Monday, December 13, 2010

Yu Xie Be With Us PWH Awards

Event : Yu Xie Be With Us PWH Awards
Venue : Arena Of Stars, Genting
Date : 27th November 2010 (Saturday)
Time : 8pm

I am really happy that i have the tickets to go to watch Yu Xie Be With Us PWH Awards from my sister. I am going to Genting around 6 somethings to have dinner there before go in to enjoy the show. There are red carpet in front of Arena Of Star before the show starts and i saw few of the local famous stars in the red carpet and take some photos to share it here. The red carpet start around 6.30pm.

Chan Weu Quan with Wu Jia Hui
Wang Wei Er & Lim Yu Chong

Cheng Shi Ann & Loh Shi Yi & Henrly Xu Liang Yu
Fang Jiong Bing & Zhang Shi Cheng & Yi Jie Qi

Last but not least, my favorite artists Ding Dang & Penny.
Micheal Wong Kuang Liang. They are having a small interview after walking through the long red carpet. They are being asked by the question regarding their view about this awards. All of them looks great and nice to attend this events.

The show start around 8pm right after all the stars reached and finish the red carpet. I going in to enjoy the show after Micheal Wong arrive for the red carpets. The show started by singing the theme song for Yu Xie Be With Us PWH Awards “闪亮” from all the artists that came out 1 by 1 to the stage. The hosts for that night are the famous DJ in town from the 4 Chinese stations in Malaysia: Xiao Hui Ming form Astro, Vivian from My Fm, May Zi from 988, Nicholas from One Fm and Li Qiang from Ai Fm. After the theme song, it is follow by performance from the group of local new artist which is selected from the previous Be With Us concert. They all wearing beach apparels and sing “浪花一朵朵 ”.

The awards start after the performance, the awards are giving to the artist 1 by 1. Most of the attending artists are getting award. Please click HERE for a full list of the awards winners. Below are some photos for the winners when they go to the stage to take the awards and give their appreciation to everyone.

Chen Shi An is really hardworking after winning the Astro talent quest and the International singing competition, it is his time to get the awards. Loh Shi Yi also one of the local singer that sing really well and i like her songs. Long time never see Zhang Zhi Cheng but his song also very nice. The most famous new artist with the most fans is Dong Yu Zhe. Their fans really crazy and they are the most popular new grow

The 2 handsome and really talented guys Lim Yu Chong and Fang Jiong Bing also winners for the awards. They singing talent cannot be denied and they really very popular recently for their song. You can hear their songs every where this 2 years.

Ding Dang is one of the artist from Taiwan that attending this event. She is really pretty and her voice is really very sweet and nice. Her song "Wo Ai Ta" is sang by everyone in Malaysia. She also one of the winner for this award.

The most award on that night is Penny. She take home around 7 awards out of the all thirty something awards that nights. She also do performing which dance with the dancer on the stage tonight. She really talented and has her own personality in her songs. Since they are may awards given out that night, the show duration is nearly 4 hours which end around 12am. It is really a good effort and recognitions for all the local artist in this awards. I wish all the local artists will have a great success in their music career path locally and international in the future. I always supports them. I really enjoy the show so much and hope to see them next 2 years again in the PWH awards. Here are some videos taken by me to share with my readers.

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