Monday, March 11, 2019

Meet and Greet with Zara Zya and Trimz Shot

I was attended the meet and greet session with Zara Zya and Trimz Shot at Redbox, The Curve recently. Really impress with the Zara Zya for her body shape eventhough she like eating. As a mother of 3 kids, i hope i can also have a slim body like Zara Zya.

Trimz Shot is the latest product from Zara Zya. Zara Zya and the team has manage the product from A to Z by themself.

Trimz Shot is a slimming products that provides a lot of benefits by taking it :
  • Promote weight loss
  • Detoxification
  • Reduce appetite
  • Increase metabolism
  • Skin glowing
  • Burn fat
  • Anti aging

The products are made from hign grade and quality of herbs and being processed by a GMP status factory. The ingredients consist of :
  • Aqua
  • Lemon extract
  • Date concentrated
  • Pomegranate
  • Prunes domestic
  • Ficus carica (fiq)
  • Guarana extract
  • Garcenia cambogia
  • L- cysteine
  • Vitamin C
  • Garcinia mangosteen
  • White kidney
  • Green coffee bean extract
  • Habbatussauda & Hoodia

The price of the product is really affortable with RM59 per box which consist of 10 sachets that can be consume in 10 days. Postage RM8 for west Malaysia and RM12 for east Malaysia.

From the Research & Development (R& D), consumer that consume this product follow by intermittent fasting will lose 2kg in just 10 days. They not only loose weight but also lose fat which they succesfully reduce the size of their pant as well.

The most important is by purchasing the Trimz Shot product, you have a chance to join the intermitten fasting programme with Zara Zya. Zara Zya will coach or monitor the customer in 10 video series in 10 days. This programme cost up to hundreds or thounsand and now can join for FREE with just purchase a box of Trimz Shot!

For more details, please visit ZaraZya website, like ZaraZya HQ official facebook page or follow ZaraZya HQ instagram.

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