Monday, August 24, 2015

Disney Junior's Miles from Tomorrowland Preview and Superstellar Premiere Party

I have joinned the Disney Junior's   " Miles from Tomorrowland " preview and Supertellar premier party at Petrosains, The Discovery Centre, Suria KLCC two weeks ago. Thanks Sophia for the invitation. Disney Junior's   " Miles from Tomorrowland " an intergalactic adventure series, blasts off 17 August at 9am (every Monday) on Disney Junior (Astro Channel 613). This brand new program for kids aged 2-7 incorporates unique space and science facts as it charts the outer space missions of young adventurer Miles Callisto and his family.

The preview start around 10.30am and there are full of people in the galleria. Most of the parents are bringing thier childs to attend the preview. Refreshment are being served too. Such a great weekend to enjoy the preview show together with the breakfast!

Here the details about the show : 

This intergalactic adventure charts the outer space missions of young adventurer Miles Callisto and his family – mom and ship captain, Phoebe; mechanical engineer dad, Leo; tech-savvy big sister, Loretta; and robo-ostrich pet, Merc – as they help connect the universe on behalf of the Tomorrowland Transit Authority. Each episode features two 11-minute action-packed stories as Miles, Merc and the Callisto family explore wondrous and diverse new worlds, taking young viewers and their families on a futuristic journey that fuels kids’ natural interest in space, and at the same time reminding them of the importance of what lies close to home – the family bond.

Created and Executive-Produced By:
Sascha Paladino

Voice Cast:
Alton Brown as Lysander Floovox
Adrian Grenier as Captain Joe Callisto
Mark Hamill as Gadfly Garnet
Bill Nye as Professor Rubicon
Brenda Song as Aunt Frida
George Takei as Spectryx
Wil Wheaton as Commander S’leet

In anticipation of the series launch, the search is on for Disney Junior's Space Adventurers across Southeast Asia! Kids aged 2-7 are encouraged to create their very own Starjetter - an exploratory spaceship that the Callisto family use for their short space trips. Families in Malaysia may head down to Petrosains, The Discovery Centre at Level 4, Suria KLCC from 1 August 2015 to check out special Miles from Tomorrowland-themed activities!

Thanks Petrosains to allow us to join the "Explore Space with the Miles" activities. Let check some of my activities in Petrosains space exibition tour. We are explore with different science equipments, my daughter and I just can't wait to try it out.

My daughter are curious about everythings about science inside Petrosains , she just going to try out everythings. I am happy while I saw her learning while playing.

Next , we move to the dinasaur exibition area. My daugter was so exicted to see a big dinasaur and keep ask for taking photos. 


It was a mimic small jungle area which consists some of the wild animals and dinasaur as well. The exibition area are very special with a round shape to the jungle for us to walk though. You may head down to Petrosains to experience yourself. 


There are a lots of station inside the Petrosains, we are just keep on exploring one by one. There are a lots of simulator inside for you to try out as well. My daughter actually try out the racing car simulator. Before we are leaving the last station, we enjoying the FREE (with limited time only) 3D movies inside Petrosains. 

In the final station, we are taking a special small train to go to the exit. It needs a day to walk though the whole Petrosains , due to the time contraints i may not able to finish every station but i enjoy it so much with my kid. Definately i will come again to experience all the fun activities in the Petrosains. The Petrosains Family Packages (2 Adults & 2 Children) are only RM31.80 for MyKad holder. To try out amazing activities like me in Petrosains, please check out the visiting hours and tickets price detail HERE.It's such a great place to enjoy your weekend with your family and kids.

Last but not least i would like to thanks for all the preview merchandices and goodies. It really suit for my kid.

I personally like the Disney pendrive so much as the design is special and it is really useful for me which always need to carry a lot of data mobily. Hope to join more preview or party like this in the future. It's really a fantastic experience for me and my daughter.


  1. I'm really had fun with you in this event.... Disney Junior's " Miles from Tomorrowland really a great TV series that suitable for whole family :)
    Thanks for the kind invites and also the venue sponsor from Petrosains ^_^

  2. Nice meeting you up in the cool event! My kids love the show!~

  3. Yes, It was a good event for families and kids. Enjoy with you all too :)