Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Carlsberg Top Ten Charity Campaign Grand Finale

Event : Carlsberg Top Ten Charity Campaign Grand Finale
Venue : Level CP3 Sunway Pyramid Convention Center
Date : 2nd December 2010 (Thursday)
Time : 7pm

The tickets were post to my house. I not feeling well that day but my sister bring me to go see this event. We reach there around 7pm and there are drinks serving for the guest before we entering the hall. This party is to celebrate the great success of Carlsberg of his charity show performed around Malaysia throughout the whole year. The image of the artists that performing for the charity show are all showing standing outside the hall.

The show start after a while when we go in to the hall by the chinese grand flag dance performance and all the Carlsberg girls coming out which will serve the beer whole night to the guest. The host for that day is Mei Yan from MyFM and Lam Zhong Piau from astro.

The party continue with the speech from the president of Garlsberg and a opening ceremony by a few party to open a banner that stated they achieved the amount of RM348 million in the charity performance. It is follow buy a given cheque to all the charity associations such as old folk house and orphan house.

After that is the turn for the artist to perform group by group until the end of the party.Some of the local artists that perform are Wang Ming Li, John Wang Jun Yuan, Zhong Xiao Yu and most of the artist that go though the Carlsberg charity performance tour.

We went back around 9 somethings and we got some Carlsberg balloons to bring home. I'm not really enjoy so much because i am not feeling well. By the way, good show. Congratulation to Carlsberg achievement in doing the charity.

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