Saturday, September 25, 2010

Beauty10 Expo

Event : Beauty10 Expo
Venue : Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC)
Date : 17th - 20th September 2010 (Friday - Monday)
Time : 10am - 7pm

I went to this event on Friday around 1pm after lunch with my sister. Since I have register as a beauty expo user before, i need to go and queue to get my pass and no need to paid the entry fee of RM10. So sad that the registration counter have some problem with their computer server and make the queue stuck for around half and hour.

Finally i get the pass as a trade visitor and a goodies bag that allow me to go in to the hall. Let see what inside the goodies bag.

The goodies bag is huge and it is by Yokoso! Magiboo. The Japanese girls picture on the goodies bag is so cute. These are the things inside the goodies bag:
1 x Sisters magazine
1 x albion foundation sample
1 x pen
1 x Yokoso! Magiboo treatment
1 x LEmasque Hazelia product sample set
1 x tissue
1 x voucher to redeem alissi bronte product
1 x ORIgen Plus collagen drink

After i go in and walk around the expo, there are a lot of booth in various beauty field that include makeup, salon, massage, spa, hair, magazine, beauty, healthy food and so on. Since i go in a bit late and a lot of things need to be go through. I forget to go redeem some of the free gift. I do one of my nail with painting and try one of the product for my hair. I did shop for some of the valuable product as well.

I saw a promotion on a Korean brand which 10 pcs masks is only RM10. I bought 10 pcs of DERMAL vitamin collagen essence mask just by RM10 and get some samples of BB cream free. Another valuable things i get is an eyeliner which is just RM15 and a volumetric mascara that is just RM25. It really worth it to buy these product since the mask i can do anytime and i need an eyeliner and mascara.

There are also a lot of activities and competition going on as well. One of the competition I'm able to watched is the hair style competition with the theme of One Malaysia. I saw a lot of nice and amazing hairstyle the done by the local hair stylist. It was cool that Malaysia have a lot of talented stylist around here.

I am not able to finish watched until the result out because there are may booth I'm haven visit yet. I walked until 7pm and quite sad that i am unable to find the Jasmine magazine booth which i meant to buy one. I found sisters and apple booths. My sister buy the sisters magazine with some free gifts and a bag. The expo really beneficial and give me a lot of latest information about beauty. I enjoy the event so much and hope to attend more of this kind of event in the future.

Mooncake carnival at Chong Hwa

Event : Mooncake Celebrate Carnival
Venue : S.M Chong Hwa
Date : 18/09/2010 (Saturday)
Time : 8pm - 10pm

I got the tickets from my brother, so i go with my mother, sanny and her boyfriends. There are a lot of games that related to the mooncake festival that we can play on. It is kind of fun fair games. There are fishing bottle, throwing coins, throwing can, throwing round pin, throwing basketball. I play all of them but only get some price by playing the fishing bottle.

I fish 3 bottles that enable me to get the consolation prize which is a mineral water or a balloon. I fish 5 bottles that enable me to redeem and choose the prize. Since i go there a bit late, most of the prize already chosen by other people and only left certain prize. I chosed some decoration items include the flower paper clip and a candle. My mother able to get a consolation price by playing the throwing can. She are able to throw a ball and make 3 cans fall down. She was great !

With the total 4 coupons we have, we go exchange the balloon. The queue a bit long in order to redeem the balloon. However, the balloon just look fantastic and nice. We just request what we want then he will make for us.

These are the 2 balloons that i requested him to made. I want him to make a chicken and a flower. I'm so excited it is really look nice and i like it so much.

After my turn, my mother is requested him to make a rabbit and a bear lantern. These are the 2 balloon he made. Is it look great? All of us enjoy the games in the mooncake carnival and we bring home some prizes and balloons happily.

Friday, September 24, 2010

The World Golden Chef Competition 2010

Event : The World Golden Chef Competition 2010
《烹炉大观 - 世界金厨争霸赛2010》
Venue : MIECC, Mines 綠野仙蹤國際展覽館會場
Date : 30th July 2010 (Friday) - 1st August 2010 ( Sunday )
Time : 11am - 6pm

I am going on Sunday around 3pm in order to collect the RM100 food voucher i won. The mines exhibition hall is huge and i saw a lot of food counters there that selling different foods either finish ready cooked foods or food products before cook. I walked around with my mother and boyfriend to see the exibition counter by counter.

I am excited or attracted by the dishes that prepared by the chef around the world. All the famous restaurants are preparing the dishes to take part in the competition. The dishes just look amazing and you not really want to eat it since it is so nice to see. Some of them look realistic as well and there are varios theme for the dishes. Let see the picture of the dishes!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Top & Bottom《Mix & Match》By Mr.Lee

Event : 李佑群《MIX & MATCH》穿搭示范会
Venue : Top & Bottom Boutique,Dinasti Sentral, Jalan Kuchai Maju
Date : 21st September 2010 (Tuesday)
Time : 6pm - 8pm

I am happy to be invited by Mina magazine to attend the mix & match showcase that conducted by the stylist teacher from Taiwan Mr. Lee 李佑群. The talk is organized in the Top & Bottom boutique located ant Jalan Kuchai Maju.

I reached there around 6pm and Mr.Lee starting demo to mix and match dresses and accessories from the boutique to the 3 demo Missy girls chosen by the Mina magazine. He explained what we need to consider when we mix and match our cloths and show demo for correct and incorrect mix and match style.

