Thursday, May 2, 2019

How to Raise Resilient Kids

Childhood isn't exactly stress-free. Kids take tests, learn new knowledge, change school, change friends, get sick and occasionally get hurt by their siblings and friends as well. What helps kids to overcome these challenges is resilience. Resilient kids are problem solver and they tend to face unfamiliar or tough situations to find solutions.

My daughter is going through big changes in her life as she has entered Standard One this year. From kindergarten to a totally new primary school. She has to face new environment, new friends and new teachers. I have accompanied her to the school for the first 2 days, I saw anxiety and worried from her face. She did not cry and ready to take challenge for the new school. She was very fast to adapt to the environment in the school. Her progress are going well and stable now at school. During the first 2 days, I have been teaching her how to buy the food from the canteen and now she purchased food daily from the canteen. I want her to learn how she going to face the challenges and take a step out from the comfort zone.I am proud to say that she did a good job so far!

I basically do not accommodate every need of my kids and I teach them concrete skills. I train my kids to eat on their own since young. They always asking the parent to pamper to feed them food, but I decided not to feed and let's them eat themselves. 

My son are originally feel shy, he really scare to go on stage and talk in public. By bringing him to KidZania for the magic show and fashion show, he has the experience to be presented in from of people. He becomes more brave and able to talk more now compared to last time.

I like to ask my kids questions with ‘How’. I want to see how they are going to answer so that I can guide them to get the correct solution. For example, my little girl was crying and I will asked how can you make your sister stop crying? They will provide a lot of options or solutions to me such as give sweet to her, make milk for her or hug her. I will explain to them please ask the little girl why she crying and give her the necessary things after found out from her.

I enjoyed playing puzzle with my kids and it trains their thinking process. When they play puzzle they are actually solving a problem. Every time, I will guide them how to solve the problem. There always accident happened in the house such as they pour out water on the floor and they wet theirs shirt. I will ask them to take the cloth to clean the place and change their clothes.

My kids will feel frustrated or break out when they don't know how to do their homework or eat something sour or spicy. I will always advise and teach them how to handle their emotion properly, as crying is not a way for problem-solving. I would also listen to my kids to know why they are feeling that way and encourage them to have a positive emotion. 

I am happy to bring my kids to KidZania as I see they’ve learnt to solve a lot of problems in there and train them to be ready for any challenges in real life. KidZania allows them to develop their skills and knowledges through each role-play occupation. Each jobis required them to solve the problems from the activities, which I really believe that it helps them a lot to be resilient in their daily life.

In conclusion, as parents, we need to let our kids know that it is fine to make mistakes. Life is full of challenges, so learning from mistakes is a good way to make us better and definitely it helps us to solve the problem if we are at the same situation again. Role play really help in training them to become tough and resilient!

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