Monday, December 13, 2010

Peter Pan The Musical Gala Premiere

Event : Peter Pan The Musical Gala Premiere
Venue : Amphitheater @ Sunway Lagoon
Date : 26th Novmeber 2010 (Friday)
Time : 8pm

After having the dinner for celebrating Rose Chan 18th birthday at Papa John Sunway Pyramid, we go to enjoy the musical show called Peter Pan The Musical Gala Premiere at Amphitheater @ Sunway Lagoon. After getting the invitation card from the registration counter we go in through the main entrance of Sunway Lagoon. The Tickets is entitled us to redeem RM10 discount next time we want to buy the Sunway Lagoon tickets. We walk around 3 minutes in order to reach Amphitheater which located at the back of Sunway Lagoon. However, we have a chance to enjoy the night park at sunway lagoon before the show started.

When we reached the Amphitheater, it is already full of audience since we rush from the Rose Chan birthday dinner. Lucky we are able to find seats to enjoy the show. The show just started right after we are sitting down. The host came out to give some introduction regarding the tickets price, the show and the story before the show started.

The musical show started with the dancing from the cast people, then the story start to tell how Peter pan meet the little girl and how the little girl being kidnapped by the pirate. There are a lot of scene changing, story telling and singing in the show. At the end, it is the fighting scene between the pirate and peter pan in order to save the peter pan girl friends. It is a happy ending for the musical show.

At the end of the show, all the casting actor and actress came out to take group photo with the kids. The show is really enjoyable and colorful. It is really suitable to watched by kids. I have a wonderful night by watching the shows. Thanks for the invitation. We are given the voucher of 50% discount for purchasing the tickets of Peter Pan The Musical. The show will be running until 2nd January. Anyone who is interested to watch the show and want to buy a ticket, please get the coupon from me to enjoy 50% discount. You can email me at

There are few video to share with my readers. Enjoy yourself!

For more detail and the ticket price, please refer my event blog at the link below:

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