Tuesday, May 21, 2019

GINTELL DéSpace U.F.O.-X Launch

Introducing the all-new GINTELL DéSpace U.F.O.-X. Claimed as the most humanized massage chair in the market as of today, it is packed with innovation technology. With 12 AI Sensors installed all over the massage chair, it is able to accurately measure and memorize the structure of the spinal cord of whoever sitting in it. GINTELL DéSpace U.F.O.-X has 25% more protrusion, with a maximum of 6D roller balls and has a reach of 18% on the neck and shoulder massage movement. Comes with 10 massage techniques, it has a memorization function to put your favourite massaging programs on active once you sat down.

The X-Royale stress-relief program focuses on the head, neck and shoulders, relieving your stress, shoulder pain, neck stiffness, and headache while actively reducing your blood pressure and cholesterol level. With the built-in ankle stretch, future injuries and muscle fatigues will be prevented while increasing your joint mobility and flexibility.

As stretching is very important in our daily lives, a 230˚ Japanese Stretch program and Heat Therapyis included which focuses on the waist, back, and lower body joints. Along are the Thai Stretch and X-Twist stretching programs. These will prevent hunchback, O-shaped legs X-shaped legs while improving joint mobility and preventing kyphosis. Your body alignment will be corrected and your body posture will be improved. Ultimately, it will boost your body immune system, prevents arthritis, any kind of lower back pain, and body detoxification.

GINTELL DéSpace U.F.O.-X also comes with lumbar care in a program called Rest N Go. Focusing on the waist, buttocks, and thighs, it improves the body digestive system, lowers the rate of prostate cancer by eliminating the build-up of prostatic fluid, thus giving you more energy and having a better sleep throughout the night. All in all, you’ll have better mood and less chances of an anxiety attack.

To top it all off, GINTELL DéSpace U.F.O.-X 360˚ foot massage called the Ai-AIR strengthens the shin and calves by relieving the muscle stiffness, toning your calves and promoting blood circulation in the lower extremities.Emitting negative ions while browsing through 23 health programs, you’ll be spoilt for life as it massages your spine with its 137cm long XV-Track.

GINTELL DéSpace Star’s Moon Hand massage roller balls, 4D Reflex Spa and XV-Track Technology are able to give you 20% more protrusion and 48% more body coverage than ordinary massage chairs. You’ll be able to massage your neck, shoulders, waist, knees, back and buttocks more intensively and effectively.

As for the CyberTREKFI Turistic Treadmill, it comes with the 1st i-Treker Technology where it counts every step you take accurately and effectively, whereby the ICS Joint Protection’s intelligent cushioning system reduces the stress and pressure on your feet, legs and joints. With RM9,988 or only RM277.44 per month, you can bring home a brand-new upgraded DéSpace Star, plus a CyberTREKFI Turistic Treadmill! Only limited 300 units.

This Parents’ Day, you’ll even be able to drive your dream car home! To send the message of “GIFT OF LOVE” across, once you’ve spent at least RM5,000, you’ll stand a chance to win a NISSAN SERENA S-HYBRID 2.0L PREMIUM HIGHWAY STAR worth RM143,888! Let GINTELL extend your gratitude to your parents with the gift of health!

Our founder, Dato’ Goh Cheh Yak always says, “With a gift of love and health, your parents wouldn’t ask for anything else as a long and prosper life is almost guaranteed.”. This festive season, GINTELL Malaysia would like everyone to put their health, love, and life first.

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