Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holloween Party 2010

There are 2 Halloween party in town at the same day which is 30th October 2010. I have been went to the Sa Sa event for the whole afternoon, I proceed to Zouk KL for the Halloween party which is organized by Redfm after the dinner. After stay for a while and there are no drinks provided, we went to Ministry of Sound, Sunway Pyramid for another Halloween party. I meets with a lot of blogger friends here and we took a picture together. There are a lot of people who are wearing ghost costume that really scary and they really crazy and having fun. After enjoy the show for a while, i also feels tired and go home.

It is really tired to have so many events within one day. I go back early since i have to go buffet lunch and Sa Sa turf day for the following days. However, hope to join again next year.

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