Thursday, August 26, 2010

Astro Star Quest Final Show

Show : Astro Star Quest Final Show
Date : 24 July 2010 (Saturday) 7.30pm
Venue : Bukit Jalil Indoor Stadium
Attendent : sanny & bf, me & bf, Yvonne & friend, Lyn, Samatha, mother & niece

The show host is 萧慧敏 and the guest judges is Yoga. The judges are Alex San, 李志成,李维松,张栋梁 and Yoga. The stage is design base on the piano and musical bit. It is very nice and compatible with the music dream for the candidate.

First rounds is own choosing song which most of them are singing slow and soft songs. In the first round all of their score is very close.
Second rounds is fast song which require dancing a lot.After combination of the marks from the both round 2 people are choose to become 5th runner up and 4th runner up

Third round only has 3 people to continue compete. They need to sing a song together with Yoga. After the 3rd rounds the judges announce who is number 3 which is Fyone, then only Stephanie and Yibo go into the last round to determine who is the winner.
Final round the 2 candidate left need to sing a song from Tiger Huang "没那么简单" with different type. Yi Bo choose to sing the Jazz version while Stephanie choose to sing the rock version.

The previous years astro star talent 1st, 2nd and 3rd places last year did perform and singing in the show before judges busy discussing the vote result. Yoga also got perform his songs even he is one of the judges.

Finally, the judges need to start voting for the champion. All of the judges vote go to Yi Bo. Congratulation to all the 5 finalist. You guys really put an effort for the competition.

‎1st 张诒博 Yi Bo
2nd 刘佩芯 Stephanie
3rd 陈慧莹 Fyone
4th 曾耀祖 Zoe
5th 颜伟伦 Alvin
Sms winner : 陈慧莹 Fyone

This is really a great show and broadcast on the spot on astro TV. I like it so much. ^_^

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