Monday, August 30, 2010

Salabianca Revolutionize Your Fashion Style Competation

The Salaibianca Revolutionize Your Fashion Style competition is in progress for the whole month of July. The top 20 with the most vote will win the competition with prizes. I am very happy that i am at the Top 20 for few weeks in the Salabianca Revolutionize Your Fashion Style contest.

I am very happy that finally i have won the competition with 3++ votes from the public. Thanks for everyone that vote for me.

I feel excited and happy to received a call from Salanbianca to collect the prize. I go to collect my prize on Sunday with my sister at pavilion outlet while my sister go for the CLEO Ricoh camera shooting at the times book stock. The girls there very nice and give me the prize and we check one by one. When everythings is ok, i just sign the prize collection letter.

Let's see what the prizes i have won from this contest. There are 6 psc of products from M.A.C comestic : 2 eye shadow, 1 pigment color, 1 blush, 1 lipsitck & 1 lipglass, 1 nice barbie doll which can pose 10 diffrent poses, 1 small purse from Paris Hilton, 1 office mug, 1 Acca Kappa shampoo, 1 Himalaya lip balm, Coffee vouchers RM30, Osim voucher RM50, Bizzy Body treatment voucher RM660, Salabianca D'Card and Salabianca shopping voucher RM300.

It really an amazing prize worth roughly RM2K. Thank you so much Salabianca and such an awesome experience in my life. I will go to pavillion to enjoy the vouchers. cheers ^_^

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