Friday, January 7, 2011

Movies I Watched in January 2011

Show : Mr & Mrs Incredible
Date : 26nd January 2011 (Wednesday) 9.00pm
Venue : GSC Mid Valley Hall 3
Seat : L11, L12, L13, L14, L15, L16
Review : A movie to celebrate new year and happinese to us. It is really comedy by seeing the two comedy artists Louis Koo and Sandra Ng in the movie. (8.0/10)

Show : The Green Hornet
Date : 24nd January 2011 (Monday) 9.00pm
Venue : GSC Mid Valley Hall 1
Seat : J16, J17
Review : The storyline is nice and make me laugh but the effect is just a bit over. This is the best movie of Jay Chou so far. (7.8/10)

Show : Shaolin
Date : 19th January 2011 (Wednesday) 9.30pm
Venue : GSC Pavillion Hall 8
Seat : J9, J10
Review : The story is normal only, all is killing people only, but it is good to see the acting of Andy lau, Jacky Chan and Niclolas Tse. (7.5/10)

Show : Faster
Date : 11st January 2011 (Tuesday) 9.30pm
Venue : Cathay Cineplex, The Curve Hall 8
Seat : Free Seating
Review : The whole movie is about revenge and shooting, not much actions, a bit disappoited because it is not as good as i expected. (7.2/10)

Show : Season Of The Witch (Free Calender)
Date : 5th January 2011 (Wednesday) 9.30pm
Venue : TGV Wangsa Walk Hall 8
Seat : J11, J12
Review : The story is nice and a bit scary for me, just feel sad when Nicolas Cage died at the end of the movie. (8.2/10)

Show : The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader
Date : 2nd January 2011 (Sunday) 4.20pm
Venue : TGV Wangsa Walk Hall 5
Seat : K8, K9
Review : Story that full with magic. The effect is cool and i like it. It will be good if i can watch it in 3D. (8.0/10)

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