Monday, May 6, 2019

Bio-Curmin - Japan’s Nano-particle Technology Use Turmeric to Fight Modern Day Diseases

The World Health Organization’s (WHO) latest report on non-communicable diseases (NCDs )is anything to go by, it provides a disturbing account on the impact these diseases have on human mortality across the world. According to the report, released in September last year, NCDs are the leading cause of deaths globally, and accounts for 41 million, or over 71% of the world’s 57 million deaths in 2016.

“NCDs are known as modern day diseases and are largely attributed to changes in our lifestyles and habits,” said Ho Swee Lin, general manager of Cambert (M) Sdn Bhd. “This is evident in the WHO’s report, which pointed to the harmful use of alcohol, tobacco, dietary behavior and physical inactivity as the main behavioral risks associated with NCDs.

According to S.L. Ho, today’s highly competitive environment demands more out of people and their time. He said that in order to cope with the situation, people are adopting dietary and lifestyle behaviors that may be causing chronic inflammation in their body.

S. L. Ho, whose company distributes a variety of popular health supplements to retail pharmacies across the country, explains, “It is in this context that we decided to introduce Theracurmin® health supplement that has an innovative and clinically-proven curcumin formulation using extracts of Curcuma Ionga, better known as Turmeric.

This does not mean that by simply adding turmeric supplements into your daily diet can bring the desired results because turmeric, in its natural form, is not water soluble and has notoriously low absorption levels. “Theracurmin® is effective because it is produced through a patented process using Japanese Nano-particle technology that leverages on ultra-fine granulation and suspension system to convert turmeric powder into sub-micron particles called Nano-particle curcumin.

He also explained that the process used to produce Theracurmin®, enables curcumin to be absorbed and retained for as long as 24 hours in the body, allowing the body to obtain immediate and longer protection against inflammation. He also said that some reports showed that consuming curcumin in the form of Theracurmin®can improve the brain function and lowers the risk of brain-related diseases by increasing the level of brain-derived neurotrophic factors, or BDNF protein, which increases the growth of new neurons in the brain.

“Clinical research on Theracurmin®shows that it also improves the function of the blood vessel walls, allowing thehuman body to better regulate blood pressure and prevent clotting, leading to a 65% decrease in the risk of a heart attack,” S. L. Ho said, adding that the ingredient is also proven to be effective in stifling cancer growth, development and spread at the molecular level.

Theracurmin® health supplement is available at all leading retailers and pharmacists across the country.The supplements come in capsule form with each containing 100gms of curcumin, equivalent to four full tablespoons of Turmeric powder.

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