.00 am : Welcome speech
11.10 am : Talk starts
12.30 pm : Q & A
1.00 pm : Talk ends

However the talk start around 11 somethings and end a bit late around 2pm. The talks start where the host is Hui Mei 慧敏 from Astro. There are 3 more guests Cleo 婧婷, Min Li 明丽 and 海其 Hai Chyi. This is the photo before all the guests are doing hair stying demo by Judy Lin. All of them will be a model for Judy Lin for the hair demonstration.

Judy is doing the hair styling demonstration for each of them. First, she demo how we can do hair styling for short hair like Hui Mei. After that, she demonstrate for long hair for Cleo with add on of fake hair and make her hair stand up with some tools and pin. Min Li is the third one to do a demonstration which how we still can do styling for a hair like a old barbie door with a lot of broken and baby hair. Last but not least, she is demo how to do a hair styling for guys Hai Chyi. She use all OSIS products and some hair accessories to make variety of hair styling for them. Judy Lin is playing magic on their hair to make them look more styling.

There is an Q & A session after finish all the demonstration. They are small giveaway where Judy and the Schwarzkopf consultants are asking few question to giveaway OSIS products and limited edition clip from Taiwan. A flower is presented to Judy Lin by the Schwarzkopf manger and all of them are taking a group photo. From the group photo. we can saw that all of them look really nice, smart, handsome, pretty after doing hair style by Judy Lin.

I am not miss the opportunity to taking picture with Judy Lin form Taiwan. She looks pretty with the hair style that she do on her own. She is really tall make me looks short in the photo.

The talks end around 2pm and i am really hungry lucky there are some foods and refreshments buffet provided outside for us to have eat. I am eat some pizza, mee hoon, muffins, snacks and drinks a cup of coffee. After fill up my stomach, it is my turn to go doing my hairstyling prepared by them.

The picture below showing my hairstyle before and after doing the hairstyling by them using the Osis product. When i walk to the CRES beauty salon with this hair style, the sale assistant asking whether i so my hair myself because it's looks good and nice. I like the hair style so much. Osis product won't make our hair hard which it is just looks natural. The products is also easy to wash out with water after you want to remove the hair style.

Let see a set of OSIS products that i got from the workshop :
Schwarzkopf BC hair + scalp shampoo x 1
Schwarzkopf Osis hold miracle volume x 1
Schwarzkopf Osis 4-play texture x 1
Schwarzkopf Osis curl me soft x 1

Thanks Mina and Schwarzkopf for organized this event allow me to learn to do my hair styling using the given products. This workshop really benefit me a lot and i learn a lot so next time i can do the hairstyling on my own. The event is being post on my event blog :

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