Tuesday, November 2, 2010

iFeel SaSa Girl Search 2010

Event : iFeel SaSa Girl Search 2010
Venue : Berjaya Time Square
Date : 30th October 2010
Time : 12pm - 4pm

I went to the event in the morning because there are a lot of goodies to redeem with purchasing of iFeel Magazine. Even i arrive around 10 somethings but i already saw a queue at most of the redeeption counter. I already purchase the iFeel magazine earlier from Border to get the free collagen, so i just bring it to redeem the iFeel goodies bags. There are 2 goodies bags given by iFeel Magazine which consist of a lot of things inside. Beside that, there are a lot of coupons inside the iFeel Magazine which allow you to redeem a free gift from the sponsors. Let see what i get from the redeemption on this event.

1 x iFeel goodie bag
1 x Monz goodie bag
1 x Spritzer goodie bag
1 x Ginvera shampoo
1 x Nivea caring lotion
1 x Nivea whitening cell repair
1 x Fabula collagenMax drink
1 x Colgate plax
2 x Sasatinnie extra precise eyebrow liner
1 x ColourVue eyelence box
1 x Yume choclate
2 x Sarsi can
2 x Spritzer drink
1 x Fibre dirnk
2 x Tinge drink
1 x Pop key chain
1 x Garabineer holder key chain
1 x Express manicure
1 x Free make up voucher from Diva
1 x 恋爱份子mask
1 x Zow zow maggie mee
2 x Corntoz snack foods
1 x Relax sweet box
2 x Smint & Gum
1 x Yumi RM20 cash voucher
1 x BarBQ Plaza RM10 cash voucher
1 x Larrie RM10 cash voucher
1 x Mono RM10 cash voucher

It is really a lot of goodies and very heavy to take all this goodies. Luckly my friends are helping me. Beside that, if you being an iFeel facebook fans on the spot and leave a comment on the spot. You will receive this handphone bag. There are two colours which is blue and pink and i am able to get the pink color one. I like it so much. Thanks iFeel for all the goodies and i really enjoy the show.

Other then that, i am able to register as one of the contestant for iFeel cover girl search which is only limited to 15 girls to participate. I proceed to the Sasa counter for the makeup by Sasa Makeup artist. The photo is the makeup artist that doing the makeup for me.

I am proceeding to lucido counter to do the hair stying and last i back to the iFeel counter for the photo shooting. I like the makeover provided by iFeel, it is really make me look great. We are told that to come back 4pm in order to took our iFeel cover photo hard copy. The result will only out in the December issue.

We went to lunch while waiting the photo ready and there are iFeel SaSa girl search going on where each of the girl need to do performance and answer questions to win the contest. There are lucky draw as well. My friends are so lucky which is being pick as one of the lucky draw winner to win the RM100 lucido hair product. Congratulation for her

There are 4 judges for this comptetion which are Lynn Lim and few other judges. After all the girls has finish the performances and question and answer. Finally the result for the iFeel SaSa girl search 2010 is out. Below are the result for iFeel girl Search 2010. All of them look pretty and great.

After the iFeel SaSa Girl Search result is out where the show is finish, i proceed to the iFeel counter to get my iFeel cover photo. I like the photo very much. I really enjoy the event so much with a lot of goodies and performance. Thanks iFeel !

For more detail on this event, can refer to my event blog at the link below :

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