The firs girl are asked to wear a different type of jacket to show which one is suitable for a girl that is short. She are asking to wear a shoe and a belt as well which is chosen by Mr.Lee. The second girl is asked to wear a belt, a jacket and take a bag that me the whole impression of sailor. the third girl is wearing a line strip shirt, Mr.Lee mentioned the point that we need to choose a line strip that suitable for us. She is asking to wear a scurf and belt as well. There are 2 attendant also chosen by Mr.Lee to do a demo on Mix & Match. That girl are called to wear a hat and jacket to make it look more nicer and stylist.

After demonstration for the girls is the time to take a group photo with the demo girls and the attendees. I am inside one of it if you are able to find out me in the picture below. Mr.Lee is really friendly and the showcase talk really beneficial me a lot to learn about the point need to be considered when we are choosing any apparel or accessories for mix and match.

After the group taking photo session, Mr.Lee are invited to sit at one of the corner of the boutique to conduct and interview by the magazine people regarding the showcase workshop or anythings about him. All the other attendees are taking the opportunity to shopping around the Top & Bottom boutique which will encounter us for 20% discount for all items purchased. I am not able to shop long because i am rushing my movie show Legend of The First: The Return of Chen at 9pm.

Before I left the workshop, Mina is giving away a free door gift for all the attendees that invited by them. I received 1 recycle goodies bag, 1 September issue Mina magazine, 1 20% Top & Bottom discount voucher and 1 Top & bottom towel. I enjoy the events so much and really gain a lot of knowledge in mix and matched. Thanks for Mina, Mr.Lee and Top & Bottom boutique.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Aster Spring Beautiful Brides Workshop

Event : Aster Spring Beautiful Brides Workshop
Date : 22nd August 2010 (Sunday)
Venue : AsterSpring KLCC, 4th Floor Suria KLCC
Time : 11am – 3pm
Organisers : Female Brides, Nuyou Brides, Aster Spring, A Cut Above, Keith Kee, Averine
Fee : RM50/couple

We reached there around 11am which just in time before the event started. We registered at the counter and the beautician brings us to visit the Aster Spring beauty salon. Their place really full of a lot of beauty machine from face to whole body. The girls serve us the fiber drinks before the workshop start.

They called us to go in the room when the speaker came and the workshop will be started soon. The slide show today program from 11am-3pm.

11.15am - 11.45am Skin health & body vitality for beautiful brides
11.45am - 12.45pm Free skin health assessment & refreshment break
12.45pm - 1.45pm Bridal gown session ( Keith Kee)
1.45pm - 2.15pm Hair styling demo (A Cut Above)
2.15pm - 2.30pm Averine make-up tips demo (Sammi Chang)
2.30pm - 2.45pm Florist & event deco ideas (Angie)

This is the first speaker that talk about skin health & body vitality for beautiful brides from aster spring. They give us to try some of the skin care aster spring products and tell how important to make our skin hydrating before or big day. The second speaker is Keith Kee and he is a grown designer which design our wedding grown. He give some tips to choose a grown that suit our body shape.

Here our lunch break and we are having some healthy refreshment that prepare by Aster Spring. The drinks taste very nice and the snacks also good. I enjoy my lunch and take a lot of buns and sandwich. it look good and delicious. yummy. During the lunch break they also doing the free skin analysis using their machine to check the hydrating level of our skin.

After the refreshment break, Keith kee ask few of the participant to try out the grown that designed by him. There are three different colors grown white, blue and pink which are trying out 3 participants. I'm not trying because just lazy to change the cloth and stand in front to let other people see my fat body. haha........

After the grown trying session. It is the turn for the hair stylist Fabien from A Cut Above, he demo few hair styles for a bride which are easy to setup and make sure your husband recognize you. Next will be make up demonstration by Sammi Chang using Averine make-up product for the bride model on the spot.

Done, Finally this is the bride model that finish all the demonstration by the organisers. She look pretty.
Before end of the workshop, the last speaker Angie are giving talk about event decoration with flowers and balloons. It was amazing and great to decorate the wedding place with flowers and balloons. They show us the decorations with different theme and how unique her decorations for different event. The decoration very nice but it just a bit expensive for me.

Before we left, they distributed free goodies bags worth RM200 to us.
Let's see what is inside :
Dermatological skin care set(cleanser, toner, moist) x 1
Dermatological mask x 1
Beauty brides magazine x 2
Keith Kee voucher x 1
Angie deco voucher x 1
Aster Spring facial voucher x 1
Aster Spring body voucher x 1
pen x 1
flower x 1

I really enjoy this workshop and i have learn a lot. It really beneficial to me and teach us to make preparation before we can be a beauty brides for our big day. I hope to see more of this workshop will be held in the future.

Port Dickson Trip

I was going to Port Dickson this Merdeka 2 days 1 nights with my family. We stay at Tiara Beach Resort and the place is great. We enjoy playing water park there and staying there. While we are wet and playing water, I'm unable to take photo so most of the photo is taking after we finish swimming. We go to the nearby 九里香 seafood to have our dinner. The package include welcome drink and free 2 game coins. It is consider a short trip just to relax and have fun. I have a wonderful holiday there. ^_^